Thursday, June 21, 2012

Be A Contradiction....

Credit: Picture from Movie: "For Greater Glory"
I am a contradiction.  

I am Hillbilly, who loves Mathematics.  I have in my CD player in my car the following: "Mass" (Latin Hymns) and "The Dillards" (Bluegrass).  I prepare for the Holy Mass in the Morning with a Requiem by Mozart during the morning drive, and then drive home from work to the twang of banjos and mandolins.  

I have a tattoo but wear a communion veil.  I still get some funny looks for the communion veil, but that is nothing to me, because I don't wear it for anyone at Church.  I wear it for Him.  My Beloved.  The Alpha and Omega that is contained in the Tabernacle.  The Great I AM, my God my all. 

I am not going to preach or show scripture on why women should or should not wear a communion veil.  It is nothing to me if someone does or not. A protestant a queen once said it best.  "I do not make windows into men's souls."  (Queen Elizabeth I)

As for me, the veil was first placed on my heart before it ever it touched my head.  For by it, I say, "I submit to you my God and my King."

And the new movie "For Greater Glory" had some great veils (also called Mantillas) which made me want to get out my sewing machine and make some of them.  Maybe it is a tradition (with a little 't') that will come back among the women.  If it does, great, but I hope the women wear them for the right reason.  

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Unknown said...

I admire your principle for wearing the veil. You're right that veils should be used for the right reasons. It means more than just being for tradition but it has a deeper meaning about one's connection with the Almighty.