Thursday, June 12, 2014

"Lord Guide My Steps!": The Hospital Waiting Room

In prayer I asked the Lord, "Lord guide my steps to where you want me to be and give the words you wish me to say." This is apparently a very powerful prayer as I am about to explain.  

After praying this prayer, I got a strong inclination that I needed to go to the hospital.  So I drove to Clark Memorial and sat at the end of the long hallway and began to pray my Rosary.  (I always take my Our Lady of Fatima Rosary on these missions!) 

As I sat there, I just prayed for whomever crossed my path.  When one Doctor crossed my path and God showed me his heart was atheist. I can't tell you how bad this hurt, my heart broke.

As I was sitting there, "patiently waiting on the Lord." I heard ,“Walk!”  I got up and walked down a hallway in front of me and then got a very strong inclination to go left.  I ended up in the E.R. waiting room.  There was a lady a little older than me sitting there that had her walker over to the side.  She seemed to be having trouble breathing, and as I know something about that too, I asked her if she was having trouble.

She said, "No, it's pain." I said I was sorry to hear that and asked her if I could pray with her.  I did so and I don’t know what I said in my prayer, but she looked like she was about to cry.  

She asked me if I had someone in the hospital, I said, “No.”  
She said, “Why are you here?”.  
“To pray.”  
She was still holding my hand from the prayer, she then began to cry and took my hand and kissed it. .

She told me that years ago she had come within a hairs breadth of becoming a Catholic, and had even gone to confession! Her Father had forbade her to convert and told her if she became Catholic he would have nothing to do with her.  

I told her about the real presence in the Holy Eucharist and my dream of the Eucharist and how I came back to the church. I also gave her a Rosary.  They came for her with a wheelchair and she had to leave.

She asked me to pray for her, and I will, I hope you will too.

I encourage you to pray the above prayer asking God to guide your steps, and in the silence of prayer or the Rosary, hear where you are to go and who you are to speak to. Don't be afraid, He will give you the words, we must supply the will and the courage to act.

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