Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Dream of Padre Pio

Before God gave me my current Spiritual Director, I was feeling very alone, and I asked God to send me someone to guide me.  

That night I had a dream.  I was in a large beautiful Church, like a Cathedral.  The floors where marble.  

Padre Pio came up to me carrying an open book, He showed me the book, and I looked down and the book was blurry, I couldn’t read the names that were in the book, but I knew that he was showing me those that I was to pray for, even though I could not read their names. 

He then looked up from the book with very kind but serious eyes and he said to me, “Do not exalt yourself.” 

St. Padre Pio, must humble, pray for us. 


Mike Rizzio said...


I feel like I am in the same position as you were when you wrote this post.

Please pray for me to find a guide.


Bonaventura Timothy Mashimbi said...

The same to me, this day of today 1st February 2021, its about 30 minutes since I did wake up from the dream, then I did pray and feel like to search and read about this and I came across this info,though mine is a little bit different from yours.
Please pray for me.