Sunday, April 05, 2015

The Art of War. (Part I)

Virgin with Jesus giving Holy Rosary to St. Dominic

The most treacherous path you will ever take is the Warrior's Path

You do not choose to be a Warrior, God chooses you, and His choice is quite terrifying.  

When God chooses the Warrior, there is no false humility.  When God says to you, "You ARE a Warrior," you don't say, "Oh no God...not me."  On the contrary, you say, "Yes sir!" and then you tremble at what being a Warrior for God could truly mean.   The fear at being called as a Warrior, is to shake so violently before the Lord that you think every bone in your body will break.  The fear comes on the realization that a warrior will be given souls to fight for, and will be asked to account for them.

When you are called to the path of the Warrior, it is a responsibility to be pure, obey, and seek only the good of the other, never thinking that you are doing anything for God.

God the Father has a special place in His heart for His Warriors, and He allows them to feel the love He has for all mankind.  All persons, no matter how good or evil they may be are loved by God, and the Warrior pleads before the throne of God for the most wicked, pouring out themselves, never thinking of the cost to themselves, but seeking to only be allowed to pour out more of self so that God will be merciful to others.  The perfection of the pouring out is if God allows, that the Warrior is allowed to pour his or herself out completely to the last breath and last drop of blood, for the love of God and neighbor alone.    

Warriors plead before the throne of God and seek the salvation of the atheist, the murder, or those with the blackest of hearts, in prayer and tears reminding God that NOTHING is impossible to him, even to save one that appears to all the world as lost.  

The Call.

God calls us all in various ways, and to many different types of service.  None is greater than any other because no one can really do anything for God, but by seeking after God, purifying ourselves and being obedient, we each perfect the path we are on.   After saying yes to God, the greatest task is to overcome our own will and obey completely those in authority over us.  No one disobedient will be in heaven, if this was so, the the devil would be their now.


After saying "yes" to God, then the soul must undergo purification in order to become a Warrior.  As perfection is truly only in heaven, the process of purification will go on for the rest of your life.

The path to purification are:

1.  Being hidden. 
Do not tell anyone what you do, what you are, etc.  If you do charity, tell no one.  Let everything you do, be between only you and God.  Seek no acclaim, or attention for anything, because nothing is what you do, it is what God does.  If you seek acclaim, attention in anyway for being a warrior, you have just lost all merit before the throne of God for the one you just pleaded for.  If deep in your heart you want someone else to see you being pious or holy, your effectiveness is small.  No one is holy but God. 
If you truly want to know the presence of God and see miracles, remain hidden for the good of another. 

2.  Being silent.  
Do not speak of any good you do, for no one is good but God.  Do not speak any ill of anyone, as no matter if it is the worst person that has done you great evil, keep silent about what was done to you, and carry it.  Suck it up.  This is the person you are called to fight for.  You can't fight for a person after you have spoken bad of them to your neighbor or on social media.  If someone has done you evil, then that is the person God has specifically given to YOU to become a servant to. Do not give your opinion about anything unless it is uplifting.   Suffer ALL for the sake of another.  If you come to know the presence of God and he allows you a small taste of eternity, you realize how Holy God is and you know that you have no right to seek acclaim for anything.  

3.  Being completely obedient.
Obeying all those in authority, whether at home, work, or at Church.  In this obedience, you will pour yourself out for others at work, etc., seeking the good of the other and not of yourself.  Obedience is so important.  Obedience without grumbling, obedience with a loving heart, knowing that what is being asked of you is allowed by God.  You cannot have all other steps of holiness and not have obedience.  Obedience is the foundation that leads to heaven.  

Holy Confession

3.  Confession.
Regular confession is part of your armament.  Make a good confession, or you will place a black cancer in your heart and conscience that will grow and make it hard to get rid of.   Confession as needed monthly or as needed.  You are confessing your sins to correct your sinfullness, to do penance, and to hear and receive instruction from Christ who speaks through your Priest. Confession is also needed regularly because of it's ability to keep the Warrior exorcised of worldly attachments, sins, and yes, demons.  The Warrior can no more do without regular confession than he or she can do without regular breathing. 

Miraculous Medal

4.  Rosary with Miraculous Medal. 

The daily Rosary is also part of your armament.  Praying the Rosary is the best method to stay on the path of purification and help you lead others to God.  Wearing a  blessed Rosary will keep the demons at bay, for when you wear a Holy Rosary with a Miraculous Medal, the demons will see the Virgin Mary and will not want to come near you.

When you wear the Miraculous Medal, be aware of your surroundings and what happens.  Be aware of the people God will send you and how people will react to you.  

The Virgin Mary told Sister Catherine Laboure about the Medal, "Those who wear it (the Miraculous Medal) will receive great graces, especially if they wear it around their neck."

As I wear the Miraculous Medal around my neck daily, I can attest this is true.  I have had more doors opened for me while wearing the Miraculous Medal  than I have ever had in my life.  They are not opening the door for me, they are opening it for her!  Wearing the Rosary and Medal I have had people that will look at the Medal and then immediately look away.  I have also had people run away from me while I was holding and praying the Rosary in public.  

I have also been given strangers seeking me out from across grocery store.  I was in Walmart Grocery at the deli counter, and there was a woman some distance away from me.  She made a beeline for me and asked me about a necklace she was purchasing for an older lady, she wanted my opinion.  I told her it was a beautiful necklace, but I think the woman would like this one better, to which I took off the Rosary I was wearing and gave it to her.  I told her it was a Rosary with the Miraculous Medal and that it was already blessed by a Priest.   She thanked me and told me that something had told her to come to me and talk to me. 

I encourage all Warriors to pray the Rosary wherever they go, and watch the miracles happen.  God will send you those you are to speak to by having someone comment on the Rosary you are wearing or praying.  Be prepared to give a witness of your belief and have an extra Rosary handy to give away.

Our Lady of Fatima

When Our Lady of Fatima appeared to the three children, Lucia asked if Francisco would go to heaven.   Our Lady said, "Yes, but first he must say many Rosaries."  The Holy Rosary is one of the best methods of daily purification and protection of the soul against being worldly and in serious sin.  It is quite impossible to remain in serious sin and pray the Rosary with devotion daily.  You will either give up the sin, or you will give up the Rosary.  
Warriors pray the Rosary. 

5. Holy Hour.
Spend time with Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament whenever you can.  Even 15 minutes is beneficial, and you will find, that spending time with Jesus before the tabernacle is the sweetest vacation you can ever take.  When you fall in love with Him, you won't want to leave Him, and you will take every opportunity to be with Him.   What would you ask God in the flesh if He was before you?  He is present with us always in the tabernacle and the Monstrance.  What graces God would shower upon our brethren if we would just ask for them.   The best way to be blessed by God is to seek a blessing for someone else. 

Spending time in front of the most Blessed Sacrament is like laying you head on Jesus' shoulder like John did. 

6.  Holy Mass.

This is your Heaven and Battlefield.  During the Holy Mass the Heaven's are opened and we can plead directly before the throne of God, pouring out our heart, tears and supplications for the salvation of souls.

The heaven's are opened and we have access to the angels adoring before the throne of God!  How can one live after you have seen the angels before the throne of God adoring him and hearing their sweet adoration?   The angels sing before the throne of God so loud with their love that it would deafen every soul on earth, but yet so sweet and soft that it brings the soul to an ecstasy of love for God and a desire for heaven.  

Whispering "Father, Father," when the Holy Eucharist is offered to God, I plead with tears before the throne of God for those that are lost.  Because of this love in my heart that God allows me to have, God has allowed me to have a taste of heaven.  There are no words that can describe a place where there is perfection, love, and all is eternal with no progression of time.  Heaven is the place of reality, we live in the shadow world.  We must make every effort to prepare for our entrance into eternity, for when we have passed through the veil, we will be sealed by eternity and face the Holy Just Judge, giving an account for our life.

 How I wish I was with them now, adoring the Holy Trinity, giving my voice to what is in my heart.    

In the following blog posts I have written about how the Holy Mass is one of the best avenues for our purification, happiness, and to plead before the throne of God for others. 

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