Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Dead Files

Someone was very adamant that I should watch "The Dead Files".  I will be honest, I used to have an interest in these types of shows, but not anymore.  My eyes have been opened, but eyes being opened to the truth do not good unless we speak that truth.  

So I watched her show, and I am telling you the truth, this is a great deception.

Do you not know that the devil deceives by little's and not by leaps and bounds?  He will rarely appear red with horns, but he will appear in this guise of a kind woman trying to help people who have "spirits" in their house.  

In the opening she says, "I speak to dead people, and they speak to me."  

"Do not defile yourselves by turning to mediums or to those who consult the spirits of the dead. I am the LORD your God." Leviticus 19:31.  

The argument is that she is proven right by her investigator again and again.  Of course she is, that is because she is most of the time COMMUNICATING WITH DEMONS!  Demons don't have any problem giving information to her because they know that it will mean the ruining of her salvation and everyone that listens to her also.   As I said in a previous post:  Demons Do Not Carry Identity Cards!  

She has no way of identifying who or what she is speaking with and just because she has this ability does not mean that her perception and interpretation of what she is experiencing is reality.  

This is a description of witches conjuring spirits:  "Witches still go to cross-roads and to heathen burials with their delusive magic and call to the devil; and he comes to them in the likeness of the man that is buried there, as if he arise from death."[32]

Wake up people and see what is going on!  This woman on this show has had people call witches and warlocks to supposedly remove whatever is there.  

Jesus spoke plainly, "If Satan drives out Satan, he is divided against himself. How then can his kingdom stand?"  Matthew 12:26.   So if the devil knows his kingdom cannot stand if he drives out himself, what is really happening when a witch or a warlock is sent in to remove spirits?  I'll tell you what is happening, a temporary reprieve is granted to the homeowner, only so that the hole can be dug deeper and perhaps something even more sinister and terrifying can be entrenched.   

The demons goal is not to scare you, the demons goal is to cause you to loose hope and curse God.   If you receive a reprieve and then the spirits or activity comes back, even worse than before, what happens?  The people begin to loose hope of ever being free of what is tormenting them.  Because they got a small reprieve they think they should go back on the same path and go to either the same or a different psychic medium, witch, or warlock.  Soon they are so entrenched in this darkness it is almost only by the grace of God that they are shown a way out.

We are the front lines in this battle for souls, pray, fast and be holy as God has commanded us. 
[32]  Meaney, Audrey L. (1984) "Aelfric and Idolatry"Journal of Religious History 13 (2): 119–35.  source of English translation from Anglo-Saxon.