Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Most Terrifying Answer to a Prayer.

There is great evil in the world.  One need only turn on the news and see that.  As such I have cause to pray much about what I see on the news.  When I see death, I kiss the crucifix and ask for mercy for a soul before the judgement and when I hear of great evil acted from one soul to another, I ask for conversion of that most blackest of heart that did the evil.

I don't usually get a direct answer to these prayers.  I don't even know the results of my prayers, and nor do I want to.  One day, God will show me all, I am happy to wait till then. However, during one prayer I realized that I was taking the very act of being able to ask God for mercy for someone for granted.  For even the ability to pray is a gift from God.

I will not name the soul I prayed for, out of respect to God and His child He created..  But there was a great evil act done on the earth, and although I was grieved for the lost, I was also grieved for the soul that did the evil.  As I saw the news on the t.v., I picked up the crucifix and was beginning to kiss it and begin my prayers when the Lord stopped me.  


I stopped....and I trembled.  

Never had I been stopped in praying for anyone, and many times I have been greatly encouraged, but stopped, told 'no'...never.  Did I know it was Him, most assuredly.  The Father has a voice like a thousand oceans breaking on a thousand shore while thunder from a million heavens roars overhead. When you are given a small presence of your Creator, it is not anything you ever doubt later. 

As I trembled, I thought about what this meant.  No.  He said, "No."  It only meant one thing, and that was quite terrifying.  With this one "No"., I understood the whole meaning of what this soul was facing at their judgement. 

 God wanted and would have His judgement upon this soul. This was the most terrifying thought of all.  For God has infinite love and mercy for us, but He also has infinite justice, and His justice will not be perverted, He will execute His justice perfectly, and even if at our own judgement we were condemned to Hell, we would have to agree with the perfect justice of God and say it was right and just that we go there. 

With the evil done by this soul I knew that the chances of him facing hell was great, and with the "No" from God, I was even more terrified.  Because who would tell God He is wrong and get another judgement? No one.   God is infinitely merciful, but because He is perfectly just, His justice is perfect.
"God cannot act wickedly, the Almighty cannot pervert justice."  Job 34:12.

We must never forget that every thing we think and do here on earth we are sowing seeds for all eternity.  The will of God IS perfect, the justice of God IS perfect, and we all must reap what we have sown.