Thursday, September 25, 2014

"They Will Never Repent."

I have never met them, but I know of them.  I don't know their names.  But I know what they did, and what they continue to do.   They abuse children which is a great evil before the Lord.  

I don't want anyone to go to hell, so I prayed and asked God that if it was possible, if they could know a little of what they would suffer for all eternity HERE so that they would repent of their evil and turn back to God.  Basically, put the fear of Hell in them.  

The answer made my heart drop.

"They will never repent."

Never forget, the will of God is perfect, but what these people are doing is NOT His will, but the free will of those that do evil.  

But you say, "If God has knowledge of it, why doesn't He change it?"  

Just because God has foreknowledge of our sins does not mean that He condones them, nor is He responsible for them.  God will not send these souls to Hell, they will do that all by themselves.  God will give them many opportunities to repent in their life, but God is God, and He knows all things.  God cannot un-know what He knows.   God's perfect knowledge of all events does not mean that He in any way cooperates with evil, instead God, will work all to good, even evil done to a child.   

We were given the gift of free will and when God gives a gift, He does not take it back.  If we only knew how frightening the gift of free will is, we would be more careful how we use it.  

God's eyes are constantly upon us, not just what we do and say, but what our heart desires from our deeds.  God knows who we REALLY are, and it is our heart that will be weighed at the judgement.  

If you are reading this and you have or are abusing a child, sexually or otherwise, I BEG you to repent to God and beg Him to change your heart.  God is giving you an opportunity NOW to turn back to Him...take it. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Paper

We each have a blank paper on which to write our lives.
Many times people comes into our lives to help us write what is to be.
Spouses, place their hand gently over ours, or we over theirs, writing gently with fingers enter twined, writing as if only one hand writing.

Children come and take the pen from our hands as we chase after them.  Children's impact on our lives cause the pen to write so fast we hardly know what was written. 

Take a sheet of paper and begin to write your name.   Write your name over and over again. Write your name 50, 100 times..

How quickly did it take to get boring?  Five names, or 10, more?
The point is, writing your life as if it is all about is a very boring exercise.

We all have selfish people in our lives that it is “all about them.”  Don’t they seem to be chasing something they can never catch? 

Now take a sheet of paper and write the names of those whom have made a difference (bad or good) in your life.  As you write their name, think about them, and what they have meant to you and what you would wish for them. (Also, may be bad or good...)

Now, no matter where this exercise took you, you've got to admit, it wasn't boring.   
You may have even got some insight to a person, or yourself and how a situation could have gone better, or worse.

The point is, when we write our lives “all about us”, it’s pretty boring.
But when we write our lives for others, we learn and we grow. 

But who gives us the paper and the ink?  God of course.

God owns the paper and the pen of our lives and one day our pen will be out of ink and we will be asked to turn in our paper.

Who’s name will be on your paper?

A paper with just our name on it alone is pretty boring, even to God. 

Don’t bore God, pour your 'ink' out for others.