Thursday, June 25, 2015

What A Catholic Is.

Sacred Heart of Jesus

A Catholic is for the other.

A Catholic is called to first be holy, so that they may bring the rest of the world to God.

By being Holy, the Catholic should participate in the gifts of the sacraments and sacramental of the Church.  Use Holy Water daily, Daily Mass, regular confession, and the Holy Rosary.

We have to clean up our own muck before we can offer penance and sacrifice for our brother.

Richard Dawkins, Atheist

If there is an Atheist in the world, we, the Catholics are called to go to Holy Mass and take Holy Communion for him or her.  Then we are to do penance not only for ourselves, but out of love for the soul of another, ask God to accept additional penance as if we where placing our hands in the hands of the lost and doing the penance as one soul before God.

Unkown Satanist (From:

If there is a Satanist, it is the Catholic that must secretly do penance for him and take Communion for him.  (Want to make the devil mad?  Take Holy Communion for one that he has earmarked as his own!).  If there is a Murderer, a Thief....etc, the process is the same.

The Catholic is NOT to be arrogant, and say, "We are the true Church, we are the First!", Jesus NEVER said these words.  What He did say was, "The greatest of all is the servant of all."  We are called to be the lowest servant to any one who is far from God by sin or in a different faith.

Many of our brothers in different faiths have Jesus, so we don't have to bring Jesus, although we will by the fact that we have had communion, but we do need to bring His Mother.

When the Catholic wears a blessed Rosary and or Miraculous Medal, the soul of another sees the Mother of Jesus deep in their soul.  You will be amazed at how people will react to you.  Do not confront, just smile, love all and pray your Rosary, even in their services.  For the truth is, they ARE your brother's and sisters, and should be treated as your own self.

If a Protestant has the Holy Word of God given to the world by the Holy Catholic Church, even if that word is in a different form, then if there is even one Word spoken by Jesus is the book, then they are part of the Holy Catholic Church.  As such, for the gift of the Holy Eucharist that they lack and can never have, we should, in a state of grace, take Holy Communion into ourselves and then bring Jesus to them in a hidden way.

Mary when she was on the road to Bethlehem with her husband Joseph did not shout before men, "I'm the Immaculate Conception, and I have God in my womb!"  No, she was hidden, said nothing, obeyed her husband completely, and let the Angels declare her Holy Virginity and the Divine nature of her Son.   So we should be hidden when we are among our brethren, always being obedient to the Catholic Church in our travels to other 'lands', and let the Holy Spirit declare what we have brought in love to our brethren.

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