Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Storm the Gates (Part 3)

Nothing will be impossible for you...

This is another experience while I was praying the Stations of the Cross.

This is what I asked for.

Out of love for all the lost souls that fall into hell constantly, that souls not be lost....

I asked God that the gates of Hell be closed for one hour.

I'm praying the stations, crying and begging God for my request.

I get to the 11th Station....

I hear the Lord say to me....

"By her faith, let it be so."

The hour is late, and many fall into hell, join me in the pleading to the Father through the Passion of His son, so that God will pull from a just, eternal sentence of hell those that can by saved by His infinite mercy.  

For your discernment.

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Unknown said...

I never thought of this but will pray and our Lord the same!