Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Mathematics and Mysticism

St. Francis Adoring the Crucifix

The Catholic Church calls those that have extra-ordinary revelation, "mystics." 

I do not like this term, The mystical is shunned and looked down on in our society because some people look on the mystic as someone unbalanced, or if their revelations are believed, then they are looked upon as a person who has attained a friendship with God to which no one else can attain.  There is nothing farther from the truth.  God gives 'information' to some souls that love Him greatly to call all those that perceive the revelation to a state of grace and holiness to which the mystic should  already be living.  

Mystical revelation is looked on skeptically by the Church, as it well should.  The Catholic Church is the safeguard of the truth of our Lord Jesus Christ, and should maintain that trust by giving a questioning countenance to any who would seek to add (or take away!) of the already perfect knowledge given by our Lord Jesus Christ.   Great discernment is required of the Church so as the faithful will not be turned away from the truth that the Church safeguards.  

Mystical information is just that, 'information', and is very much like Mathematical information.

Euler's Identity...Isn't it Beautiful!

If I know Euler's Identity, it does not make me great to have this knowledge, because the Identity existed before I did.  To attain knowledge of the Identity, I was given a basic knowledge of it and that it was possible to know this beautiful equation.  In faith, I pursued this knowledge, and with effort I attained it.  As I am not the creator of the Identity, my stature is no way enhanced by the knowledge perceived in the Identity.  Yet as a flesh and blood woman who will one day die, if I truly love Mathematics, the beauty of the Identity and my fellow human being who may not be aware of such beauty, then I have an obligation to pass on the truth of the Identity to anyone who would listen in the hope to stir a love in another's heart that already beats in my own.  

Mystical information is just that...information.  If the receiver is prideful and wishes to be carried in a gold chair, they need to get over themselves.  The true mystic who has truly encountered the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is laid out on the floor shaking to their bones in fear at the encounter.  They speak afterwards of fearing God, and you see a noticeable change in their lives which may be hard to perceive.  With the true mystic, a normal life goes out the window.  The true mystic never embraces the pleasures of the world, but they will seek to do many prayers and penances, not for themselves, but for others.   A true mystic has been given the scariest 'information' ever received from God.  This information is found in this scripture:  "Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the road broad that leads to destruction, and those who enter through it are many. How narrow the gate and constricted the road that leads to life. And those who find it are few." (Matthew 7:13-14). 

Having touched the edge of Eternity, the mystic now is on a mission to become the greatest friend of God, not for themselves but to plead for the other.  They are willing to lose, home, reputation, advancement, family and friends to attain even that one soul on the path of destruction (and there are many), may not face the 2nd death.  They are hidden in everyday life, seeing the old woman at the grocery store and right their in line at Krogers, pleading to God to be merciful to her at her judgement.  

Much knowledge is hidden from them because they only seek the information needed to seek God's mercy for another...not for themselves.  To this end they never know the results of their prayers.  So why would a person continue?  Because in their acting on their faith God has given them even greater faith to carry them onward.  The life of the mystic is the greatest witness that in sometime in their past they have encountered the reality of God to such a degree that they will never be the same again.

I encourage all who read this to dive into this deep friendship with God.  Here are some pointers.

  1. God knows your heart, purify yourself with the tools of our faith.  Confession, Holy Mass, Rosary, Stations....etc.    Do much penance for yourself and when you are clean, you can do penance for your brother. 
  2. Be hidden in everything you do, tell no one of any accomplishments or anything you do for another, let it just be between you and God.  
  3. Ask something great of God that does not contradict scripture in any way, and then offer something to God for Him to complete it. (Penance, Rosary, Stations, Novena's...)   You can't ask God to eliminate murder, as God will work all things for good, but you can ask for the conversion of an atheistic abortion doctor in your area.  Don't expect to know what God does with your prayer.  Trust Him.
  4. Don't do blanket prayer, asking for the conversion of many, remember Jesus healed one at a time.
  5. Go to War.  Set your mind that this soul you are asking for is hanging from a cliff with only two fingers keeping him or her from eternal suffering in hell.  This is not the time for a half hearted Hail Mary.  Use everything you've got and petition God with many tears for the soul that He loves, no matter what state of sin that soul may be in.   This is a great time for time in front of the Blessed Sacrament, and if you can't go in person, set it in your mind what this looks like, and at every spare moment be mentally in front of the Blessed Sacrament pleading for this soul.    
  6. Know when to stop, and then don't ask again.  You will feel a 'completeness' in your prayer, now let it go, and go on to the next thing.  Don't be like Lot's wife and look back, God will work in His time, not yours.  Again, trust Him.
  7. Ask God to keep you motivated, and then watch what happens.

Many souls are on the path to destruction, they need your prayers...happy hunting. 

St. Dominic Adoring the Crucifix

Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Third Secret of Fatima

About two months ago at Holy Mass at St. Bartholomew, during the offertory, God allowed me to see part of the Third Secret of Fatima.  Lucia told it right.  I saw part of what she wrote about.  It was like being present as it was happening.  Going to Holy Mass I was not thinking of the Third Secret in any way so this vision came suddenly, unexpected, quite shockingly actually.

I will state that yes, I have read the Third Secret, but to read something, and then see it live as if you are present is two different things entirely.    

Francisco, Lucia, Jacinta.  The Fatima Visionaries

What I saw only lasted about three seconds, but what I saw was a Priest in a cossack, with blood on his face as he was being attacked from soldiers from behind.  The background was dark as if light had been extinguished, like their was not a hope of a sunrise. There was smoke from fires off in the distance as if other fighting was going on.  I couldn't see all of it, but I could sense and see that we were near the bottom of the Crucifix.    I was in front of the Priest and, he was falling forward toward me with a sad look on his face and I knew that when he fell, the soldiers would be on him and he would die.  I could not help him.  I looked up and I saw many other religious, a Bishop in white . (I see why she believed this to be the Pope, and I believed it to be the Pope also in comparison to the other Religious present as he was the only Bishop in White).  The other religious with the Bishop in white where being attacked also by soldiers, the other religious where trying to protect the Bishop.  There were many other religious also of varying rank,    I did not see the Holy Father fall, but I knew he was in danger.  They were surrounded, there was no way to avoid what was going to happen.  
I do not care what anyone thinks of me, my job is just to tell what I saw, and what I know in my heart that it means.  

The true meaning of the Third Secret of Fatima is that there are things that are going to happen in the future that are unavoidable.  I plead and beg to God for the salvation of souls, but you have to understand, God will have His way.  There are some things that are going to happen no matter how much we pray.  There are some things that MUST BE.  We must prepare for the future and not push it away as if to say, "Oh God wouldn't do that..." or "Oh no, that won't happen."  Yes it will, and I am here to tell you that it will.  

The Catholic Church has always been under attack, but the devil will make one last attempt to totally destroy her before our Lord comes.  He will attack the religious and the Churches because the devil has no defense against the Holy Mass and the Eucharist.  When the Priest holds the Eucharist and says, "Behold, the Lamb of God." The devil must bow to Jesus in the Eucharist held in the hands of the Priest, a man, whom the devil said he would not serve.

What happened at Fatima is very true, study it, and do what Our Lady of Fatima asked of us. Pray the Rosary

Do not despair.  Catholics have always been the conduit for the rest of the world.  For what is to come, whenever God decides it to be, we must prepare ourselves now by being pure and holy.  Then we must plead to God for our brother's and sisters of other faiths, or no faith at all.  We have always been the front line in the battle for souls, it will be no different when the Third Secret comes to pass.

PENANCE! PENANCE! PENANCE!  First for yourself, and then for your brother who will never seek God or His mercy so that he may have a chance of mercy through your petition at his or her judgement. 

Her Immaculate Heart WILL TRIUMPH!  Not because of her own will, but because Jesus wills that His Mother's immaculate heart have VICTORY.    

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Schindler's List / Penance! Penance! Penance!

God speaks to us in many ways, leading us to who we are truly supposed to be.  Most people, push away the harder, more eternal truths because frankly, they are quite terrifying.  God is far more terrifying than the devil ever thought about being.  Most people are like the German's that lived around the Death Camps during WWII, vaguely aware of what the real truth is, but pushing it away because it would interfere with their everyday lives and security.  People hate change and few will embrace it even for themselves, nevertheless for the good of another.   But some will, even at great risk to themselves.  These brave souls are needed even today.  

You see, what happened in Schindler's list is happening even today, but in a way that most people do not perceive.   

Today we have many souls that are on the road to eternal suffering.  They are blinded by the world and the devil, made quite comfortable in their sins so that they would never even consider changing anything.  "Why change?  I am comfortable, well fed, warm, and entertained now.   I have the sex I want, regardless of marriage of myself or my partner or their gender or perhaps them being even to young to consent.  Who cares what God says, my desire is all I care about. " 

These are the "demon pillows",  for they make the sinner comfortable in every sin that keeps them from God and in the devil's territory.  God sends them messengers to call them to repentance and penance, but they push it away because everything is so pleasant where they are now.  They think it will never change.  

They can smell the death pouring from the chimney next door, and knows it signals death, but they close the windows and the blinds, and spray scent to shoo away the 'unpleasantness'.   Surely that can't be for me, they say,  that is not meant for me, that is meant for others.  Do they make their own hearts beat? Do they will the next breath of life in their lungs?  They have no concern for their own mortality.  

When a soul is deep in the devils trap the devil's constant whisper is, "All is well."   This is what the Germans told those getting off the trains, "All is well, work hard, do everything we tell you and all will be well."   The devil is a liar, the only true safety is in God.  

Few will be brave and break free of this comfort and seek after a state of grace so that they may enter into eternal joy.  We have a shadow of this eternal joy in the Holy Mass.  In the Holy Mass you are the closest you can be to the throne of God and your own judgement that anyone can be while you are still in the flesh.  

Do you think you are going to heaven?  You should tremble at the idea of your own  judgment.  Our judgement is a fearful thing, even if we are a Saint.  Have you forgotten that even the great Saint Faustina of the Divine Mercy was shown that if she had died when Jesus had shown her her own judgement that she would have had to spend 1 day in Purgatory? 
"You are guilty of one day of fire in PURGATORY" (Diary 36).  

What did Jesus teach himself?  "No, I say to you: but unless you shall do penance, you shall all likewise perish." (Luke 13:3)

The Third Secret of Fatima: 
"We saw an Angel with a flaming sword in his left hand; flashing, it gave out flames that looked as though they would set the world on fire; but they died out in contact with the splendour that Our Lady radiated towards him from her right hand: pointing to the earth with his right hand, the Angel cried out in a loud voice: ‘Penance, Penance, Penance!'"

Brave souls will ponder my words and seek God to know the true state of their soul.  Hopefully with this knowledge they will seek again to do all things as God ordered out of love for Him.  To return to Him and His friendship. 

Hero souls will hear my words, and like Oskar Schindler will look around and see the loss of so many souls and weep.  Then, after taking the steps of the brave souls and becoming friends again with God, they will then sacrifice everything they have for the salvation of another, seeking God's mercy for that soul, no matter the cost to themselves.   

Never forget, souls fall in to hell by their own free will.  This final prison will never see those that enter it ever come out.  They will never rest, nor know any peace or comfort again, but the greatest suffering...for all eternity.  Be a hero, petition God for the living who are in the greatest sin, seeking nothing for yourself.  God desires to hear the prayers of the righteous and do the will of the holy souls that seeks nothing for themselves, but out of love for God alone seeks the good of another. 

Like Oskar Schindler when he was taking his Jews out of Auschwitz and was putting them on the train, he looked around and saw those that he could not save.  He saw those that were going to the gas chambers.  This is the sad reality of eternity.  We must strive to seek the salvation of as many lost souls that we can, but there are souls that by their own desires will not be saved.  There are some souls that will never turn to God no matter how many opportunities they have been given.   This is the mystery and terrifying aspect of the gift of free will. 

But when we breathe our last, we must have the comfort to know that we did everything we could in our prayers, petitions, and penances to God for those with the blackest of hearts.  

Be hidden, love Him, trust Him, do not fear, do not run, and never, never quit.  

Sunday, December 20, 2015

"(You're)..too late." The Hospice

Today in prayer I asked God to send me to where there was the blackest of heart that needed prayer.

I was inspired to go to a local Hospice.  I went into the building, not sure if I was in the right place, and finding the directory, I found where I needed to be.  Coming out of the elevators, I saw a chair and sat down.  To my right what looked like a sheriff standing guard outside one of the rooms.  There was a middle aged woman talking to him.  It was obvious that something very serious was happening in that room.  I stood up and took out my Rosary and began to pray the Divine Mercy for the soul in that room. 

[Pray as much as you can for the dying. By your entreaties [that is, insistent prayers], obtain for them trust in My mercy, because they have most need of trust, and have it the least. Be assured that the grace of eternal salvation for certain souls in their final moment depends on your prayer. You know the whole abyss of My mercy, so draw upon it for yourself and especially for poor sinners. Sooner would heaven and earth turn into nothingness than would My mercy not embrace a trusting soul." (Diary of St. Faustina, 1777)]
As I was praying the Divine Mercy, some people came out of the room that were crying, it was obvious that whomever was in that room had just passed away.  They hugged, and cried, and consoled each other, and then after some time, got in the elevator and left.  After some time, a man with a gurney came out of an elevator and went into the room.  I am still praying the Chaplet and after a few minutes the man came out with a body on the gurney under a blanket.  I began to pray the Divine Mercy out loud, but quietly.   The man got in  the elevator with his charge, and the doors closed.  Just a few seconds after the door closed, a white haired man came from the left, he looked directly at me and with a malicious smile said , "...too late." 

 I knew immediately what this was, and no...I wasn't too late.  God had made sure of that, I was right on time.  

I do not know the result of my prayers, but I don't have to...I trust Jesus, and I know what St. Faustina said IS TRUE. 

Earlier, our Lord said to her, "At the hour of their death, I defend as My own glory every soul that will say this chaplet; or when others say it for a dying person, the indulgence is the same" (Diary, 811). 

There is absolutely no use in reading the writings of the Saints if we are not willing to put the knowledge given to use for the benefit of another. 

St. Faustina Pray for US!

St. Michael and the Scales

There is no excel spreadsheet in heaven of all the prayers or good works that you must do to be granted access to heaven.  We can do no action that benefits God in any way, because He is God, He is eternal, already complete and if we could do an action that benefited Him, then in some way He would be found to be lacking in something.  This is why the gift of the sacrifice of God's son, Jesus is completely, free and unmerited, because if all the human beings that have ever lived prayed constantly from their conception to their death could still not open the gates of Heaven and save us from the eternal suffering of hell they way that the blood of Jesus did.  

Yet, God gives us an 'action' plan of salvation.  We are not to just stay in our Churches and 'check the box' of Sunday Mass or Church service and think we are 'done' with God stuff for that week.  Have we basically gone up to God after a week of living the way WE choose and not the way GOD chooses and saying, "So God, are we good?"  These are the lukewarm most in danger of eternal fire because they seek only something for themselves and nothing for their brother or sister. 

This action that God seeks of us is an action of love for another that is completely hidden, between you and God alone.  If you are seeking notoriety, or to tell someone of the good works you do, then your audience is your God, not Jesus.  In being hidden we communicate more effectively  with God and He begins our path of purification.  But what action are we to do if we can do nothing for God?  What did God himself do?  He went forth from the Temple (Church), and preached the word of salvation, healing the sick, not only for their healing and wholeness but to show the truth of God.  But you would say that He was not hidden at these times, and you would be correct.  However, there were far more times that Jesus was hidden and spoke the truth of God and healed the sick that are not written in scripture.   Jesus wasn't doing anything for God, He is God,  Jesus was showing the truth of God and how we are supposed to respond to His word by His love and action for another.   

This is what Jesus is telling us...YOU ARE FOR THE OTHER, serve, pray, teach, heal, raise the dead.   Yes...MIRACLES are possible, but you must be COMPLETELY FOR THE OTHER, seeking NOTHING for yourself but the salvation of the soul that God has put in your path. 

There is a Jesus that you don't know, that can only be revealed through praying and studying the path of the Passion.  Jesus felt the sins of those around Him, and this sin was painful.  Jesus was fully God and His heart suffered feeling the sins of those around Him.   He then offered this pain back to the Father for them.  This was before the Passion.  Jesus was hurting for those in sin long before the Passion, but it is not recorded in scripture.   This is the hidden POURING OUT OF SELF FOR YOUR BRETHREN that Jesus is calling each of us to do.  

It is in this pouring out of self for another in a hidden way that is between you and God alone that our hearts begin the path of purification.  God shapes our hearts to be like either His Son's Sacred Heart, or the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Mother's especially are put on the path of purification toward the Immaculate Heart.  

It is not what we do that merits us heaven, for what we do shall not be weighed on the scales of infinite justice, but WHAT WE DO WITH THE INTENTION IN OUR HEART AT THE TIME OF OUR ACTION, WORD OR THOUGHT. 

The mystery of being hidden, is that right now, you have a hidden heart that only you know.  If you think that God does not see, or know what is deep in your heart, think again.  What is hidden on Earth will be revealed for all to see in Eternity.  

Right now, your hidden heart is either striving for heaven, or striving for hell, you can't straddle the fence with God.    So even if you donate to charity, or volunteer at a homeless shelter, but are in an adulterous relationship, God knows it all.  Don't' think that you can commit adultery and then do 'something for God' to make up for it like charity.  You are still on the road to hell.   God remembers everything we do, say and our intention for our actions FOR ALL ETERNITY.. REPENT while there is still time and return back to God, completely, with thought, word, action...and in the secret of our hearts. 

When you die and face the Judgement, it is your actions, WITH YOUR HEART that will be weighed against the Crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Will your heart be weighed against this eternal and perfect pouring out of the holy blood of our Lord Jesus Christ and found to be lacking?  Does the devil have his finger on your side of the scale, pulling you to him?

This is also why those that lay their life down for another, the martyrs who offer their life for the reason of love alone go straight to heaven and do not suffer Purgatory because their offering of their very lives for love alone mirrors Christ's offering on the cross.

Time is short...turn your heart fully to God while there is time. 

A Dream of Padre Pio

Before God gave me my current Spiritual Director, I was feeling very alone, and I asked God to send me someone to guide me.  

That night I had a dream.  I was in a large beautiful Church, like a Cathedral.  The floors where marble.  

Padre Pio came up to me carrying an open book, He showed me the book, and I looked down and the book was blurry, I couldn’t read the names that were in the book, but I knew that he was showing me those that I was to pray for, even though I could not read their names. 

He then looked up from the book with very kind but serious eyes and he said to me, “Do not exalt yourself.” 

St. Padre Pio, must humble, pray for us. 

Monday, December 14, 2015

The Conversation Part II (The God Ratio)

"That sounds like you are talking about God."  

"I didn't know myself that was what I had discovered at first, but yes, I am.  You see, I am a Mathematician, as a result I am very analytical, and I have found the truth of God, because the Eternal Truth allowed me to find it........and I found something else"

This was creepy but compelling.  Something kept me in my seat.  I realized I had the feeling in the pit of my stomach like when you go on a roller coaster.  I wanted to know everything she knew, but yet, I didn't want to know too.    

"I found a truth that I cannot prove.  There is a path that is open to anyone who wishes to take it to learn the truth.  At a certain distance down the path, you realize the truth you know is solid and could never be denied, not even to the depth of your soul.  Not even if the whole world was laid at your feet would you deny it, you couldn't because the whole world is a grain of sand compared to eternity. On the path to God you touch the edge of eternity, and nothing is ever the same again.  There is a point in the path if reached where you can never fully return to the ways of the Earth again, even though you are still living in the flesh.  But trust me, this is not giving up...this IS GAIN."

"How can giving up everything good on Earth be gain? If God is real didn't He make all this stuff so we can enjoy it? So we can be happy?"

"God gives us everything we need for our good, and in His creation, we see the reflections of Eternity, and our final destination...HIM.  Let me try to explain this, do you remember ratios from High School?"

"Yea, I actually loved Math in school, got my best grades in Math."

"Excellent. First I will tell you that God is a God of ratios, they are all throughout the bible, but not in numerical form.  Many times through the prophets He said, "If you will do x, I will do y."  So God is a God of ratios because for y to be satisfied, there must be fulfillment of x.  x and y are in proportion to each other.  One of the synonyms for ratio is relationship.     

So God is a God of ratios, but how to we figure out what the God Ratio is? " 


Sunday, December 13, 2015

St. Longinus, Murderer for Hire

One day at OLPH I was praying the Stations of the Cross for those that kill or murder for money.  I don't remember what inspired me to do this, but I was praying and begging God to turn these people back to Him, to open their eyes to what they were doing to their soul.  For just slips of printed paper these people were destroying their very soul and were on the road to eternal damnation.

Know that my thoughts were for those in the mafia, assassins, gangs, people like that, I wasn't thinking of anyone beyond my own present time.

When I get to the Thirteenth Station of the Cross I always ask God to let the Divine Mercy that flowed from His side with His Holy Blood wash over those that do evil and bring them back to God.

Then something happened.  I was shown St. Longinus at the moment he pierced the side of our Lord on the Cross.  When the blood and water washed over him, his eyes where opened, not just his physical eyes, but his spiritual eyes also.   So much was revealed to him that he instantly knew the truth of who Jesus was.  This is why he exclaimed, "Indeed, this was the Son of God!"  (Mark 15:39)

What I didn't know, and was surprised about, was that what God revealed to St. Longinus was the state of his soul.  You see.....St. Longinus had been a murderer for hire.  Trust me I was as surprised as you probably are too.  He did have a vision problem that God healed on Calvary, but the greatest healing came when His soul encountered the Blood of Christ.   At that moment, he was shown every person he had killed, and how God would judge him.  St. Longinus saw the pit of hell beckoning for him and knew he was going there for all eternity for his sins unless he repented and changed his life.

St. Longinus exclamation of the true nature of Jesus wasn't done boldly, it was done with fear and trembling.  This was a man that knew he was close to going to hell for all eternity and was given one last chance to save his own soul.

Nothing else could have made St. Longinus change his course than the Blood of Christ.  He thought he was fine, he had a good deal, and would have kept doing what he was doing, never thinking that his very soul was in danger.  Yet no matter how many people he had killed, God was willing to show mercy to him.  But it was up to St. Longinus to accept it.  

St. Longinus can be a great intercessor for those that commit murder for money.  This can mean this in the mafia, assassins, and especially gangs.  We have so many young people committing murder for money, not just in our country but in Mexico, in Latin America,  Asia, Russia...every country has some form of gang activity.

If you are reading this, and you have killed or murdered for money, or even if you have just hurt people for money, please pray the following prayer:

God, I know I have done wrong and I repent of every evil I have done and ask you to cleanse my heart with the blood of your son, Jesus Christ.  St. Longinus, pray for me that I may have a conversion of heart and serve and love God as you did.  Amen. 

St. Longinus pray for us! 

Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Angelic Visitor

The hardest story to tell is the story that happened today. Today, December 12th is the day my husband died in 2008.  But this is a story that needs to be told because it is also the story of a visit by an angel.

Highlands Regional Hospital, Prestonsburg, KY:  My beloved was dying.  The doctor told me there was nothing to be done other than put him on a respirator, which Terry had told me several times he did not wish to ever be put on a respirator.  I was completely alone in the room with Terry while he was dying.  Suddenly a nurse came in that looked very familiar to me.   This wouldn't be strange because my Mother had died in the same hospital in 1983, and I had gotten familiar with most of the nurses.   

She came in and was with me when Terry died.  I was holding him and she was listening to his heart as he passed away.   She said words of comfort to me which I don't remember and then left the room.  

I was alone with my beloved.  I stayed with him about six minutes when I walked out into the hallway.  In the hallway was Terry's other doctor standing with a different nurse.  He looked at me with a smile and said, "How is Terry?!"  I was shocked, I had been a nurses aid in a nursing homes so I know that when someone passes away you report it immediately and the nurses station was very close to Terry's room.  I stuttered, "He's...gone."  He and the other nurse ran in and listened to his heart and said, "Yes, he is gone."  

I wondered why the nurse that had been with me when he died had not reported my husband's death.  She had definitely had time enough after she left my room, and the Doctor had obviously just come from the nurses station on his way to my husband's room, so he should have been informed.  

For the next three years, I thought about this nurse and who could she have been.  I had many questions.  
1.  Who was she? 
2. Why did she look so familiar to me, like I had seen her before?  
3.  Why didn't she report my husband's death to the Doctor and Nurses? 

One day in prayer God answered all my questions.  
"Lord", I said, "Who was she and why did I never see her again?"

The Lord showed me that the reason she looked familiar is she had been my Mother's nurse from 1983, but the only thing is she hadn't aged a day.  

This was an angel of God that He had sent to Terry.  God had allowed her to take a form that He knew would be comforting to me.  It was such a grace that when my beloved's heart beat the last time an angel had a hand right where his heart was to give that last beat.    

Angels are real, do not doubt it.   

Monday, December 07, 2015

"They Fear You."

Recently I was contacted by a young man who said he was very scared because he was experiencing demonic oppression.  He sounded terrified and didn't understand what was happening or what to do about it.   Now, normally we are called to be sceptical and not see the devil under every bush, but something about this young man's genuine fear pulled me more to belief than not.  I know that he could have had mental issues, or been just someone craving attention, but what he told me he was experiencing would dispel both of those theories. 

He said he was not religious, he said that he had been baptized many years ago as a child or an infant, but other than that, no religious or church experience.  So no matter what the truth may have been, either way I decided I was going to go to war for this kid.  (My prayers nor me asking him to pray in no way would hurt him.)

The first thing I did was send him prayers of Saint Michael the Archangel, the  long and the short version.  I told him he wasn't alone, and that I too had experienced demonic oppression.  I fought them with the Word of God, and the Holy Rosary at first...later I would use the weapons they must flee from, Holy Confession and the Holy Mass.  

What he sent me in emails was torturous for me as a mother to hear.  The demons where torturing him mentally and physically.  He was so scared, he said he had no one to talk to about this and didn't know where to turn.  When it was at it's worse, I went late one night to St. Joe Hill and offered the Stations of the Cross with many tears for him, begging God to protect him.  That night he emailed me back (before I told him I had prayed the stations) and he told me they were leaving him alone and he could sleep a little.   (The demons can't stand the Stations of the Cross.)

What really surprised me is that Matthew was experiencing obscure demonic tricks that I doubt he could have gotten from the internet. (I will not mention what they are). 

Our fight wasn't over, and there were many emails back and forth.  I made him some prayer videos and sent to him, which he said did help him.  In one email he spoke of the demons saying that... "They fear you." (meaning they were afraid of me). I knew immediately what that was.  The demonic will NEVER give you a compliment, but they will try to get you to have pride so that you will not be in a place of communication with God.  Pride broke the line of communication from God to the demons, and they desire that I would have pride in my 'holiness' so that God would no longer hear my prayers for Matthew.  It didn't work.

Later I sent him a blessed Rosary with the Miraculous Medal.  This was his most recent email to me:  

"I am happy to be writing you again. Ive thought about you everyday and the items you sent have helped more than anything else.

They ran instantly from the miraculous medal. when i hold it and recognize what i am holding, it all goes away. all the pain all the torment torture, what-have-you... it all goes away. Im so happy!

i wanted you to know im doing well and i hope the same for you!!!"

I knew for sure he was telling the truth, because he was not Catholic, and had no experience or knowledge of what a Miraculous Medal was.  

I have recently told him that he isn't done yet, he as only a reprieve and am encouraging him to come fully into the Holy Catholic Church because we have the best weapons to fight the devil, and I'm afraid he will be fighting this for a while.  I haven't heard from him, please pray for him.

The Miraculous Medal is powerful, we should all have a blessed one and wear it if possible. 

Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Conversation (Part I)

This story is told in a fictional sense, but what it reveals is true.
(The Blogger/Writer in this story is a  Male, 26, College Graduate.)

There wasn't much going on, I needed a story to write, a personal interest piece.  Not finding anything to stimulate my imagination in local events, I went out in search of a person or persons of interest that I could conjure into an interesting story so I can meet my deadline.    What I found was more than a returning soldier surprising a family member or a lost dog reunited with the little boy that was searching for him, I found something quite terrifying.

I went into a local eatery that had a bar, I wasn't hungry, I was looking for someone that would strike my interest so to speak.  As I walked in, I saw most of what you see in this restaurant on any given day.  Not a chain restaurant, but you find the 'Tumbleweed' type crowd there.  Married couples, older parents and a caregiver adult child, first dates, things like that.  Then I looked in the corner and saw a middle age woman alone, with a haunted look on her face.  She looked as if she had just found out something devastating.  Her eyes stared at nothing as if she was thinking how to tell someone something that would not be good news.   She had short brown hair, with a round face and large eyes.  I went over to her and thought I would start up a conversation, make up something, get her to talk to me, get her to tell me her story.  But as I approached her, I knew a lie wouldn't work with her, the best thing to do would be to tell the truth.

"Hi."  I said to her.  She looked up at me and as if she knew me she smiled at me.  "Hello," she said.

"Look, I'm sorry to bother you, but I write a blog, and I guess I am hunting for a story, a personal story that I can write about, and you look like you have a story to tell. "

"Please sit down,"  She smiled at me as if she had known me all her life and they way she looked at me was the same as my Mother who when I was trying to hide something, knew everything I had been up to.

"My name is Michael.  Do we know each other?" I asked.

"No." She smiled.

"Then may I asked what the look that you were giving off before I spoke to you?  You look like you had lost your best friend and was looking for a way to tell the spouse."

"That's a very good analogy I'm afraid."

There was a silence between us as she sized me up with those eyes.  My brain was screaming for me to stay silent even though I wanted to ask many questions.  She broke the silence.

"Well Michael, you want a story, but let me ask you a question.  What would you do if you found a terrifying truth that could not be denied but neither could it be proven?"  

I was silent as I pondered this.

"I don't understand." 

"Let me explain.  We live in a natural world with material objects, atoms, electricity, etc., correct.?"

"Yes, of course."

"Now the truth that we understand is bound by the culture and environment that we live in.  There is scientific truth that can be tested, observed, repeated.    There are cultural truths that we live by, our values, morals, beliefs, etc.  Less attainable than the scientific truth, but these are still truths that men and women have been willing to sacrifice much for.  But both these truths are still contained within the framework of our environment.  Not just our neighborhood, but the entire universe.  Would you agree that there are truths that we maintain as 'true' because we believe them as a culture or we have observed a truth by a scientific method?"

"Yes...but could you give an example?"  

"Sure.   This Glass, it contains water.  If I turn the glass upside down, would we both agree that there is an agreeable truth as to what the result would be?"

"Yeah...the liquid will spill on the table."  

"Of course.  And we could do that experiment over and over again.  But there is also a truth in the belief that murder is wrong.  This is not testable, but this is a truth that has been held by our culture for quite some time, would you agree?"

"Yeah, sure."

"But still any truth that is a product of our culture, experience or science is bound by the Universe. What if I told you there was a truth that was not bound by the universe and can never be proven by science or truly understood by the mind of man."

"I'm afraid you've lost me somewhat."  

She laughed a little, took a sip of her drink and then looked at me very seriously.  "Where do you feel truth if something is true?"


"Simple, where do you feel or know something is true within your physical nature?  In your head, your heart, your gut, all three?"

"Oh, I see, I guess sometimes a combination of all three, but sometimes it is usually one of those depending on what the truth is."

"Exactly!  But you agree that your knowledge or sense of truth is contained within yourself, because if you do not accept that murder is wrong, it is not a truth for you, wouldn't you agree with that?"

"I guess you are right, I never thought of it that way."  

"Would you also agree that having the truth contained within the individual is also the definition of free will?  For if the truth is contained within the individual, even if as a collective the group can share some of the same truths, the individual can at any time choose to accept or reject a truth that they have encountered."  

"You can't deny the water spilling, why would anyone reject that? It doesn't make much sense to deny the truth of gravity."

"Agreed, but you cannot deny the individuals right and ability, no matter how absurd, to reject a scientific truth."

"I guess you are right there.  What's your point."  

"My point is that there is a truth that is beyond the containment of this Universe that is not bound by this Universe.  This eternal truth is not only the definer of truth, but is the existence of truth because it is existence itself.   The eternal truth is not bound by time, but is outside of time.  However, time is the eternal truth's tool to teach truth from Himself to those that are bound by the universe."

"That sounds like you are talking about God."  

"I didn't know myself that was what I had discovered at first, but yes, I am.  You see, I am a Mathematician, as a result I am very analytical, and I have found the truth of God, because the Eternal Truth allowed me to find it........and I found something else"



Sunday, November 15, 2015

Using Your Angelic Legion Effectively

Q.  "Are there Legions of Angels?" 

Yes, there are Legions of Angels.  Jesus spoke of twelve Legions of Angels that were available to Him.

And behold, one of those who accompanied Jesus put his hand to his sword, drew it, and struck the high priest’s servant, cutting off his ear.  Then Jesus said to him, “Put your sword back into its sheath, for all who take the sword will perish by the sword.  Do you think that I cannot call upon my Father and he will not provide me at this moment with more than twelve legions of angels? (Matthew 26:52-53)

But never forget, the Demon has also Legions also.   Remember when Jesus went to exorcise the man of the demon that dwelt among the tombs that could not be contained with a chain?  

"Catching sight of Jesus from a distance, he ran up and prostrated himself before him,
crying out in a loud voice, “What have you to do with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God? I adjure you by God, do not torment me!”  (He had been saying to him, “Unclean spirit, come out of the man!”) He asked him, “What is your name?” He replied, “Legion is my name. There are many of us.”   (Mark 5: 6-10)

So we know Legions of Angels exist, both on the side of God and on the side of the devil.  

Q.  "How many are in a Legion?"  

We are not given the number directly by God, but perhaps if we look at Roman Legions at the time, we can guess by an indirect way.  

During the time of Jesus a Roman Legion was approximately 5000 soldiers.   This would definitely qualify as "many".  Jesus could command 12 Legions which is 5000x12=60,000. angels.  

Q.  "Who get's access to a Legion?"  

Jesus was Priest, Prophet and King, and He definitely had access to the Legions of Angels, but Jesus also prayed and interceded  for his disciples.   Jesus prayed a lot for others before His Passion.  He gave us the Our Father prayer, He prayed for His disciples when they were weak, He went off alone to pray and He spent all night in prayer.    So those that act in this life as a Priest, Prophet, King, or Intercessory Prayer Warrior are those that have immediate access to a Legion of Angels.    So all Catholic Priests have access to an Angelic Legion that they can call in times of danger.   Also those that lead or rule over nations have access to aLegion.  In addition, those that pray and intercede to the Father for others through the blood and Passion of Jesus also have access to an Angelic Legion.   

Q.  "Don't those that serve the poor and the Church get a Legion?" 

We can ask God for any good thing for us, but usually those that serve out of love of their heart, their Guardian Angel is sufficient protection.  

Q. Why do Priests, Intercessors (Prayer Warriors) and Rulers need a Legion?

Priests are greatly hated by the devil because of the celebration of the Holy Mass.   Also when a Priest has his hands anointed at the time of his ordination, the Honor of God is placed on His hands and as a result, when the Priest celebrates or administers the Sacraments, no matter the state of the soul of the Priest, God will always honor the work done through the Hands of the Priest.  If a Priest obeys the Church and with good faith performs the Sacraments, they can not be invalidated.   So the devil in no way can invalidate the Sacraments, he can only try to persuade souls to stay away from them

Prayer warriors, snatch souls directly from the devil's hands, and even plead to God before the souls judgement at the Holy Mass and take away the accusers power to seek a soul for all eternity into hell.   If a prayer warrior is in a state of grace, and participates in the Holy Mass, and when the heavens are opened at the word of the Priest, then the warrior pleads to God in Heaven for souls not to be lost. By seeking the conversion of the blackest hearts, the devil is completely impotent and can do nothing.   

Rulers of Nations also have great enemies and if they are friends with God can seek an Angelic Legion to protect them in times of danger.

Q.  " How do we use our Legion?"   

1)  Your Guardian Angel is in charge of your Legion.   You should always respect the place of your Guardian Angel as the primary Angel chosen by God to protect, lead and guide you to heaven.  So any placement of your Legion or sending out an angel from your Legion, must be done through your Guardian Angel.  

2)  You can ask your Guardian Angel to place your Legion around you in times of danger, or when you are vulnerable, like at night when you sleep.   

3) You can send out an Angel from your Legion to one who is in danger, or whom you wish to provide extra protection.  Padre Pio did this often.  However, I have to warn you, if you send out an Angel from your Legion, do not FORGET TO RETRIEVE HIM.  God will honor your word and if you do not retrieve your Legion Angel, that angel will be with that soul for all eternity.  

Q. "When are times when I need to use my Legion?" 

1) If you are praying for the souls in Purgatory in a cemetery, (day or night) before you get out of your vehicle, ask your Guardian Angel to place the Legion around you.    It is no coincidence that ghost hunters go to cemeteries and get results.  These are not heavenly angels they are encountering, but demonic ones.  

(Article: "Demon's Don't Carry Identity Cards.") 

Also we have to be aware that souls that die in mortal sin are condemned souls and can also seek us harm.  Use your Legion.   

We are not to fear, we are to strive forward, fighting the good fight, even though we are given knowledge of the danger is around is.  God WILL DEFEND US!  Never doubt it.  

2)  When you are vulnerable, or feel uneasy.  If you are sleeping, before you go to sleep ask that your Guardian Angel place the Legion around you.    Sometimes I take a catnap in my car, I definitely use my Legion at this time.  

3) Priests should use their Legion anytime they are not on holy ground going out to administer sacraments to the sick, etc. 


The angels are a wonderful creation of God, don't be afraid to use this gift for your protection and the good of others.  Angels are the most underused gift that God has given us.