Monday, December 14, 2015

The Conversation Part II (The God Ratio)

"That sounds like you are talking about God."  

"I didn't know myself that was what I had discovered at first, but yes, I am.  You see, I am a Mathematician, as a result I am very analytical, and I have found the truth of God, because the Eternal Truth allowed me to find it........and I found something else"

This was creepy but compelling.  Something kept me in my seat.  I realized I had the feeling in the pit of my stomach like when you go on a roller coaster.  I wanted to know everything she knew, but yet, I didn't want to know too.    

"I found a truth that I cannot prove.  There is a path that is open to anyone who wishes to take it to learn the truth.  At a certain distance down the path, you realize the truth you know is solid and could never be denied, not even to the depth of your soul.  Not even if the whole world was laid at your feet would you deny it, you couldn't because the whole world is a grain of sand compared to eternity. On the path to God you touch the edge of eternity, and nothing is ever the same again.  There is a point in the path if reached where you can never fully return to the ways of the Earth again, even though you are still living in the flesh.  But trust me, this is not giving up...this IS GAIN."

"How can giving up everything good on Earth be gain? If God is real didn't He make all this stuff so we can enjoy it? So we can be happy?"

"God gives us everything we need for our good, and in His creation, we see the reflections of Eternity, and our final destination...HIM.  Let me try to explain this, do you remember ratios from High School?"

"Yea, I actually loved Math in school, got my best grades in Math."

"Excellent. First I will tell you that God is a God of ratios, they are all throughout the bible, but not in numerical form.  Many times through the prophets He said, "If you will do x, I will do y."  So God is a God of ratios because for y to be satisfied, there must be fulfillment of x.  x and y are in proportion to each other.  One of the synonyms for ratio is relationship.     

So God is a God of ratios, but how to we figure out what the God Ratio is? " 


Sunday, December 13, 2015

St. Longinus, Murderer for Hire

One day at OLPH I was praying the Stations of the Cross for those that kill or murder for money.  I don't remember what inspired me to do this, but I was praying and begging God to turn these people back to Him, to open their eyes to what they were doing to their soul.  For just slips of printed paper these people were destroying their very soul and were on the road to eternal damnation.

Know that my thoughts were for those in the mafia, assassins, gangs, people like that, I wasn't thinking of anyone beyond my own present time.

When I get to the Thirteenth Station of the Cross I always ask God to let the Divine Mercy that flowed from His side with His Holy Blood wash over those that do evil and bring them back to God.

Then something happened.  I was shown St. Longinus at the moment he pierced the side of our Lord on the Cross.  When the blood and water washed over him, his eyes where opened, not just his physical eyes, but his spiritual eyes also.   So much was revealed to him that he instantly knew the truth of who Jesus was.  This is why he exclaimed, "Indeed, this was the Son of God!"  (Mark 15:39)

What I didn't know, and was surprised about, was that what God revealed to St. Longinus was the state of his soul.  You see.....St. Longinus had been a murderer for hire.  Trust me I was as surprised as you probably are too.  He did have a vision problem that God healed on Calvary, but the greatest healing came when His soul encountered the Blood of Christ.   At that moment, he was shown every person he had killed, and how God would judge him.  St. Longinus saw the pit of hell beckoning for him and knew he was going there for all eternity for his sins unless he repented and changed his life.

St. Longinus exclamation of the true nature of Jesus wasn't done boldly, it was done with fear and trembling.  This was a man that knew he was close to going to hell for all eternity and was given one last chance to save his own soul.

Nothing else could have made St. Longinus change his course than the Blood of Christ.  He thought he was fine, he had a good deal, and would have kept doing what he was doing, never thinking that his very soul was in danger.  Yet no matter how many people he had killed, God was willing to show mercy to him.  But it was up to St. Longinus to accept it.  

St. Longinus can be a great intercessor for those that commit murder for money.  This can mean this in the mafia, assassins, and especially gangs.  We have so many young people committing murder for money, not just in our country but in Mexico, in Latin America,  Asia, Russia...every country has some form of gang activity.

If you are reading this, and you have killed or murdered for money, or even if you have just hurt people for money, please pray the following prayer:

God, I know I have done wrong and I repent of every evil I have done and ask you to cleanse my heart with the blood of your son, Jesus Christ.  St. Longinus, pray for me that I may have a conversion of heart and serve and love God as you did.  Amen. 

St. Longinus pray for us!