Saturday, February 09, 2013

Back to the Catacombs

In the future the Catholic church will again be despised as it was when it was beginning. The culture will rise up against the church all over the world. The Holy Mass will be outlawed and the Holy Mass and the sacraments will go underground again. The weaning out of those that will not be able to stand those times has already begun. Many will not be able to stand the pressure that the culture will bring to bear on our faith. They will just fade away quietly, but fade away they will. In many hearts is not the fortitude to stand up to what is to come as we are again attacked for our faith. What will be left is what we had in the beginning of the church, no weakness, faith as strong as iron, those who don't "believe", they KNOW. 

The remnant will not only give all they possess, but not even deny God their own blood to be shed for the faith, for they will know that if God wills, it is by shedding their blood that there is victory and many will be saved. 

Now is not the time for sweetness and light, our priests and bishops must teach and speak the truth boldly from the pulpit. This does not lack any love. Is it love to allow someone to remain in a burning house and not tell them it is on fire? Sometimes it is better to shout the danger to souls so that they avoid the fire. Why do I predict this? Because the sin of abortion is like a cancer that is eating the secular culture giving way to many things that are evil being allowed or called good. We are truly in the time when what is evil in God's eyes is called "good". This greatest sin, killing our own children will beget a hatred and a desire to bring down the still living representation of God's church on the earth, the Holy Catholic Church. The tide is turning...the waves are beginning to increase even now. We will be persecuted, we are being persecuted - but not to it's fullest extent yet. 

I beg every priest that is within the sound of my voice to hear what I say now and hold it in your heart. When the time comes that the Holy Mass is again driven underground, I beg you...I BEG must continue the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass privately. Even if no person may be able to attend for fear of the danger involved, the Holy Mass MUST continue on the earth - for without it the earth would cease to exist! This is one of God's gifts to His church so that the gates of hell would never prevail against it, the fact that the laity is not required to be in attendance at the Holy Mass for the Holy Sacrifice to take place. You will do us better service to continue the Holy Mass even if we cannot attend for fear of danger than by having it not performed at all. Do the Holy Mass at the Hour of Mercy, 3 pm if possible, thus also guaranteeing the perpetual sacrifice throughout the world. 

The ones in our pews now that use birth control, the I.U.D, and are not faithful to the Magisterium, when the time comes for the hardest of persecution, they will drop their faith like they picked up a hot pan. Thinking they are right above God, they will "pray" for us in our misguided desire to click to the "old" faith and not keep up with "science and the times.". I tell you these are the ones that are more lost than any protestant that never new the faith. Because they were given the Catholic faith, and all of our tools to seek and to know the truth. One rosary a day would have saved little, yet many will not do this one prayer and thus be lost. 

While the Priests will be doing the Holy Mass for salvation of the world, we the remnant must know our faith so that we can teach others. The priest that is in hiding will have to focus on the Holy Mass and the Sacraments, it will be up to us to teach the faith and bring souls into the church. Learn your faith NOW, know it well, and evangelize it NOW teach your children the faith NOW, this will be the training ground for what must come later. 

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