Friday, July 13, 2012

Ok...thanks for the Laugh... you can repent now..

David Cameron was speaking yesterday at a London summit on family planning organised by Melinda Gates, wife of Microsoft tycoon Bill. Mr Cameron was asked by a member of the audience how to put pressure on the Holy See to overcome its opposition to contraception.

He said: "The answer lies in the strength of our arguments." 


Ha Ha Ha!!! 

Good luck with that!! The 'strength of your arguments'? Are you kidding!  The Church has stood since 33 A.D., we have withstood: War, Heretics, (lots of heretics), Our Popes being martyred, persecution of the church, invasion, and occupation.  (I'm probably missing some stuff) And Pope Benedict, as the VICAR OF CHRIST, defender of the faith is going to be persuaded by your 'argument'... HA HA HA HA...!! 

Please go see the Holy Father and give him your arguments... I beg a yankee dollar, after you left such a holy person that is so close to your savior YOUR outlook would be changed.

So thanks for the laugh, but in all seriousness I want to say that I would be one of the first to rejoice in your repentance and coming back to the truth of Christ's church. 

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