Monday, January 14, 2013

The Hail Mary Prayer Honors God

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Honoring the Virgin Mary by praying the Hail Mary is like praising God's choice for our Blessed Mother. 

Mary never points to herself - she only asked one question and all her other words were pointing to God or Jesus. The honors that God has bestowed on Mary are not Honors that she sought or even asked for. They are honors that God gave to Mary for her humility and obedience to God. God made her Queen of Heaven, and when we proclaim our mother Mary also the Queen of Heaven we are also proclaiming God's goodness in His choice of Mary as the Arc of the Covenant and the first "yes" of our salvation. This is why when we say a Hail Mary, we are not doing any disservice to God the Father, the Son or the Holy Spirit, but by every Hail Mary we give praise to the most Blessed Trinity's choice of our Holy Mother.