Friday, December 21, 2012

The Biggest Heart of All

St. John Vianney - Saint of the Confessional

I think that God gives His priests the biggest hearts.  Because in the confessional we are each given a little piece of that heart of a priest.  After how many thousands of confessions over a lifetime, each one taking a little piece of their hearts, yet the heart still beats and continues in love to give to the next one to come into the confessional.  The heart of a Priest is not diminished by this giving of itself, for each penitent receives the same measure of the heart that reflects God's own heart for the soul seeking absolution. 

What St. John Vianney said about the importance of confession - click HERE

Here is an Audio of the same link above - AUDIO OF ST. JOHN VIANNEY ON CONFESSIONAL

Monday, December 17, 2012

Communion on the Tongue..think about it!

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When we take Holy Communion (note the word "Holy") - do we think about what we are doing? Do we prepare for the most important act we can ever do in our entire lives? Yes, I said the MOST important act you can ever do in your entire life, greater than any stature you may attain or any choices that you make in life.   You are taking into yourself, the Body, (Not bread - it is no longer bread, it is our Lord Jesus in the hidden form - but no less real.) Why do the Eucharistic miracles find the heart muscle when the Eucharist is examined? (See link at bottom of posting). Are we not taking His very heart into ourselves?  It is His Blood - his true and real blood that He shed for love for us and now we take at Holy Mass.  His, that one gets me.  A touching of His soul with ours which fail Him in so many ways, what love is this!  And finally His Divinity... Stop...Repeat these words, "His...Divinity."  Are you not taking the second person of the most Blessed Trinity into yourself?

If we understood the gravity of just one small sin (not even mortal sin) that it should rightly condemn us to Hell for offending such a good and gracious God we would understand the breadth of God's mercy and His love for us.  "What is man that God is mindful of him?" Psalm 8:4.  And yet we who are sinners take our God into ourselves each time at Holy Mass.

I'm not telling you to take Holy Communion on the tongue, nor am I telling you it is wrong to take it in the hand.  I am just asking you to think about what you are doing.  What is the last thing we do at Holy Mass before we go up to receive the Holy Eucharist? We shake hands, the sign of peace, which is great.  But now you have to ask yourself, is my hand clean enough to take the Holy God into it? Maybe it is, maybe it isn't, you don't really know. In the end this is a personal matter between us and our Lord.  All I'm saying is think about it, pray about it, ask the Lord what He wishes you to do. By all means do not let anything I say prevent you from receiving the Eucharist!  Come and receive our Lord in the Eucharist by all means, preferably after a good confession. 

Please read about the Eucharist miracle and what science discovered about what you take into your hand next time at Holy Mass.Eucharistic Miracle = Heart of Jesus

"Wherefore, my dearly beloved, as you have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but much more now in my absence, with fear and trembling work out your salvation."

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Giving Thanks to a Priest

Our priest, Father Eric Augenstein will be leaving us soon, this is our last Christmas that we will celebrate with him.  I am finding it difficult to convey what I am feeling at this time.  First I am happy that the will of God is being done, for His will is always perfect.  Although I am sad at Fr. Eric's leaving, I know this is selfish so I will turn these feelings to prayer of protection for him and for what he must do in the days ahead. 

How can I thank you, you gave me everything I ever wanted.  You gave me the Holy Mass, the pearl of great price.  One day in the confessional you gave me the foreshadow of  heaven.  I told Father I loved the Holy Mass and I asked him if there was Mass in heaven, and he said, "Mass IS heaven." I was overwhelmed with joy and hope!  As I walked out of the confessional I turned to him and said, "Thank you Father, you made my day...twice." (I had just gotten the sacrament of reconciliation!) 

How do you thank a priest that does the Holy Mass with such reverence and when he sings the Holy Mass, the love of God pours down in sheets.  Can you know the demons that have run during the Holy Mass when you have held our precious Lord aloft and said, "Behold, the Lamb of God..." You may not, but I do.  St. John Vianney was right, if a priest knew what he was he would die. 

I will miss your smile while you are baptizing or blessing children.  It is a beautiful smile, please don't ever change it.  I truly believe you will get more with that smile than with any argument.  I wonder how your Mother said no to you for anything.  

I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me all I lacked in serving you.  What I could not do for you with my hands, I did with my prayers for you which will always continue.  You have a beautiful heart Father, and you are a good and Holy Priest, and if God lets me, I hope to tell you how I know that.  

May God Bless you Always,


Friday, November 30, 2012

Ghosts, Psychics and Demons

A demons whole job is to trick you.  There whole existence is to deceive you into breaking the law of God and being with them in all eternity in Hell and Damnation.  We, as children of God need to be "wise as serpents and gentle as doves."  As such we must ALWAYS be on the lookout for the demons deceptions, for the evil one never sleeps. 

When we die, there is the judgement.  We are taken before the throne of God and our life is presented to our Lord, our good and our bad.  And as we have served in life, so shall we serve after death.  For God is always good, and out of His love for us He will give us our hearts desires, so if our heart is evil then hell and the devil shall be our reward.  And if our hearts desire has been God and His goodness in our life, Our God, the Creator of the Universe shall be our reward.  For eye has not seen nor the mind perceived what God has in store for those that truly love Him.

There are a lot of shows now on ghosts, ghost hunters and "psychic" mediums who speak to those who have passed on.  DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM!  "No one shall be found among you who makes a son or daughter pass through fire, or who practices divination, or is a soothsayer, or an augur, or a sorcerer, or one who casts spells, or who consults ghosts or spirits, or who seeks oracles from the dead. For who does these things is abhorrent to the Lord..."  Deuteronomy 18:10-12

If we want to see how the demon will try to deceive us, all we have to do is look up "abhorrent to the Lord, abomination to the Lord, in the Bible and we will see what the demon is trying to entice us to do.  There are those who will call evil good when they know it will separate us from God, which is their main job.  We forget that the evil one knows the law of God better than any of us and he will do anything, ANYTHING to separate us from God.

So when you hear "evp"s that supposedly have spirits speaking or hear a "psychic" medium speak words from the dead we must first ask two questions.  1. Who are you really speaking to?  Remember the demons whole job is to DECEIVE YOU into doing what is not right in the sight of God.  To that end, demons will LIE to you. So who is speaking through a psychic or in the evp? Most of the time they are demons or demonized humans (humans condemned to hell that seek to wish nothing more than that you be in hell with them.) 

How they know.
So what if what the psychic says is correct? What if they have information that no one else could have?  Let me explain to you how this works.  We are surrounded by minions of the evil one seeking our destruction.  They have information about our lives and activities in the past.  Demons are intelligent beings and can communicate with one another.  So they have all of the past information about loved ones and they can speak through "mediums" and "psychics". So who you are speaking to is a demon, never doubt that.  Why would a demon give you information that you find comforting? They don't care how you feel, they just care that you have offended God and they will say and do anything to get you to sin against Him.  So if they can tell you how poor Uncle Joe who has passed on liked to play baseball and was left handed - this is information available to the demon that "shadowed" (no pun intended) Uncle Joe in his life. Remember, demons have no obligation to speak the truth but don't think they wont use the truth if it suits their ends - your destruction.   There is no verifiable way to identify who or what a spirit is. 

The Safest Course
The safest course is to not offend God and to not follow after psychics and ghost hunters and don't watch their programs either.  God in His goodness gives us so many tools to push evil from our lives, the Holy Mass, Confession, The Rosary, the list goes on.  Seek the company of the Saints and Our Lady instead of spirits because you don't know who are what they may be.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Desires of God's Heart

Can we know the heart and mind of God? Yes.  He has given us so much to show His heart.  We have His word, and upon reading the Holy Word of God, if we just read what God says through His prophets, we see the love of God expressed, but we also see a desire of God to be with His creation.  

He walked with us in the garden of Eden, then He visited Abraham in a physical form, but we can almost feel that He wishes more.  So as we read the Word we see the desire of God's heart to be with us.  Not just walk with us, but to "dwell within us."   This is the highest desire of God is to dwell within the heart of those that love Him and seek Him.  For a heart that can have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit within it is a heart that has to be purified before God can enter, for God cannot come into anything impure or corrupt.  What great joy God knows when he dwells within a heart that has been purified and strives after His own heart!  For if that soul will persevere in seeking after God all of it's days, then that soul can know the greatest joy that cannot be obtained on the earth.  God can give such ecstasies of His love for a soul, but the greatest thing, for both, the small soul and the Almighty God is when that soul has fought the good fight and ended its journey with the greatest destination: TO SEE GOD IN THE FACE. 

Our Mother, the Virgin Mary was the first to experience this as the Holy Spirit overshadowed her.  What joy God knew at her holy obedience and humility, that the desires of His heart could be expressed through His Son, Jesus.  She became Israel, and as He overshadowed her, he brought forth from her greater heirs than he gave Abraham.  For if He gave Abraham physical heirs, which is limited to the physical. (Physical occupies time and space) from Mary He gave through Jesus the gift of the Holy Spirit which not only creates children of God. ("He whom obeys my Father in heaven is my brother and sister...") that have physical bodies but also, each soul that professes the Christ can have the indwelling of God, the Holy Spirit within them, thus giving God His desire to... dwell with us.

Beloved Trinity... I love you. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

On the Desires of the Sacred Heart

When we know a desire of our Lord's Sacred Heart, and it involves the sanctity of another, out of love for that Sacred Heart, we must seek to do much penance and sacrifice so that the desire of Our Blessed Lord should be fulfilled. God needs nothing from us, but is God not moved by a heart that loves Him so that much that much his offered in the way of sacrifice so that another may become sanctified? What joy there is to see the Sacred Heart happy and fulfilled by its desire!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Silence Speaks Volumes

St. Joseph 

Pray for us!

If we all could be more like St. Joseph.  What a strong man that God chose to be a protector of the Virgin Mary and Jesus!  Strong, wise, and steeped in love for God.  

If we could all have the faith of St. Joseph, we would all be saints.  

Many called by God before the time of St. Joseph questioned God.  Moses questioned God on how he would speak, Abraham questioned God about the lack of an heir. 

When did Joseph question about what God was asking him to do?  Never. We have no words from St. Joseph in scripture.  

We have to remember that even our Blessed Mother questioned the Angel Gabriel how she could have a child if she did not know man.  (Luke 1:34) 

I think this silence speaks volumes.  He dreamed dreams, which were instructions from God's messengers that told him what to do and where to go.  St. Joseph in his faith and humility, receives the message, has absolute faith that it is from God, and then acts.  He responded to dreams 3 times, and 3 times he did not ask God any questions, he just obeyed.  

The Dreams...

1.  The Incarnation:  Matthew 1:18-24
..."When Joseph awoke he did as the angel of the Lord had commanded him and took his wife into his home." Matthew 1:24 
2. The flight into Egypt:  Matthew 2:13-15
 "Joseph rose and took the child and his mother by night and departed for Egypt. "
3. The Return to Egypt: Matthew 2:19-23.
"...behold, the angel of the Lord appeared in a dream to Joseph in Egypt....."He rose, took the child and His mother and went to the land of Israel." 

I think we skip over these scriptures in the bible without really thinking about them.  The dreams = miraculous, but St. Joseph's reaction shows why he is a saint.  

He did not question the dream, the message, his task, or what was to come as a result of his obedience.  I think we all go down the road of ..."But Lord what if such and such happens.." or... "Lord, are you SURE about this?".....Joseph didn't. 

Think about that.  If anyone had a right to question God it would have been Joseph. (God was giving him the biggest protection job ever!)

We must remember that God sent a carpenter into a desert (not too many trees...) with no job, no home, and no contacts, but yet, even with all these obstacles, Joseph didn't question God, he just....  "Joseph rose and took the child and his mother by night and departed for Egypt. 

We need to trust in God more like this...

St. Joseph, dreamer of dreams...teach me obedience. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Ok...thanks for the Laugh... you can repent now..

David Cameron was speaking yesterday at a London summit on family planning organised by Melinda Gates, wife of Microsoft tycoon Bill. Mr Cameron was asked by a member of the audience how to put pressure on the Holy See to overcome its opposition to contraception.

He said: "The answer lies in the strength of our arguments." 


Ha Ha Ha!!! 

Good luck with that!! The 'strength of your arguments'? Are you kidding!  The Church has stood since 33 A.D., we have withstood: War, Heretics, (lots of heretics), Our Popes being martyred, persecution of the church, invasion, and occupation.  (I'm probably missing some stuff) And Pope Benedict, as the VICAR OF CHRIST, defender of the faith is going to be persuaded by your 'argument'... HA HA HA HA...!! 

Please go see the Holy Father and give him your arguments... I beg a yankee dollar, after you left such a holy person that is so close to your savior YOUR outlook would be changed.

So thanks for the laugh, but in all seriousness I want to say that I would be one of the first to rejoice in your repentance and coming back to the truth of Christ's church. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Beyond Forgiveness... a Challenge.

In the session on Administering Justice the last woman to speak has stayed with me.  She was obviously hurting and struggling with forgiveness.  I think we all struggle with forgiveness, that is why we are human.  

I have no doubt, that to forgive on our own, there is probably a mathematical formula of forgiveness:  a ratio of the offense committed against you in relation to the time it takes you to forgive that person.  Smaller offenses have a shorter time to forgiveness compared to larger, more heinous crimes.  But when the offense is great and would require an infinite measure of time to forgive, that is the time needed to forgive would be longer than we can live, then this is when our Lord gives us the grace to forgive.  

But we must forgive.  Our Lord tells us we must, isn't this what we say in the prayer Our Father? "...forgive US our trespasses AS WE FORGIVE those who trespass against us."  I beg you to take this seriously.  We are forgiven AS we forgive...we cannot forget that.  And if our small heart does not have the capacity to forgive, will not a God who loves us give us the ability to forgive so that not only we but the one who has done us wrong may be with Him?  

But I tell you the truth, we must go beyond even forgiveness.  For He also said to "pray for those who persecute you..."  So pray for those who do you evil.  For by such prayer you are saying to God, "I love you, and I love you so much I don't want a soul that YOU love to be lost, even if he/she has done me wrong."  

How to pray for them?  As in the last message of Fatima: "Penance, Penance, Penance!" We must be willing to do Penance for those who do us evil, also as a gift of love to God.  

So pray, do penance and offer sacrifice for souls that are lost, for God does not wish them to be lost...


"Jesus it is love for you, love for your Sacred Heart, love for the Immaculate Heart of Mary, that I offer this penance for the souls that you love, especially those in danger of hell-fire and I beg the conversion of sinners." 

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Battling the Demon...

Battling the Demon.

Jesus tells us that the demon is the prince of this world. And the battle with the evil one is a constant struggle.  For if we didn't have God to withhold the devil doing evil to us the tortures we would endure by the devil  would be UNIMAGINABLE.

There is two types of torture that the demon can deliver, torture of the flesh and torture of the spirit.
Those that were already bound for hell would be killed first, for the demon already has a firm claim on their souls.  Those souls that are bound for heaven or purgatory, would be tortured in the flesh and in the spirit to such a degree that they could not bear it. Without God's intervention souls that would endure this suffering at the devils hands would deny God in order to alleviate their suffering.  

Saints were burned at the stake, and tortured horribly before death, but NEVER denied God.  God allowed this suffering, for the good of their souls or the souls of others. This is a mystery which we, cannot comprehend.  But God alone is the final judge on when life and suffering ends.

Think about this.  Right now God Himself is holding back the devil from inflicting the evil upon your head that he so desires to give you. As you go about your tasks everyday the love of God surrounds every heartbeat and breath, protecting you from the evil one and guiding you on the path to Him.  From conception to natural death, we are under the love and will of God and life should not be prevented or ended by any means other then what God wills for it. 

Engaging the Demon.

But are we actively engaged in the fight against the evil one?  Do we realize that souls go to hell daily and what we, as Christians, can do to assist our lost brethren to keep them from hell and lead them to God?

Prayer, fasting, penance, sacrifice.

For if we truly love God, then we love those that He loves, which is all the souls on the earth, including those that are the farthest from HIM.  Atheists, Satan worshipers, those that do you evil... ALL.

For if we make an oblation of a heart that loves God, how can God deny a heart that loves Him so?  Such a  heart that beats only for Him will do much prayer, fasting and penance for those souls that God loves and desires not to be lost.  The farther a soul is from God the more right it has to God's mercy. 

So are we participating in daily sacrifice that leads souls to God?

For "Amen Amen I say to you that no slave is greater than his master nor any messenger greater than the one who sent him."  John 13.16. 

So engage the demon, pray, fast, do penance for souls that are lost to God, and let not your left hand know what your right hand is doing.  For as St. John Vianney says, "Oh, how I like those little mortifications that are seen by nobody...

Mother Knows

Know what our Holy Mother knows:

For it is in humilty and lowness that the battle against the evil one is raged.... and won. 

Fear Not.

At first it is fearful to engage the evil one, but as time progresses, as you continue in your prayer, purification and penance, you will realize that the demon, no matter how he shows himself to distract you from your task for souls, is nothing but a gnat that unfortunately must be endured while in the flesh.

An Important Point.

One cannot battle the evil one for souls if he himself is "tepping" (associating) with the devil.  First go to confession, with a firm resolve to change your life in line with the teachings of the Church, otherwise you are encamped with the evil one and useless in this battle.  You must pick sides, are you with the devil or the King of Kings?

This is no joke.  Jesus's sacrifice was not a lark.  He looks at you and says, "Choose."  You cannot go to Holy Mass on Sunday and be disobedient or steal, or take into yourselves that which is unholy.  (Every really listen to what is said on some of those t.v. programs?). For obedience is the path to God.

Only purified souls can take up the standard of the Lord to battle the evil one.  Purify yourselves and join the fight!  Souls fall into hell every day and they ARE worth fighting for!

Purify your soul steps: 

1. Confession with resolve to change your life in line with the teachings of the Church.  And go to confession weekly. (Who can say they are totally sinless for a whole month? Not I.)

2. Holy Mass.  The best defense against the devil is the Holy Mass daily, for it is difficult to take up this standard without the Holy Eucharist daily.  The Holy Mass is the strongest weapon against the evil one and since the evil one does not sleep we should arm ourselves DAILY with the Holy Eucharist.

3. Being obedient to those that are over you, even in the littlest things.  For obedience is the path to God.

4. Expelling from your life what is not of God and taking in what is of God, scripture daily, holy books, life of the saints, etc.

5.  Rosary daily... preverably ALL mysteries if possible.

6. Humility.  Submit in humility to God in all things.  Pray the Litany of Humility daily if needed.

If you do the above, be prepared for what God will show you, for your eyes will be opened.

An offering prayer for souls:

Jesus it is love for you, love for your Sacred Heart, love for the Immaculate heart of Mary that I offer this (say offering - rosary, penance, etc) for the souls that you love, especially those that are in most danger of hellfire, and I beg the conversion of sinners.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The "Brave" Bench...

At my Church, OLPH, there is a bench in the vestibule where the confessional is.  Usually about every week, you see almost the same people, and if you don't see them that week, it is assured you will see them in a week or two.

You exchange names, what time you go to Holy Mass, stuff like that, nothing real personal.

Thankfully it isn't like when you are in elementary school and are sent to the princpals office.  You sit on that bench, waiting for your 'turn' and usually you are not alone either.  I remember in grade school you would turn to your companion on the bench and say... "Watcha do?"

Someone at church called the bench outside the Confessional the "Naughty Bench".  We all chuckled, but I think that is wrong.  I think it should be called the "Brave Bench."  

We all sin, and it is a self-inflicted illness of the soul, then why do we not use the remedy the Christ gives to us? Ergo: The Confessional.

Fear... that is why.  Fear of admitting to the sin and telling it to a Priest.  What are you afraid of?  You can't shock a Priest, and in truth you are really confessing your sins to Jesus.  If you confess something you find embarassing, the Priest is NOT going to say... "You did WHAT?!" (Thank God!).  And if you have ever been to confession more than once, you learn real quick to never play poker with a priest.  They have the best poker faces ever.

But if you look close in their eyes while you are confessing your sins, you will also see an unending compassion as you must imagine Christ has for us.

And the fact is that the longer you put off the Confessional, the more damage you do to your conscience and the harder it is to get back to the confessional.

The persistent presence of sins that has not been, confessed, absolved and remitted with penance (much penance... trust me) take the soul into a downward spiral of more sin and the rationalization of that sin.  Such so that greater sins seem more appealing, and even good in the light of our own wants and desires.  And when we seek our own wants and desires over God we break the First Commandment.

Jesus has given us a remedy for our continual illness of sin.  The Confessional.  It is a sacrament of love and a desire of all of His children to be reconcilled to Him.

So the bench outside the vestible isn't the "Naughty Bench".  It's the "Brave Bench".

Be brave...Go to confession.


"All sins are 'gateway' sins.  Slam the gate... go to Confession."

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Most adorable Trinity, unfathomable Trinity, we come so close to perceiving your most glorious mystery and your  love in the Most Holy Mass when Triune love so infinite, so overwhelming rains down.   How can one who is finite be unchanged then we take into ourselves that which is infinite?  Eternally loving, Eternally Merciful, my God my all, I love you. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

No Women Priests...and why...

No Women Priests...and why...

I was preparing to go to Holy Mass at St. Stephen the Martyr, talking about the clustering of the two parishes, and how we need more priests.  The woman I was talking to said, "We need women priests." I was very clear, I said NO.  Man is God's only priest, and from the beginning that it is how it has been.

But instead of just saying, "No".  I think I owe her and explanation of why there is no women priests and why there can never be. Just by saying No to her, I haven't taught her anything.  I'd like to correct that.

The way for Jesus to come was prepared for, it was not a random act of God.  It is no coincidence that the sacrifice for the Passover of the Jews was the blood of a MALE lamb, and a lamb without blemish.  And as God wastes nothing, but takes what came before and transforms the pascal sacrifice into something greater, Jesus. And with his sacrifice on the cross, his cross is 're-presented' at each Holy Mass.  I'm not a priest or theologian, so I will borrow someone else's words that explains this:

"The Mass is the Sacrifice of the Mystical Body of Christ, and is one with Calvary, which was the Sacrifice of the Physical Body of Christ. " James P. Wasel 

So in a way, it is like you are walking up Calvary every time you go to Holy Mass.  All the more reason to dress appropriately.  (Ladies please leave the mini skirts and the stripper heels at home.)

This holy sacrifice only happens because of one person that is present at the Holy Mass. The Priest.  Without his anointed hands, we have no Holy Mass, no sacraments, we have nothing.  For a priest is "Altus Christus" or another Christ.  For Christ is truly present at each Holy Mass acting in the place of the priest when the priest says.  "This is my body..."  So if Christ is truly present then only a man can act as "Altus Christus".

In the Old Law, only MEN from the tribe of Levi could be God's priests.  Twelve male apostles are also no accident either.  With the coming of Jesus, his sacrifice and institution of the Eucharist, Jesus is our high priest, and at the Last Supper he instituted His priesthood - also male.

If Jesus was going to make a woman a priest, he would have made his Mother the first priest, for who better to say, "This is my body, this is my blood."?

But He did NOT.  The male priesthood is a continuation from Adam to now, and our Holy Church cannot change it.  As they have said again and again...they do not have the ability to do so.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Be A Contradiction....

Credit: Picture from Movie: "For Greater Glory"
I am a contradiction.  

I am Hillbilly, who loves Mathematics.  I have in my CD player in my car the following: "Mass" (Latin Hymns) and "The Dillards" (Bluegrass).  I prepare for the Holy Mass in the Morning with a Requiem by Mozart during the morning drive, and then drive home from work to the twang of banjos and mandolins.  

I have a tattoo but wear a communion veil.  I still get some funny looks for the communion veil, but that is nothing to me, because I don't wear it for anyone at Church.  I wear it for Him.  My Beloved.  The Alpha and Omega that is contained in the Tabernacle.  The Great I AM, my God my all. 

I am not going to preach or show scripture on why women should or should not wear a communion veil.  It is nothing to me if someone does or not. A protestant a queen once said it best.  "I do not make windows into men's souls."  (Queen Elizabeth I)

As for me, the veil was first placed on my heart before it ever it touched my head.  For by it, I say, "I submit to you my God and my King."

And the new movie "For Greater Glory" had some great veils (also called Mantillas) which made me want to get out my sewing machine and make some of them.  Maybe it is a tradition (with a little 't') that will come back among the women.  If it does, great, but I hope the women wear them for the right reason.