Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Back From The Edge

Back From The Edge

Many of us never know how close we have come to going to hell.  I found out today just how close I really came to being in the place of eternal torment. Really close. 

When my husband was alive I had come back to the Catholic Church and I prayed my Rosary and loved to spend time with our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.  After my husband died, everything hurt, and I mean everything.  Little things like going to the grocery store or watching t.v. was painful, and yes going to church was painful too because everywhere I was, I could feel his absence.  (He never went to church with me, but I prayed for him much there.) 

Well, after his death, I was hurting so bad, that I just didn't care about anything, myself included.  All I wanted was to not hurt just for a little while.  I worked 50 hours a week, because I knew if I kept busy the 'demon' of sadness was kept at bay.  (There is a physical law that you can't think of two things at the same time, so the busier I was, the better.)  In addition to using work as a distraction from the pain I was experiencing, I also sought out unhealthy relationships with men.  I stepped into mortal sin.  I made every excuse for my behavior, saying that God would understand, and what I was doing wasn't so bad.  But I was lying, to myself.  The part of me that had loved to go to Mass and pray her Rosary in front of the Blessed Sacrament was screaming, "What are you doing! You know better!"  

After three years of this I was beginning to wonder if this was going to be my entire life, and if I could continue to live in this constant pain.  Then one day, there was no extra work available and I took a day off.  I waited for the sadness to come.  It didn't.  I was quite surprised.  My demon must have been on an extended coffee break.   For the first time I knew something that I hadn't known in three years:  Hope.   For the first time I had hope that there could be a life without this constant sadness.

There was still the problem of my sin though.  Then on the way to work one day I heard the sweetest female voice say to me, "Pray a Rosary for me."  I knew who it was, I didn't need to question.  I said to her, "Gosh, a WHOLE Rosary?" She said, still ever so sweetly, "Just give me a decade."  I said, "Ok." and prayed the decade.  Well, that was all it took, with that one decade, I started praying the Rosary daily again.  I tell you the truth, if you are in consistent mortal sin, you cannot pray the Rosary and still sin, you will either give up the sin or give up the Rosary.  This was my truth also.   The rest of the story of how I came home (it wasn't overnight, but our Mother's Holy Rosary did it) is a rather long one, so I won't tell it here.  

But what I will tell is what God showed me about how close I came to facing God's judgement while in mortal sin.   God can judge a sinner at ANY TIME He wishes, and in praying the Stations of the Cross, God let me know just how close I came to that judgement while I was still in mortal sin and not confessed. 

The fourth station of the cross is where Jesus meets his Mother on the path of the Cross.  In our Church, if you look at the station, it almost looks as if the Blessed Mother is pleading with her Son.  When I came to this station to pray it, God showed me something.  God showed me that it was the Blessed Mother who had pleaded to our Lord for me when I was in my worst sin.  Then I was to understand that when I heard that sweet voice asking me to "Pray me a Rosary." was my last chance to repent.  What would have happened? I don't know, maybe I would have died in my sins.  But I tell you the truth, if I HAD died in my sins, I would have faced my personal judgement before God and because my sins were of a grave nature, I would have been in hell for all eternity, I know that for sure.  I know that because this was what was the knowledge given to me.  

How close to the edge of the cliff was I, ready to fall into hellReally close, almost hanging on by a thread.  But God was merciful and sent me His Mother to call me back from the ledge.  If your own child got too close to a fire, would you scream and maybe make the child react and fall the wrong way towards the fire or gently distract it from the danger with a sweet and gentle voice to draw it away from the danger?  

She is a loving Mother, and when I was close to danger, with her Son's permission she came to me and lovingly pulled me away from the fire (literally!).  I beg any of you who are reading this to examine your own sins and reconcile with God....now.  Do not turn God away if you hear His voice. 

Go to Holy Confession!

Act of Contrition
(My personal prayer)

God forgive me of my sins, I regret each one as a separation from you.  Look in my heart and know it is full of love for you and a desire to pursue the path of perfection.  Help me pursue this path of perfection by keeping my heart, soul and body pure.


Saturday, December 21, 2013


I am at war.  Although I may not look like it, trust me I am in a great war that never ceases around me.  I fight a battle everyday for the souls in purgatory and the lost souls that fall into hell everyday.  The loss of souls is one of the greatest tragedies in the universe.  Because God's justice is perfect, lost souls are in hell of their own volition.  There is nothing more heartbreaking to realize that this sentence is for all time.  Those that are falling into hell right now will still be suffering there 1 million years from now, and 100,000 x 100,000 million years and so on..

Stepping on the battlefield for lost souls  is one of the most treacherous things you can do in relation to the status of your own salvation.  The reason for this is that you can't do anything for God.  You aren't doing God any favors by your prayers, even if 1000 souls where to be released from Purgatory with your prayer, you didn't do it, God did.   You just asked that the battle be waged, God is the one that did everything.  But in the warriors walk you are at constant risk of the same pride of the demon, thinking that what you may do in prayer is 'needed' by God.  I assure you, it is not.  Your prayer and supplication is for your brethren and for your advancement in holiness while on the earth.  Even your personal holiness should not be for you.  

When we seek to be holy or a saint, that is still seeking something for ourselves, but we should seek to be holy so that we can go before God and plead for others who are lost.  The motivation for this should always be out of love for God and love for others.  One of the greatest prayers that you can say is "Not for me Lord, not for me."  Nor should you seek that anyone see the war you are engaged in.  This is a silent work done alone just between you and God for others.  

Even in the gifts God gives sometimes we should seek less.  Don't seek to know the result of your prayer because if you knew what God was doing, then again you are subject to pride.  It is by the lack of knowledge that we attain great faith.  Sometimes even the gifts God gives we should seek less of them.  Don't seek visions and dreams, but ask God to give you less of these, for they too can be a source of pride.  By many graces we think we are special before God and rise ourselves above others when we should be a servant to all.  Ask God only to give you enough to keep you motivated in prayer. 

Engaging in the battle for souls is one of the greatest purification process you can ever partake of.   For if you pray for a lost soul with great love without seeking recompense for yourself, God will open His heart to you and He will hear your prayers.  This is when the demon's harvest of souls is greatly decimated. So much so that he will have no reason to hide from you.  Many times the evil one has tried to scare me from my work with different physical manifestations and has expressed great anger while I was engaged in prayer.  

Once in Saint Michael Catholic Church I was praying in front of the Blessed Sacrament and I clearly heard hooves stomping on the beams above me.  I ran out of the church.  A few days later when I came back, again I was praying and the Lord said to me, "Where I am you are not to run."  I've been scared a couple of times since, but I didn't run, because He told me not to.   
Courage in face of this hidden malice is something that can only come from God.  God is the one that gives courage, for fear is not of Him.  If we strive after this courage for the cause of the lost, God will give it to us.  

 Slowly as you continue to take the battlefield more and more, you realize how powerless the demon is in the face of God.   That doesn't mean he won't continue in his efforts, but you are affected less and less.  I think Saint John Vianney spoke of almost getting used to it, this is because you know that unless God allows it, the demon cannot hurt you.  

The Battlefield
First He let's you know the battle before you, how dire the situation really is.  Many now are on the path of destruction.  The scope of the problem is overwhelming.  Yet as one created in the image of God we have the great gift of intervention for our brethren.  

Does a soldier take the battlefield assured of 100% health at the end of the battle?  No.  Warriors know that the possibility of wounds or even death are a possibility.  But those who step on the battlefield take the risk because the victory is worth all that we must suffer to attain it.  

Even to our last breath and our last drop of blood we must fight for the lost...their souls are worth it. 
“Do not be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your kin, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your homes.” Nehemiah 4:14

Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Cliff/Why Every Priest Should Be A Saint

I'm standing near the edge of a cliff.  The land is barren with no vegetation.  The edge of the cliff is jagged.  I look over the edge and see a drop that takes my breath away.  This is the eternal pit that if you fall in, you never come out of.  The fall into this darkness is for miles and miles.  At the bottom of this pit are horrors that I will not mention here.  

I look to my right and a mile wide along the edge of the cliff there are people standing at the edge ready to fall in.  Behind them, packed very tightly are thousands of souls behind the ones on the edge and they are so tightly packed that they cannot move even their arms easily.  They cannot run from the horror that awaits them as there is something constraining them, keeping them in place.  Occasionally one or two will break free of the bonds that are holding them and run away from the path of destruction.  

Then I see the most horrible thing.  People were being added to the back of this horrible line and the addition of more people somewhere in the distance was pushing the line forward, and pushing those in the front of the line....off the cliff.  

Their screams were horrific, for within them was complete hopelessness.

As the first ones on the row fell my heart broke, and caused me to draw my breath in with fear.  I strongly desired to see these souls be saved, but I was only one, and I had no ropes or any means to pull them away from their destruction.  I screamed to them, warning them of the fate that lay ahead, because many in the center of the throng could not see the destruction that awaited them.   I begin to pray my Rosary, offer the Stations to God so that souls would not fall into the pit.  Slowly, I see that some are breaking free of the bonds and changing the course that they were previously on.  There were free of this horrible fate.  I had done nothing for this effort, for God had done all, I just asked.  For God is moved by the heart of love for Him and when we love the souls that He loves.  If we love God, we must love those He loves.  

So by love of God and love of those He loves, God saves.  In the world that is more sinful than Sodom and Gomorrah, and so many souls are on this path of eternal destruction to worry about rules is like asking the man with a bullet wound to the chest to first fill out the forms before you will treat him.  Love them, get them in the hospital of the soul, (Christ's Church and the Holy Mass), and by your love you will change their hearts.  Just love them, and God will do the rest.  How easily we forget that we are only to present the truth, it is the Holy Spirit that brings it home every time.  How little we think of God if we think we must wag our finger at a sinner.  Just love them, for God is a big enough God that He can change the blackest of hearts to the most holy of Saints. 

Why Every Priest Should Be A Saint: Back At The Cliff.
I am praying and begging God to save souls, to convert the most blackest of hearts, and some are breaking free but still many are going over the cliff. I see a Priest who,like me, is outside of the throng of souls and he was seeing what was happening.  By the expression on his face I could tell he wanted to avert these souls being lost.  He too like me was praying and begging God that souls not to be lost.  He also was offering the Holy Mass and preaching to turn souls away from their fate.  I began to notice that his prayers gave a greater harvest of souls than mine did.  There was no jealousy, this made me very happy.  This Holy Priest by his calling from God and his effort with prayer was able to call at least 100 more souls away from the pit than I could.  

God is not a respecter of persons, He loves His Priests as much as He loves any of us.  He is not a respecter of persons, but He is a respecter of the Priesthood which He established.  When a Priests hands are anointed, it is God's honor that is placed in the hands of the Priest, and God will always respect what He has placed there.  For if the heart of the Priest is aligned with God out of love to save souls, what a harvest of souls can be saved!  

Why do you think the demon hated St. John Vianney so?  Because the demon knew that God not only heard the prayer of His priest,  but because of the love in the Saints heart for God and for souls not to fall into hell, God waged great destruction on the demon and countless souls where saved.  This destruction on the evil one was so great that it did not profit the demon to hide any longer and he made himself known on several occasions in order to dissuade the Holy Priest from his efforts to save souls.   The demon became so angry that he even told the Saint, "If there were three such priests as you, my kingdom [in France] would be ruined."  

Think of that...just three.  Three holy Priests could save a whole nation. 

Every Priest should be a Saint, because if a Priest is a Saint, he can save far more souls that one layperson with a rosary every could.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Bad Confessions Mock God and Damn Many Souls

Do you know what you are doing when you walk into the confessional?  Such a grace is present there that it cannot be adequately put into words.  The confessional is one of the greatest gifts God gives us to reconcile us to Himself and to have the possibility to attain heaven.  Walk quickly to the confessional when you err, but only with the true intention in your heart to amend your life and never hurt God again.  You cannot use the confessional as your own 'fire' protection, and then continue your life the same way you did before you walked into the confessional.  Don't you know that the confessional is the fire of heaven?  The same fire that Elijah called down and burned the wood that was soaked in the water, for there is nothing it cannot change.

I went to Holy Confession to Father Bob at St. Matha's Catholic Church..  Father Bob laid his hands on my head at the end of my confession and gave me absolution.  The next day I was at St. Michael praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy in front of the Crucifix and studying the five wounds as I prayed.  As I studied His hands nailed to the cross and what He must have suffered I heard our Lord say to me, "Those are the hands that absolved you of your sins yesterday."  

It is Christ, through the Priest that lays His hands and absolves you of your sins, how do you think you can 'hide' your sin?  Isn't this mocking God and the confessional? Jesus knows your heart, He knows what you did, but only you can begin the healing of that sin by SPEAKING IT with a repentant heart in the confessional.   Hidden confessions in the heart are most likely to hide vile sins and to block true repentance, because when you SPEAK IT, you release it and it cannot be hidden in the heart.  You have free will, God will not make you confess your sins, but if you truly want heaven, you must confess your sins, ALL of them, no matter how vile.  The Priest's desire is the same as our Lord's, that you be put back on the path to Him, not to judge you here, he knows that we shall all face our own judgement in due time.

I tell you the truth, if we walk into the confessional to use it as a temporary 'cleansing' with no intention to amend our lives of the most vile sins then we are playing into the hands of the devil.  The demon takes the greatest delight in those that hide sins for fear of what the Priest might think of them.  When we seek Holy Confession we are driving the demon out of our lives and he knows it.  The confessional is the constant reminder to the evil one of where he shall be for all eternity, for if he is present with a soul at the time of that souls absolution the pain the demon endures during absolution is like the lake of fire he will know for eternity.  This is why it is also like a 'mini' exorcism, for this is too painful for the demon to endure and he must flee.

Let us say you are my friend, I love you, but I come up to you and slap you in the face.  You are hurt, but I say, "I'm sorry." and you forgive me.  After all is forgiven, I slap you again in the face.  But I say I love you and ask your forgiveness.  You forgive me.  For the third time I slap you all the while while I say I love you.  A fourth and a fifth till a hundred times I slap you, but ask for your love and forgiveness.  Obviously, I have no intention of amending my behavior, but I most surely desire your forgiveness and your love, not only desire it, but EXPECT IT.   If we do not change our behavior, although God still loves us, we do not truly love Him.  God is not required to forgive you and give you heaven, it is because of His love and justice that He has loved us and seeks our repentance.  This is why Confession is a "GIFT".

Don't be afraid of the Confessional.  Ask God to show you where you have sinned and what you need to confess.  Ask Him to open your mind and your heart to make a true and pure confession.  Tell Jesus everything you did through His Priest, and seek to change your lives.  We think this is so hard, but again we have such help in the Holy Mass and the Holy Rosary.  Go to Holy Mass everyday and you will fear sin greatly.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Mercy: Only While We Live

God's Justice.  As God is complete in all that He is, we are not able to take away or add to His measure.  Since this is so, then God is whole. If God is perfect then His attributes must also be perfect.  God is one, God is the divine Trinity, the three divine persons in one God.  God is pure, and His purity must be perfect, with nothing lacking.  God is just, and His justice must also be perfect.  So God is pure, just and perfect.  As a result, if God's justice is perfect then His justice must not allow any one who is impure, vile or sinful into his presence, for this would not be just and it would be torture for the soul stained by sin to behold the beatific vision of God.  

God is also mercy, and His mercy, because He is timeless is for all time God's mercy must also be infinite.  The fact of God's infinite mercy has lead souls down the path to the conclusion that no matter what they do, God's mercy is infinite and God will not allow them to go to Hell.  Even Martin Luther fell down this path saying, "Be a sinner and sin boldly."... "No sin can separate us from Him, even if we were to kill or commit adultery thousands of times each day." (from the Letters of Martin Luther)  

Not so.  

Read this very carefully... God is not bound by time has infinite mercy, which means that He can show mercy for all eternity to His children that live and breathe on the earth.   He can show mercy 10,000 years from now if there are souls living on the earth.  HOWEVER, we, as creatures bound by time can only be recipients of that mercy in relation to our judgement WHILE WE ARE ALIVE IN THE FLESH.   Two hundred years from now we will not have access to the mercy of God that is reserved for the livingfor we will not be alive 

When we die, then eternity seals the soul and it is presented to God for judgement.  Once the flesh is dead there is no more chances for God's infinite mercy, there is only the judgement.    The soul is before the throne and the book of that souls life is opened.  All that that soul said, did, and thought in its life upon the earth are presented to God.   As a result souls are either allowed into heaven, purgatory or hell, AFTER THEIR JUDGEMENT. While you are in the presence of the perfect justice of God, there will be no argument with God, you will know that whatever sentence you receive it will be the correct one.  

So heaven, the beatific vision of God is forever, for God is a God of life and He cannot take back the gift of life.  The flesh is a temporary life, the soul is the eternal life.    And in the flesh of our Lord Jesus Christ, His flesh was given as an oblation to the Father for our sins, yet because Jesus was God, the life He gave for us matched the gift of the oblation to the Father - infinite. Infinite life with Him, or without him. 

So where you are in the next life is most definitely determined by what you do in this one, and where you shall be shall be either a pleasure or a torment, for all time.   If we knew how scary the judgement of God is upon our souls, we would spend our entire lives working out our salvation in the fear and trembling that Paul speaks of. 

I will tell you the truth.  One day I was praying the Stations of the Cross, I was offering them for the souls in Purgatory.  The Holy Souls were so happy to have me do this, I could hear them say, "Someone is going to offer the Stations for us!"  As I prayed the stations, I came to Station 13, where He was taken down from the cross.  I always ask for the blood and water that came from His side to cover whatever I am praying for at this station.   So I asked the Lord to let the blood and water from His side cover the souls in Purgatory.  The Lord stopped me and said, "No, that is only for the living." 

We are all on the road to death and the judgement and God's mercy is available to us ONLY while we have breath.  Please take advantage of the mercy of God.  The sixth promise of those that pray the Holy Rosary is "....He will not experience the anger of God nor will he perish by an unprovided death*...." So Please, pray the Holy Rosary, examine your conscience and I can't say it enough..."Go to Holy Confession!" 


*Unprovided death= death either sudden or otherwise that the soul has not properly prepared to meet God by reconciling with God and as a result is possibly in danger of eternal fire. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Where Does Evil Come From?

Where does Evil Come From?

In the beginning God Said, "Let there be light."  And there was light.  God creates with His word, and when He gave the angels free will He also gave them this ability to create out of their words, although to a much lesser degree. 

God is all good, there is no darkness in Him.  However, having infinite knowledge of all of His creation, He knew of evil as a concept (because God knows all things), but at this time evil only existed in the mind of God as a concept, a potentiality.  When he gave the angels free will they two had a knowledge of what rebellion was, and again evil was just a concept.  This knowledge was given for otherwise their will would not be free because they would have no other choice but the good God.  To truly choose God freely, they were given knowledge of "another way" and the fearful freedom to choose.  Again, this was only a concept in the mind of God and the angels, at this time evil did not yet exist.  

God did not create evil, even though He knew about it.  By his pride and arrogance when Lucifer rebelled against God, his words were, "I will not serve."  Lucifer spoke rebellion and evil into existence by these words. (This is why obedience of mind and heart is such a powerful weapon against the evil one.)  Rebellion and all that is evil is the sole creation of the evil one.    

Then Michael the Archangel spoke, "Micha'el! Micha'el!" or "Who is Like God!"  By this St. Michael spoke in defense of God out of love for God.  He had no fear of what the other angels would think!  By the power of God, Saint Michael was given the voice that would cast Satan out of Heaven.  By the words of Saint Michael every faithful angel in heaven was put to our defense if we would so call upon them.  These angels would protect and defend God's creation in complete obedience to God, which includes us.  

This is why when Jesus encountered demons, the first thing He ever said to them was, "BE SILENT"  He was taking away the demon's power to create any more destruction by his speech.  First He silenced them, then He expelled them.  

Didn't Jesus warn us about our speech?  "It is not what enters one’s mouth that defiles that person; but what comes out of the mouth is what defiles one."  Matthew 15: 11   

Think about that.  What comes out of our mouth, if evil, defiles us.   Of course it does! Isn't that what happened to Lucifer?  He spoke rebellion, and by doing so, his heart and his whole being was made evil by his speech.  He didn't become 'partially' evil, no, he was made wholly evil and no part of him could remain in heaven.  All of this from just four words..."I will not serve." 

What do you speak?  Do you curse regularly?  Do you laugh and joke when something bad happens to someone that you know, delighting in someone else's misery?  Or do you gleefully tell everyone around you someone else's misgivings.   We must be VERY CAREFUL with what we speak.   Speech is to inform, encourage, uplift and instruct...doesn't that sound like what Jesus did?   

We will reap every word that we have sown in our lives, whether evil or good.  One of the greatest evils one can speak is to deny God's existence or destroy someone's faith by your words.   Some of the greatest good that you can do with words is to teach the Gospel and/or seek forgiveness from God.  (The Act of Contrition in the Confessional is done with speech ~ not silently.) 

We should never be afraid of what is evil, God has all power over any evil.  Evil was not within his range of creation, but it is always within His domain to hinder or stop it according to His will, our faith, prayer*, and of course His mercy.   

*This is also why spoken prayer can be so powerful. 

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Using Your Guardian Angel Effectively

One of God's greatest gifts to us is our Guardian Angel.  He is assigned to us at our conception, and is with us throughout our whole life.  But our Guardian Angel is more than just to protect us various mishaps or evil persons that seek to hinder or even do damage to us.  To know how to effectively communicate with and receive from our Guardian angel all that God wishes us to have, then we have to know more who our Guardian Angel is. 

Who Is He?

The Guardian Angel's back is never turned to God.  In truth, they really don't have 'backs' as such.  The Guardian Angel always has a face turned to God and always has a face turned to you.  The Angel does not turn from God to face you, nor does he turn from you to face God, it is a constant communion, the God with the Angel and the Angel with You.  As a result, there is a constant communication from God to your Guardian Angel for what is best for you in your path to the Father.  The Guardian Angel is always before the throne of God adoring God at all times, and from this constant adoration you are given strength and encouragement and benefit from this direct line to the throne of God.  This is not a free pass into heaven though, for even though we have this grace throughout our life, no angel can by their worship subject what God has given us in our own free will.  For many will face the eternal death of fire of their own free will, Guardian Angel or no.  Free will is truly the only thing we possess and the thing we will be held most accountable for.  It is truly our scariest possession for our free will has both grave and wonderful consequences. 

The Job

A Guardian Angel has three jobs, "Lead, Protect, and Defend."  

Lead:  Our Guardian Angel constantly points to the Throne of God and the path to Heaven as the right way to go.  The Angel constantly puts in the sinners path the image of the Cross of the Lord or other holy words, books, or images to prompt the sinner to choose God.  If the sinner has repented and is on the path of purification then the Angel will direct the soul to what it may need most to obtain the greatest holiness it can.  This can mean that little feeling to not speak when we have a great line to something someone may have said, even if what we may say may not be deemed very spiritual.  Little vices of the soul are put to instruction, by many different methods.  Your angel's job is to help you on your path to holiness, never forget that.

Protect:  Once I stopped at St. Martin de Tours to pray.  It was late by the time I left.  The security guard walked me to my car.  He began to show me pictures of his children.  I was impatient and wanted to leave, but didn't want to seem rude, so I talked with him for a while. When I left and turned on Broadway, a car going about 70 mph ran the red light on a cross street and flew past in front of me.  I knew that if I had not bee delayed those few minutes I would have been in a horrible car wreck.   

Another time I met a man at Church, he had never been to a Catholic Church before so I gave him a little catechism and he sat with me at Holy Mass.   He said some things that concerned me but expressed an interest in the faith.  I said I was willing to meet him for Holy Mass at the Church in his area (Dixie Hwy) and help him learn about the Faith.  The minute Holy Mass was over, I got a phone call calling me away.  Any attempt that he made to communicate with me to meet for Mass after that was garbled or full of static.   This happened several times.  I got it, I was being protected.    I prayed for the man and let it go, and have not heard from him since.  This is a very important lesson, when it is obvious we are being protected, don't run headlong into what you are being protected from! 

Defend:  Our Guardian Angel defends us, as God allows, in ways we shall never truly perceive until we are before the Throne of God.   This is the Guardian Angels last job is to accompany us to the Throne of God for our own personal Judgement.   With God there is no "defense" as there is in a court of law, for the Justice of God is perfect.  You will have no great speeches before God in your defense, for nothing is hidden from the Great I AM, He knows your rising, setting, and the secret designs of your heart for every action and thought.  Your Guardian Angel is not there to defend you against the judgement of God, but to defend you against the attacks of the devil.    Yes, the demon will be there at your judgement seeking to drag you to His kingdom for all eternity.  

Using Your Guardian Angel Effectively.

1.  Pray and ask that your Guardian Angel guide you so that God's will is fulfilled in everything that you say and do today.  
2.  Thank your Guardian Angel for what he does for your at every moment, even if you do not perceive it.  
3.  Ask your Guardian Angel to join you in prayer, (especially in front of the Blessed Sacrament!) especially if the need in the prayer is of a grave matter.  
4.  Remember that your Guardian Angel is not beyond doing tasks that are in the will of God at your bidding.  Send your Guardian Angel (briefly) to those that are in the most desperate need or are on the darkest path.  

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Before the Fall...."That Could Have Been Me."

Jesus said, “I have observed Satan fall like lightning from the sky."  Luke 10:18 

We know that the devil's sin was pride that caused him to fall for all time.  Let us examine this.  Lucifer is an Angelic intelligence.  Before the fall he was constantly before the face of God, so he knew God, and he knew all God's attributes.  Lucifer knew that God's justice was perfect, if God said it was so, it was right and just. Lucifer new that the will of God was perfect, that if God willed something it was perfect and right.  Lucifer knew God and he knew the love of God.  Yes, God loved Lucifer, His light bearer.

The angels have free will just like we do, the danger came when in being God's light bearer, that Lucifer saw himself as having the attributes of God.  He thought because he bore the light, he was the light.  Lucifer also thought God could not do without him.  Lucifer was the light bearer, only he could do this job for God, no one else could!  Therefore if only I can do this, then MY will is what is primary, not God's. (Mistake #1: Thinking that we can do or give anything to God or add to his measure or that God would lack something without us, He would not.)

So if I am the only one that can do this task for God then, I must be like God too!  He needs me!  Since I know God and I know God's love, then because He loves me and only I can do this job for Him,  THEN NO MATTER WHAT I DO, HE WON'T PUNISH ME.  (Mistake #2: Assumption of a permanent state of Salvation.)  If we know Christ, we know that we fail Him and seek reconciliation daily, sometimes even hourly if needed.   It is very true that we must truly work out our salvation in fear and trembling!

The evil one's job is the same as it was in the Garden of Eden.
1.  Tell us that God is a liar, that what God's word says doesn't apply to you. (You won't be punished! You won't go to Hell! God loves you!)
2. That sin is actually good, and by your sin you will attain something.  By your sin you exercise your will as superior to God's will.
Example:  You live in common law, commit abortion, or use birth control and you say to yourself, "God understands."  You are basically saying that your will is above God's, and that God should be subject to your wants and desires.  I tell you the truth, those that do not repent and humble themselves before God will have the devil for permanent company.

The Annunciation is one of Lucifer's Greatest Torments

Then came the war in heaven and Satan's ultimate fall.  Oh and how great the fall considering what he knew of God!  As Lucifer knew the infinite God, Lucifer's fall is infinite as well, and is irrevocable.  I have wondered what the light bearer's job would have been in God's kingdom, I wonder if one of Lucifer's worst torments is that looking upon Gabriel giving the greatest message ever given to a human being, he says to himself, "That could have been me." 


"Nevertheless, do not rejoice because the spirits are subject to you, but rejoice because your names are written in heaven.”  Luke 10:20


Pray the Angelus Daily.

The Angelus

The Angel of the Lord declared to Mary:
And she conceived of the Holy Spirit. 
Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee; blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of
our death. Amen. 
Behold the handmaid of the Lord: Be it done unto me according to Thy word. 
Hail Mary . . . 
And the Word was made Flesh: And dwelt among us. 
Hail Mary . . . 

Pray for us, O Holy Mother of God, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

Let us pray: 
Pour forth, we beseech Thee, O Lord, Thy grace into our hearts; that we, to whom the incarnation of Christ, Thy Son, was made known by the message of an angel, may by His Passion and Cross be brought to the glory of His Resurrection, through the same Christ Our Lord.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Demons Don't Carry Identity Cards.

I was skimming the channels and happened upon some of those "Ghost" shows where they talk to the dead. The only problem is that they DO NOT KNOW who or WHAT they are talking to. DEMONS DO NOT CARRY IDENTITY CARDS!

 The 'spirit' took on attributes of a person's mother that had recently passed.  The 'spirit' even knew the Mother and Daughter's 'secret' word that they had chosen in advance of the Mother's passing.  Well that must be proof that was the Mother, right?  NO.  Let me explain.  Demons are constantly around us trying to trip us up so that we lose our salvation, they will DO ANYTHING, let me repeat: ANYTHING including taking on the shape, voice, smell, and even provide secret code words in order that you will seek the paranormal (their playing field) and as a result putting you at risk of losing your salvation.  How did the 'spirit' know the code word? Simple, the demon assigned to the Mother or Daughter was present when they decided on the secret word.  How better to get them entangled in the supernatural and keep them there with seances, etc than to provide such 'evidence'. We cannot forget their whole purpose is to keep you away from God and His truth, what better way than to keep people seeking after what is not of God.


When you seek out spirits by seance, ghost hunting, evp's, etc, you usually have three choices of what you are speaking to:

1.  Demons ~ These are demons pretending to be your loved one to keep you distracted and turned away from God.  (Think about a baby and a rattle or a shiny object, kind of the same thing).  Ever heard of 'shadow people'?  Darkness is of the demon.
2. Demonized Humans ~ humans that have been condemned to hell but have taken the goals of the devil and seek ruin of souls on the earth, even their own family members.  That last one is hard to hear, but a condemned soul hates God, and their is no love in Hell.  They hate even those they have left on the Earth and will seek their destruction also.
3. Purgatorial Soul ~ A Purgatorial Soul that needs prayer.  We have much evidence that God allows some souls in Purgatory to reach out to us for prayer.  This is a great responsibility.  If you encounter such a soul (I have), be awed, because you realize how much God loves this soul and wishes it's release from Purgatory.  Not that we can do anything for God, or do God favors, but by our prayers, we are purified in order to attain heaven.,

I beg you, don't watch these shows, or do anything they do because you may literally be playing with hellfire.

1.  Expel them in the name of Jesus
2.  Pray that if they are a soul in purgatory that God be merciful to them.

NEVER ENGAGE THEM, do NOT look them in the eye, speak to them or ACKNOWLEDGE THEM in any way.

When the demon fell like lightning from heaven the communication between God and Lucifer CEASED.  We should not speak to the one that chose to be God's enemy.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

"Go To The Devil"

Two different people recently told me to"Go  to the Devil" although they didn't realize that was what they did.  One of them suggested that I tell a lie which would benefit them, the other one suggested that I tell a lie that would benefit me.  Each one of them told me in their own way to "Go to the Devil."  The demon is the Father of lies, there is NO truth in him.  When we tell lies, or entice someone to lie for us then we are using the devils tactics and are on his territory.   So congratulations, you have just shaken hands with the Devil and chained yourself to him.   Not only that, but if you have enticed someone to lie and they do it, now you are somewhat responsible for that person being chained also.  Now the demon has TWO prisoners.  

How deceptive the demon is!  He not only chains souls with something as flimsy as cobwebs, but convinces them that it is 100lb chain that they and that they can't get free.  He either tells them they can't get free or that the solution to their problem they are in is to lie again, and with greater frequency to attain whatever it is they need.  

People who lie may be poor and lacking in resources, another chain of the devil ~ first get them to lie to get something, and then keep them there by making sure they appear lacking in every thing.  Or they are wealthy and are using lies to keep their wealth.  The wealthiest have the heaviest chains, because with their chains is also a steady diet of fear of losing that wealth.   This fear will breed greater sins, murder, etc.  Jesus spoke the truth, how hard it was for a rich man to get into heaven! 

No matter WHAT IT WILL COST YOU personally....DON'T LIE...not now, not ever.  If you cannot speak the truth...be silent. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Letter to an Atheist Whom I Love

The Way, The Truth and the Life.

Dear ______

The reason I am writing you is because I hope that by my witness you would come to know the truth.

My dear friend, I have experienced God personally.  If God is love for each of us individually, there will be no “evidence” or “proof” of that love, the love of God is a personal experience and when a soul experiences it, it is for that soul alone, not to be proven.   If God must “prove” his love, doesn't that cheapen it?  We have loved men in our life, how it would hurt us, if in loving someone they turn to us and say, “Prove it!”.  No.  God provides no proof for what He gives a soul in love, because it IS love, the purest love of all.    There is no greater intimacy than the love of God that He pours out on a soul that He loves.  I have felt this love.  During prayer, I felt the love of God fill me to the brim.  I was given the knowledge that it was only a small part of the love He has for me, yet I knew that if he gave me even the smallest drop more of His love I would die.  The flesh cannot handle the full love of God, it will die.  Knowing this, and loving Him so, I said, “Ok, let’s go.”  (Meaning I was ready to die.)  He pulled back and said, “Not yet.”   

God gives us such a beautiful reason and intellect.  He gives us a little, and wants us to use our intellect to learn more.  What did this teach me?  It taught me that God was in control of when I would live of die.  He holds my heart in his hands and gently massages my heart so it will beat and give my lungs ability to take and expel air.  But then I gasped when I realized that I wasn't the only one He was doing this for.  Every person I met, or passed or spoke to, He was doing the same thing for them, and He loved them just as much as He did me.    Have you ever loved someone so much and have them turn their back on you and reject you?  How much does God hurt to those whom He loves so much that deny even His very existence!  He is REAL ____  He has sent you so many graces  for you to come to Him, but you keep pushing Him away. 

______, I love you and I am writing you this because of that love for you.  Death comes for us all, and what we do here God remembers for eternity.  You will be more alive after your death than here.    There is truly only one way to the Father, and that is His Son Jesus.  I once asked God, “Buddha, Mohammed or Jesus,  I want to know.”  Well, He let me know it was only one person that ever lived…His only Son Jesus.   I felt the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ!  Scripture was given to me, “Knock and it shall be given to you, seek and you shall find.”  

I love you ______ and want to see you in Paradise one day. 

I am going to ask God, if He will to let you see the truth  Please don’t push Him away. 

God Bless,


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Infinity Over Infinity - or Why Jesus has to be God.

To understand why Jesus has to be God, we have to understand the Father also.  The Father is infinite, with no beginning and no end.  Therefore, his attributes are also infinite.  His knowledge is infinite and, most important to us, his memory is infinite.  We were created, and we have a beginning, but with a soul that shall exist forever.  God is the creator of life, and if the angels shall not taste death or annihilation, then neither shall we, to say that our souls face an annihilation is not consistent with the nature of God as creator of life.  We shall be "somewhere" for all time.  A short time, (very short when you think about it) in the flesh, and then eternity either with God or banished from His presence.  

So let's go back to the Father's memory.  The Father's memory is infinite, which means He will remember all things for all time.  (He is actually not bound by time, but that is another blog post) So think about that, what you do in the flesh God will remember for all time.  Every thought, word, or deed is remembered perfectly by God.  Your unforgiven sins are remembered by God forever, and as such unforgiven sins will face another aspect of God, His justice.  The justice of God is perfect and also infinite.  If something is perfect, then it is implemented with perfection, and carried out to it's perfect end. There is no skirting the justice of God.  At the judgment, there shall be no excuse for your sin, for if it is unforgiven and if God's justice is perfect, then you MUST face the consequences of your sin at the judgement.  God, although loving you and not wishing your banishment to Hell or suffering in Purgatory, because of His nature of being perfectly just, He will carry out that perfect justice.  He can be nothing less.  Can the perfect justice of God turn a blind eye to an offense? No.  We will pay every farthing for our sins, either in purgatory or for all time in hell.  

But wait, we have the Blood of Jesus, right?  Yes, but that was 2000 years ago, how does an event 2000 years ago apply to the sins of those today?  There is only one answer, the Cross of Christ is a oblation by an infinite God which can reach through all time.  God is infinite, He took flesh in the second person of the Holy Trinity, Jesus.  Jesus, true God and true Man.  The Infinite God, who came to earth and gave the perfect oblation for all time.  For if God remembers forever and our sin has an infinite consequence, then what can cover a judgement that will be on us for all time?

What can cover infinity? Only infinity. The number 2 cannot cover infinity, nor can the largest known useful number in the universe (Grahams Number) encompass that which is forever and ever. 

The infinite oblation of the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, true God and true Man is the only thing that can cover a sin that has an infinite consequence in eternity.  

Infinity over Infinity, the only way to open Heaven so that God can give us His greatest gift...Himself.  For their is nothing else worth trying to attain in this eternity that we face than to see our God in the face.  

For those that say that Jesus was not God, they are either mislead or liars.  If Jesus is not God then the sacrifice He offered was finite and not infinite and only covered the sins of those that were present at the Crucifixion, and not for us. (As humans, we can offer penance and sacrifice to God for the salvation of souls, but only while we are in the flesh, when we are in eternity and have no flesh we can no longer offer sacrifice, so if Jesus was not God, His sacrifice was only while He was on the Earth, and no farther.)  And if this is so then we are still in our sins and facing an eternity without God.  

So, Jesus was God, His sacrifice was a perpetual sacrifice for all humanity from the time of the Crucifixion until the end of time. We can alleviate the eternal punishment (judgement) for our sins by the Confessional and Penance. (Confession sounds pretty good right now, doesn't it?)  Go to confession, go frequently, and do MUCH penance for your sins and the sins of those you love.  Time is shorter than you know.

Here is a very good video about Grahams Number: Click Here! 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Whisper His Name

Father was a no show at the 8 a.m. Holy Mass today.  The old man stood at the back door waiting for him, he said he had talked to Father and that he had said he would be there.  At 8:02, we decided to have a communion service.  Jim, wonderful servant of God, did the service for us.  One of the men came up to me and a woman that I was speaking to after the service.  You never saw this man without his rosary in his hand.  It gave me such hope to see one so faithful every day to the Rosary of our Blessed Mother.  He came over and speaking to the woman spewed a derogatory comment about Father.  My heart dropped.  The woman agreed and joined in the bashing.  This isn't the first I had heard of this, and every time I hear it, it broke my heart.  

They invited me to McDonald's for breakfast, I declined and said I would stay and pray.  The woman said to me, "Well he needs it!" (Meaning Father.)  What she didn't know was that most of my prayers would be in supplication for THEM, and not Father.  

Do you know what a Priest is? What he does?  Yes he is still a human being, but one set apart by God.  By his obedience and anointed hands he has agreed to give his whole life to bring us heaven upon the earth.   Think about that, a man gives his whole life so that you can have something that you could not have without him.  If you truly understood this, you would seek to serve your priest instead of him serving you.  

Without a Catholic Priest there is no baptism, and our children and family remain in their sin. 

Without a Catholic Priest there is no absolution of our sins.  
Do you know how powerful the Confessional is or how it saves you from hell?  Do you know from the hands of a Priest in giving one absolution is more powerful than 500 years of sacrifices on the altars of the Jewish people?
Without a Catholic Priest there is no Confirmation, no gifts of the Holy Spirit. 
No wisdom, piety, fortitude, knowledge, prudence, understanding and no fear of the Lord.  Think about that, no fear of the Lord.  Those who don't fear the Lord take a fast track to the devil, and if fear of God was lost upon the earth, what a horrible evil place this world would be.  

Without a Catholic Priest there is no special union in Marriage in the Catholic faith, the marital union with the Holy Eucharist which brings not just two souls together, but two souls as one united to God.  For when a couple marry in the Catholic Church with the Holy Mass and take the most Blessed Sacrament, they are not only marrying each other, but their union unites them with God in the holy Eucharist.  

Without a Catholic Priest there is no Anointing of the Sick, which also cleanses sins.  How many souls have made it to purgatory only by the grace of having received this sacrament before death!  And how many fell into hell for the lack of it and dying in their sins. 

Without a Catholic Priest there is no Priesthood, for only a Bishop (who was first a Priest) can give us Priests and Deacons through the Sacrament of Holy Orders.

Without a Catholic Priest....and I shudder to think of it... there is no Holy Mass.  The Holy Mass is the marriage of Heaven and Earth.  In our earthly flesh we cannot even conceive how fortunate we are to be present and join in the prayers to God at the Holy Mass.  We should thank God daily for the Holy Mass, for I tell you the truth, without the Holy Mass and the clean oblation offered to God at each Holy Mass, the world would cease to exist.  

And without a Catholic Priest there is no Holy Eucharist, no Jesus truly, and substantially present, body, blood, soul and divinity in the most Blessed Sacrament.  This is the one reason why the Catholic Church will always exist until the end of time, because our Lord said, "I am always with you, until the end of the age."  Because He said it would be so, and He would not leave us.  

You don't speak ill of A-N-Y priest, either in your thoughts, and especially not out of your mouth.   Because if you say the slightest word against one of God's priests, you are slapping our Lord in the face.  Our Lord Jesus instituted the Priesthood, and every Catholic Priest is His.

People talk about bad priests (thank goodness I have never met one!), but I tell you the truth, if you knew what a priest will have to account for when he goes before the throne of God, even if he was the worst Priest on the planet, you would lie down and beg God for him.  We are called to be holy, but a priest is not only called to be holy, but to bring souls to God and God will ask him to account for every soul that he served and whether he led that soul to God or away from Him.  

If you knew the power of God that comes by the grace of the Catholic Priesthood you would whisper your priests name in fear of having the wrong inflection and offending God.  

Yet with all this, God is so good, for he only lets a few of us know the truth, otherwise our Priest might fall to pride and self accomplishment when it is all God.  So God in his mercy, even though He has given us this wonderful gift of the Catholic Priesthood, He gives them the gift of humility, for even with all that He has given a Priest to do, they still have to wash their own dishes and do their own laundry. 


Some of my Favorite Priests:

And these don't include my "Everyday Holy Mass before I go to work." Priests! 
Love them too.

God Bless you Fathers!