Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Mathematics and Mysticism

St. Francis Adoring the Crucifix

The Catholic Church calls those that have extra-ordinary revelation, "mystics." 

I do not like this term, The mystical is shunned and looked down on in our society because some people look on the mystic as someone unbalanced, or if their revelations are believed, then they are looked upon as a person who has attained a friendship with God to which no one else can attain.  There is nothing farther from the truth.  God gives 'information' to some souls that love Him greatly to call all those that perceive the revelation to a state of grace and holiness to which the mystic should  already be living.  

Mystical revelation is looked on skeptically by the Church, as it well should.  The Catholic Church is the safeguard of the truth of our Lord Jesus Christ, and should maintain that trust by giving a questioning countenance to any who would seek to add (or take away!) of the already perfect knowledge given by our Lord Jesus Christ.   Great discernment is required of the Church so as the faithful will not be turned away from the truth that the Church safeguards.  

Mystical information is just that, 'information', and is very much like Mathematical information.

Euler's Identity...Isn't it Beautiful!

If I know Euler's Identity, it does not make me great to have this knowledge, because the Identity existed before I did.  To attain knowledge of the Identity, I was given a basic knowledge of it and that it was possible to know this beautiful equation.  In faith, I pursued this knowledge, and with effort I attained it.  As I am not the creator of the Identity, my stature is no way enhanced by the knowledge perceived in the Identity.  Yet as a flesh and blood woman who will one day die, if I truly love Mathematics, the beauty of the Identity and my fellow human being who may not be aware of such beauty, then I have an obligation to pass on the truth of the Identity to anyone who would listen in the hope to stir a love in another's heart that already beats in my own.  

Mystical information is just that...information.  If the receiver is prideful and wishes to be carried in a gold chair, they need to get over themselves.  The true mystic who has truly encountered the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is laid out on the floor shaking to their bones in fear at the encounter.  They speak afterwards of fearing God, and you see a noticeable change in their lives which may be hard to perceive.  With the true mystic, a normal life goes out the window.  The true mystic never embraces the pleasures of the world, but they will seek to do many prayers and penances, not for themselves, but for others.   A true mystic has been given the scariest 'information' ever received from God.  This information is found in this scripture:  "Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the road broad that leads to destruction, and those who enter through it are many. How narrow the gate and constricted the road that leads to life. And those who find it are few." (Matthew 7:13-14). 

Having touched the edge of Eternity, the mystic now is on a mission to become the greatest friend of God, not for themselves but to plead for the other.  They are willing to lose, home, reputation, advancement, family and friends to attain even that one soul on the path of destruction (and there are many), may not face the 2nd death.  They are hidden in everyday life, seeing the old woman at the grocery store and right their in line at Krogers, pleading to God to be merciful to her at her judgement.  

Much knowledge is hidden from them because they only seek the information needed to seek God's mercy for another...not for themselves.  To this end they never know the results of their prayers.  So why would a person continue?  Because in their acting on their faith God has given them even greater faith to carry them onward.  The life of the mystic is the greatest witness that in sometime in their past they have encountered the reality of God to such a degree that they will never be the same again.

I encourage all who read this to dive into this deep friendship with God.  Here are some pointers.

  1. God knows your heart, purify yourself with the tools of our faith.  Confession, Holy Mass, Rosary, Stations....etc.    Do much penance for yourself and when you are clean, you can do penance for your brother. 
  2. Be hidden in everything you do, tell no one of any accomplishments or anything you do for another, let it just be between you and God.  
  3. Ask something great of God that does not contradict scripture in any way, and then offer something to God for Him to complete it. (Penance, Rosary, Stations, Novena's...)   You can't ask God to eliminate murder, as God will work all things for good, but you can ask for the conversion of an atheistic abortion doctor in your area.  Don't expect to know what God does with your prayer.  Trust Him.
  4. Don't do blanket prayer, asking for the conversion of many, remember Jesus healed one at a time.
  5. Go to War.  Set your mind that this soul you are asking for is hanging from a cliff with only two fingers keeping him or her from eternal suffering in hell.  This is not the time for a half hearted Hail Mary.  Use everything you've got and petition God with many tears for the soul that He loves, no matter what state of sin that soul may be in.   This is a great time for time in front of the Blessed Sacrament, and if you can't go in person, set it in your mind what this looks like, and at every spare moment be mentally in front of the Blessed Sacrament pleading for this soul.    
  6. Know when to stop, and then don't ask again.  You will feel a 'completeness' in your prayer, now let it go, and go on to the next thing.  Don't be like Lot's wife and look back, God will work in His time, not yours.  Again, trust Him.
  7. Ask God to keep you motivated, and then watch what happens.

Many souls are on the path to destruction, they need your prayers...happy hunting. 

St. Dominic Adoring the Crucifix

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Mike Rizzio said...

Very special post Adele.

I wrote a poem that describes the bigger picture of what is at play.

Drawn and Quartered
by Mike Rizzio

Four chambers, but one purpose,
Four Gospels live to tell,
A Sacred Heart, so wounded,
A lance launched straight from hell.

Our brokenness, bloodletting,
True Mystics judged insane,
King Science, throne ascending,
To deaden all our pain.

Four riders, on four horses,
Steeds rearing for a treat,
Our corpse, nears rigor mortis,
For Art not Science meet.

But wait...a ray of His Glorious Sonshine...

One part—sacred theology,
One part—mystic sight,
One part—true science,
One part—creative light.

...and if ever two lungs breathed forth,
East-West, air that is sweet,
Aloft they'll send His Body,
Heartbeat, Heartbeat, Heartbeat.