Monday, July 14, 2014


I was afraid to write some of the posts I have posted lately.  Part of me didn't want to write them, because of what they could cost me.  Yes, I have written the truth, I will not deny that, ever.  And I was commanded to write.  He said, "You MUST write."  "OK I will." And write I shall.

The truth I tell could cost me dearly.  It has already begun to cost me, but because of my love, I will be obedient.  The Mathematics I love, may be only a dream, a certificate on the wall.   I may never get to use it.  Not my will but yours.  When you know the truth, any pain of any loss is small compared to the pain of the state of souls in the world.

Praying the Stations, and the Holy Rosary has taught me much.  He loves us SO MUCH, how can I express the pain He has let me feel at the loss of one soul into a eternity of separation in Hell.  His Justice will never SUPERSEDE HIS MERCY nor will his Mercy ever supersede His Justice.  This is what is most terrifying, His Justice.  His mercy is infinite! But we can only access it while we are in the flesh!

If one evil man where able to destroy half the souls upon the earth, and then with a true broken heart of contrition for the pain he had caused his loving Holy God and beg forgiveness, the man could still access the mercy of God and be forgiven while in the flesh!  How can we measure the love of God for just ONE SOUL!!  

And what would we give if we truly love God?  If we love Him, we love whom He loves.  What would you deny to one you love with all your heart?  Nothing, no object, thing, money, nor anything of the flesh could you deny Him.  Only love allows us to lay down all out of love for God and the lost.

All for Him....ALL.

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