Thursday, February 05, 2015

Heaven and Battlefield (Part III)

The Offertory,  (Battle of Tears)

Now is the time to fight.  Not with weapons or words, but with tears, the tears of a Mother pleading for her children.  

Some time ago I prayed the words of Rachel during the stations, I said, "Give me children or I shall die."  I meant spiritual children that I can pray for.  God in His goodness gives me children that I cannot see or touch, that are somewhere in the world and in need of a Mother's tears for them.  At this moment in the Holy Mass He not only gives me these children but also fills my heart with love for them at the same moment.  My heart is pierced and tears flow for the children I love, although I do not know them, I love them no less.   

The tears of a Mother pleading for her children before the throne of God is very powerful.  A Mother's heart willing to be pierced for her children to lead them to God can pluck those with the darkest of hearts directly from the demons grasp. 

The heavens are opened and what is most Holy is being offered to the Father as a perfect oblation for us.   This is the moment when we have access to the Throne of God for the petition of the salvation of others.  Don't include yourself at this moment, this is the moment of laying down for another.  God gives you other times to seek your own purification, this is the time to plead to God for those who are most lost, those with the blackest of hearts.  

How can I describe this moment?  The opportunity of offering ourselves to God for another is presented to us, but not required of us.  At this moment we may be presented with a cup like what our Lord was presented with in the Garden of Gethsemane.  We must choose to accept it or not.  Only those that love are offered the cup, and our cup is never the same as anyone else's.   We can only see the cup that is offered to us, and with trust in God, we accept itwithout seeing what is in the cup.  

After acceptance of the cup, we live the rest of our lives, trusting in God in complete peace that the will of God is perfect.  No matter what happens to us, or befalls us, we offer it all up to God with the prayer, "I trust you." and also "The will of God is perfect, the justice of God is perfect.  Praise be the will and the justice of God." 


At Most Blessed Sacrament, during Holy Mass, Father Jeff Gatlin was praying for the souls in Purgatory.  I was in the front row.  At this moment in the Holy Mass, the floor opened up before me and I saw the souls in Purgatory. I SAW THEM.  There was no movement, they were all looking at me and their eyes...I can't forget their eyes.  Their eyes where pleading.  I knew that they can do nothing for themselves.  I immediately begged God for them.

If you saw someone hanging from a cliff, knowing they didn't have the strength to pull them self out, wouldn't you want to help?   Sometime later God tugged at my Mother's heart for them, not to just pray for them, but to take some of them as my children.  I understood I was to ask God to give me children that where in Purgatory.   

It is true that souls are released from Purgatory at each and every Holy Mass by the mercy of God.   Do not just pray for them, but take them as your own children in your heart. 

Breaking of the Bread

"Lamb of God you take away the sins of the world, have mercy on us."
"Lamb of God you take away the sins of the world, have mercy on us."
"Lamb of God you take away the sins of the world, grant us peace."

At this moment I am on my knees.  The reason is that as God allows, sometimes I am not fully there in Church.  Sometimes my body is there, but I am before the throne of God pleading for a soul that is before the judgement.  Sometimes I can see them, most of the time I cannot.  What I do know is that the soul that is before that judgement is facing an eternity of suffering in hell.  "Lord, give them to me as their Mother."   Then I offer to God my Mother's heart for my children and ask His mercy upon them.

The thing is, I never know what the results are of my prayers, and I don't want to.  I know if I knew what God was doing, I might take pride in something I had nothing to do with, so I am glad I am left in the dark.  So I never know if the soul I just pleaded for was spared, I just trust God.  One day, I will meet all my children, and know what God did for them.

Behold the Lamb of God

This is a moment of great defeat for the devil, to have the man that he would not serve hold the God that he must bow to.   

After Holy Mass
After Holy Mass, many times I am exhausted, I am spent.  It is a good exhaustion, and one that does not deter me from getting up and doing it all over again.

The fight for the lost is a great battle, join the fight!

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Anonymous said...

Amazing, beautiful testimony of love for another soul. If only the world could understand the powerful mercy of God if only it were sought after...if not by the sinner, but by another soul who is willing to ask on their behalf.

If one could understand the powerful graces offered at this time in Mass, they would die of joy. No one need go to hell if only those who understood that grace at mass would intercede to the throne of our Holy God for their salvation!