Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Priest Saved My Life Tonight

The Priest says, "...This is my body."

And it is. 

"...This is my blood." 

And it is.

It is His body and His blood, He is truly present.

How can I describe what this feels like to be present when the Priest sets down the Eucharist on the altar after this moment. .

If one could be in the center of a galaxy when it is being created, this is it.  

The power of God that is present is terrifying.  How can I describe it.  He IS Holy. The fear of my death comes to me, because the Holy God is present, I can feel His power not only over the universe but over my next heartbeat.  I begin to pray trembling, "Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One, have mercy on us and on the whole world."  I know why the Jews didn't want to go into the tent where God was, for in the presence of a Holy God, you realize how much dust you are.    

We are all in the presence of God now.

How could anyone dare to be in the presence of the Holy God and still live.  

Then the second miracle of the Holy Mass begins.

Yet still feeling His power, we experience His love and mercy for us when we take Communion and take His Body and Blood into ourselves.

It is evidence of God's mercy that we do not die instantly when we partake of our Lord's Holy Body and Blood at Mass.

This is the second miracle of the Holy Mass.  God loving us by giving us His very self to us, and protecting us from a physical death by the offering of the Priest of not only himself to God for us, but also offering the precious body and blood of our Lord Jesus back to God for us.

You went to Holy Mass and your Priest just saved your life, and you didn't even know it


Authors Note:  Information that we are given that is beneficial to others is under holy obligation to be shared. Not me God...but ALL YOU!

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Susan said...

Thank you for this reflection. Your distinction in to see two parts... awe and mercy... made me stop and think. Sometimes the guise of bread conceals too well Who it has become. Thank you!