Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Devil's Heartbeat

One day a new demon was asking questions of his demonic mentor, the elder demon assigned to show him the ropes so to speak. 

"Why does the illustrious evil one hate humans so?" asked the new demon.

"You don't know?"  

"No, I don't.  It doesn't make much sense to keep offending the Almighty, we are already condemned for all eternity, and we know that the Almighty, no matter what our sentence, can and will increase our suffering in proportion to the damage we try to inflict on those He loves..the humans I mean."

"Yes, I know what you mean." The elder demon looked uncomfortable at the turn of the conversation, but knew if he wanted the junior demon to survive the illustrious evil one's wrath, he had better tell him.  "The reason the supreme evil one hates humanity so is because of what beats in their chest, their heartbeats. "

"What? I don't understand."

"Well you see, God is eternal, He always was, and always will be.  And before the *Blessed Trinity *", he said with a curse under his breath, for no demon can deny the reality of God,  "...took on the flesh as the Lamb, God conceived in His heart, the heartbeat of Man and the heartbeat of His Son.   So before man's flesh was formed the heartbeat of man began to beat, but only in God's heart. " 

"We the angels before the throne of God where allowed to hear the future heartbeat of man that God loves so much, for it wasn't of flesh, for man was not yet made, but of love alone that the heart beat.  So throughout heaven the heartbeat of man, formed from the love of God alone beat in heaven.   It made a very distinctive sound, you can hear it now."

"So that is what that is?" Thats the 'thump thump' I hear constantly in the background?" 

"Grrrr.....YES!  That is the heart of man beating on the Earth!  The heart of the fleshy one's that the Eternal One loves so much that He, can you imagine, HE, the Holy One, the One that formed every star in heaven, even HE lowered Himself and took on this atrocious flesh and heartbeat."

"But why would this bother the illustrious evil one?  The fleshy one's will die and many will come to our kingdom." 

"You don't get it do you.  WE DON'T HAVE HEARTBEATS!!  Because we were once before the throne of God and had all knowledge of what God Is and His Holiness, we, who are eternal, are eternally damned.  WE CAN NEVER REPENT TO THE ETERNAL ONE AND GO BACK...not ever.  Every time the illustrious evil one hears one of those heartbeats he is constantly reminded of what he can NEVER have, but what the fleshy ones always can, while they are in the flesh that is.  They can repent and return to the Holy One, but every one of their heartbeats is like being thrown out of heaven all over again.  

"Oh I think I am beginning to see.  This makes sense now, so the illustrious evil one will do anything to stop that heartbeat on the earth, and ideally, make it stop when the soul is in such sin that he or she will come directly to our kingdom, correct?"  


"Um....hmm.  So that is why the illustrious evil one tries to tell people how good it is to commit suicide?"  

"Yes, but there is more too it than just wanting the heartbeat to stop."

"Well, you see, if the illustrious evil one can get those that are terminally ill to commit suicide, take the 'easy' way out, then they will totally miss the purification of suffering and by breaking the Holy Ones' commandment that says, 'Thou shalt not kill.' , it is very likely that he or she will end up with us.  Not 100% guaranteed, but the odds are in our favor so to speak.  

"Why isn't it 100%?  The Holy One is perfectly just right? Why wouldn't we get them." 

Frustrated, the senior demon snorted, "It is the warriors that the Holy One has sent upon the earth."  

"Warrior angels?"

"No, the prayer warriors that intercede and plead before the throne of God for those with the blackest of hearts, the ones that should be ours, but these Warriors snatch them from us constantly.  If these warriors love God and love those that God loves then their heart beats for God and for the conversion of sinners, these souls the Holy One protects, we have very little we are allowed to do to them, and even if we are allowed, it just usually makes them more in line with the Holy One, and gets them closer to heaven.....We lose either way."

"This is part of our eternal punishment, to constantly hear and be reminded of what we lost for all time by forever hearing the heartbeat of man.  It will never cease, for even when all is completed as the Holy One deems, we will still the heartbeat of the Son, for all eternity."

The realization was beginning to sink in.  All the demons and the damned in Hell will always hear the beating of the Sacred Heart, and know it cannot and never will beat for them.  Truly the loss of the love of God was and is the greatest suffering in Hell.


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