Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Angelic Visitor

The hardest story to tell is the story that happened today. Today, December 12th is the day my husband died in 2008.  But this is a story that needs to be told because it is also the story of a visit by an angel.

Highlands Regional Hospital, Prestonsburg, KY:  My beloved was dying.  The doctor told me there was nothing to be done other than put him on a respirator, which Terry had told me several times he did not wish to ever be put on a respirator.  I was completely alone in the room with Terry while he was dying.  Suddenly a nurse came in that looked very familiar to me.   This wouldn't be strange because my Mother had died in the same hospital in 1983, and I had gotten familiar with most of the nurses.   

She came in and was with me when Terry died.  I was holding him and she was listening to his heart as he passed away.   She said words of comfort to me which I don't remember and then left the room.  

I was alone with my beloved.  I stayed with him about six minutes when I walked out into the hallway.  In the hallway was Terry's other doctor standing with a different nurse.  He looked at me with a smile and said, "How is Terry?!"  I was shocked, I had been a nurses aid in a nursing homes so I know that when someone passes away you report it immediately and the nurses station was very close to Terry's room.  I stuttered, "He's...gone."  He and the other nurse ran in and listened to his heart and said, "Yes, he is gone."  

I wondered why the nurse that had been with me when he died had not reported my husband's death.  She had definitely had time enough after she left my room, and the Doctor had obviously just come from the nurses station on his way to my husband's room, so he should have been informed.  

For the next three years, I thought about this nurse and who could she have been.  I had many questions.  
1.  Who was she? 
2. Why did she look so familiar to me, like I had seen her before?  
3.  Why didn't she report my husband's death to the Doctor and Nurses? 

One day in prayer God answered all my questions.  
"Lord", I said, "Who was she and why did I never see her again?"

The Lord showed me that the reason she looked familiar is she had been my Mother's nurse from 1983, but the only thing is she hadn't aged a day.  

This was an angel of God that He had sent to Terry.  God had allowed her to take a form that He knew would be comforting to me.  It was such a grace that when my beloved's heart beat the last time an angel had a hand right where his heart was to give that last beat.    

Angels are real, do not doubt it.   

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