Friday, December 21, 2012

The Biggest Heart of All

St. John Vianney - Saint of the Confessional

I think that God gives His priests the biggest hearts.  Because in the confessional we are each given a little piece of that heart of a priest.  After how many thousands of confessions over a lifetime, each one taking a little piece of their hearts, yet the heart still beats and continues in love to give to the next one to come into the confessional.  The heart of a Priest is not diminished by this giving of itself, for each penitent receives the same measure of the heart that reflects God's own heart for the soul seeking absolution. 

What St. John Vianney said about the importance of confession - click HERE

Here is an Audio of the same link above - AUDIO OF ST. JOHN VIANNEY ON CONFESSIONAL

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