Saturday, February 09, 2013

Free Will, Heaven and Hell

Do we ever consider the gift that God has given to us in our free will? We take it for granted, this freedom to choose or not choose the divine will for us.  For if we truly understood the freedom of will that has been given to us, and the perils within, we would tremble so much that we could hardly draw breath.  

We take it for granted that we can do what we wish, but do we truly understand that the gift of free will last only while we live on the earth? When we die, we will  have to give an account of the gift of free will and how we have or have not conformed our will to God.  This is why God sends no one to hell, exercising our free will on the earth does.  When at death our free will is sealed, stopped, we, and our will are then presented before God.  Now we are overshadowed by God's will for the judgement for it is God's will alone that determines the placing of the soul in God's kingdom.  Do not be deceived, God will give you the desires of your heart and will.  The fruits of your free will exercised on the earth will either merit you heaven or hell.   In light of the holiness of our God, whose will is perfect, whose justice is perfect, He will show us our will in the light of His good will and His perfect justice.  In this light you will be in 100% agreement of the sentence you will receive. 

This is why many are lost, many fall into hell because use of their free will that God has given them will condemn them.  What makes me tremble is that today, although I beg God to conform my will to His, this is one prayer that He will never grant.  He will never take away my free will no matter how much I beg Him too, therefore, I am in danger daily of losing my own salvation, and this makes me tremble greatly. Tremble, be fearful for your salvation daily and you will save your soul, for our God is great and perfect, and pray that when you come before the judgement seat of God that your will is close to His own will for you. 

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