Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Interview.

Interviewer:  "Hello,  and welcome to Mystical Talk Radio, I'm John of Mystical Talk.  We have with us a woman who says that she is a warrior in the true mystical sense of the word.  Welcome Miss Anne.  Now I want our listeners to know that Anne is not her real name, our guest only agreed to the interview on the condition that we not reveal her identity, is that correct Miss Anne?

Miss Anne:  "Yes."

Interviewer:  "And Anne is not your real name of course."

Miss Anne:  "No, I'm afraid not."

Interviewer:  "Well tell us Miss Anne, our show is Mystical Talk Radio and from your book, Encounters with St. Michael the Archangel. you claim to have encountered the mystical realm, is that correct?"

Miss Anne:  "Yes, many times in fact."

Interviewer:  "So the mystical realm is real, is that what you are trying to tell us."

Miss Anne:  "Yes.  Very Real in fact.  More real that our own existence.  Accessing the mystical realm is the same as brushing the edge of eternity.  When you brush this truth, you have felt the breath of God pass over you."

Interviewer:  "So there is a God?"

Miss Anne:  "Yes, most definitely.  I have had many experiences of God, and although I am sure of His reality, it is not a reality that be conveyed to anyone else.  You see God is a personal experience for each person.  The love of God from His heart has given us many ways to access Him.   For those who seek Him with a true desire to know God and not by any selfish means, God will send a way to light the path.  These things cannot be explained by any means other than a loving, God who knows all and can direct us to Himself, if we choose to follow the signs that is.:

Interviewer:  "Can you give us an example of one of these experiences?"

Miss Anne:  "Certainly.  I have a heart condition that required I seek a Cardiologist.  I went to the Dr. and I had a list of questions that I wanted to ask him.  I especially wanted to ask him if my heart condition would shorten my life.  Basically, I wanted to know how long I could expect to live."

Interviewer:  "Ok, so you went to the Cardiologist, and what happened there?"

Miss Anne: "Well, honestly, he wasn't very nice to me.  I thought I was in the room with the man that was planning my funeral.  He took no interest in me, his demeanor was that I was a hopeless case, and it was obvious that he wanted to get out of there to go to something else that was more important to him."

Interviewer: "Oh, that must have been terrible."

Miss Anne: (laughs), "Well, yes it was, but the worst thing was that he made me feel so bad, I didn't feel like I could even ask him the questions I wanted to ask.  I mean, I was paying for his time, but he was so rude that I had no confidence in him at all.  I didn't get to ask him about my expected life span, I was so disappointed.  I left feeling awful about myself."

Interviewer: "I'm sure that's not the end of it, what happened next."

Miss Anne:  "Well that night I went to Eucharistic Adoration, to a beautiful church on a hill that had all night adoration."

Interviewer: "For our non-Catholic listeners, Eucharist Adoration is where the Blessed Sacrament is exposed in a sacred vessel, a Monstrance is it?"

Miss Anne:  "Yes, that is correct."

Interviewer: "And Catholics pray in front of the Eucharist, correct?"

Miss Anne:  "Yes, you see we believe it is truly the body, blood, soul and divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ.  I actually know it is true, but I don't think we have time for that."

Interviewer: (Yelling off mike), "Maggie, reschedule Miss Anne for another slot on Mystical Radio!"

Maggie: (Laughs) "No problem, as soon as you all are done."

Interviewer: (Laughs) "Well at least someone listens to me!  Ok, so you were saying Miss Anne.  Wait, let me ask you a question first.  Had you told anyone of your bad experience with the Doctor?"

Miss Anne: "No, no one."

Interviewer: "Ok, so you are at Eucharist Adoration, then what."

Miss Anne: "Well, after I prayed as I was leaving, a man stopped me as I walked down the aisle.  He said, 'Excuse me ma'm, but I need to stop you and talk to you.  Jesus wants me to tell you something."

Interviewer: "Wow, Jesus huh? Where you skeptical at all?"

Miss Anne: "I'm very analytical, I'm afraid I never dismiss anything right off hand, I always want to analyse what is given to me for truth or falsehood."

Interviewer: "So you were open that this man may have had a message from Jesus for you?"

Miss Anne: "Open, but not convinced."

Interviewer: "What did this man say to you."

Miss Anne: "He proceeded to tell me everything I had just prayed about."

Interviewer: "What!!  He told you what you had just prayed about?  Where you praying out loud, maybe he overheard you."

Miss Anne: "I'm afraid that isn't possible, I said all of my prayers silently.  I never uttered a word."

Interviewer: "And you had never met or seen this man before?"

Miss Anne: "No."

Interviewer: "Perhaps he made a good guess?"

Miss Anne: "No, you see he was too specific about what he knew.  The only way he could have known what he had told me was if God Himself had revealed it to him.  I believe this was the Holy Spirit preparing me for what came next."

Interviewer: "Please tell us."

Miss Anne: "Then he said something that could not be denied by any means other than God.  I had told no one of my horrible encounter with the Doctor, nor did anyone know that I wanted to ask the Doctor how long I would live.  The man looked at me and said the following:  This is what Jesus is telling me to tell you.  'If you want to have a long life, all you have to do is ask Me.  Ask Me and I will give it to you.'"


Interviewer:  "Wow.  That is amazing.  So what was your reaction to this?"

Miss Anne: "I think my eyes got big and my mouth hung open for a bit!   After that there was no doubt in my mind that what he was telling me was from the Lord."

Interviewer:  "I must say I'm always a little skeptical myself but I have to say that is amazing.  So tell us, did you ask Him for a long life?"

Miss Anne: (laughs) "Well, I think I will keep that prayer to myself."

Interviewer:  "And rightly so.  Well I'm afraid we are now out of time, but this has been a fascinating talk and I do want to thank you for coming on Mystical Talk Radio, and we look forward to having you back on a future radio show.

Miss Anne: "Yes, thank you, I would be happy to."

Interviewer:  "And I am John with Mystical Talk Radio, until next time!

The Radio interview is fictional, but the story contained in it is very true and happened to me.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Mystery of Eternity

Contained within the mystery of Eternity are gifts that God has given us that we may access in our temporal flesh.  These gifts from God benefit us because they are of the realm of the eternal and can affect our eternal nature (the soul).  

God in His wisdom who made the soul eternal but the flesh to die has given us gifts that profit a soul for all eternity yet while it is in the flesh..  As sin damages eternally unless repented of and repaired, the soul that does not repent of sin will have an eternal wound that it will suffer with forever in hell.    But God in His goodness has given us gifts that if used with love for God can give the soul an eternal benefit.

What does the scripture tell us?  God is not bound by time, God cannot be bound by His creations.  

What are the aspects of time?  Past, present, and future.  Three, like the trinity.  When God took flesh, did God submit to the boundaries of time?  No.  God in the second person of the Trinity is equally 100% God and 100% man.  Yes, Jesus's flesh did grow and age as prescribed by time, but His nature as God was never bound to the timeline to which He had chosen to be born into.    So what does that mean for us?  This means that the life, passion and resurrection of Jesus are not moments to be seen in the past but can be used as if they are happening at present.  By re-presenting to God these moments in the life of His Son Jesus, God sees them as happening now in the eternal present, not in the past.  Therefore, with a heart intent on the good of another, we can re-present to God what to us is in the past, (the passion of His Son) but to Him is eternally present and an eternal oblation. 

Jesus gave us examples of what profits us.  He said, “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul.?    He also tells us, “The world may pass away, but my words shall not pass away.”   So the Word of God is eternal.  Everything that Jesus gave His Church has an eternal nature to it that can benefit us for eternity, if we will use it with good will in respect and love for God and who He is. 

We experience past, present and future in a linear progression.  God is outside of time and is not bound by it.  So God, experiences time as a perpetual now.   He experiences the past as “now”, the present as “now” and the future as “now”.  Please understand, this is not a linear progression.  When God experiences a future moment as “now”, it is not that the now "is" and the progresses to the next moment, no, He experiences each moment in eternity as a “now” present before Him as an eternal oblation either bad or good.  The good oblation works for our souls for our salvation, the bad, requires God’s justice.  While we are in the flesh and breathe, the eternal “now” that God experiences of our sins has only one remedy and that remedy would also have to be eternal,  the blood of Christ.  So the oblation of Christ is eternal, and able to cover an eternal wound of sin that would justly land us in Hell.  
We only have access to the divine mercy of Christ's blood while we are in the flesh.  Once we die we have left the transgression of time and are placed into the eternal “now” where all the “now” moments of our lives, good and bad, are presented before the throne of God for judgment.    Having left "time" and stepping into eternity the state of our soul at the time of death will seal our soul at that moment.   When we are before the judgement and have left the flesh, the gift of free will is no longer available and you can no longer repent .  Death seals the deal so to speak, and there is no more chances to repent.  

While we are in the flesh we can repent, at our judgment, we cannot.    

Our Protestant brethren who have rejected the Sacraments have rejected a great access to the eternal and infinite God given to us THROUGH the Sacraments.  The devil wished to greatly mute this heavenly access by sowing the seed of rebellion.    Our protestant brethren still have the many of the gifts that God has given to his people out of love.  They have the Word of God, the Holy Spirit and the Trinity.  

But because they have rejected the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass they may have lost some of the fear of God that can only be experienced by the heavens opening at every Holy Mass.  Any Catholic worth their salt fears God and trembles with what is taking place in the Holy Mass.  In the Holy Mass the Catholic encounters the eternal God that will someday judge him or her for all eternity.  Also, the Catholic will have to give an account to how they have sacrificed for their brother or sister outside of the Church.  Only a Catholic will be held accountable for our Protestant brothers and sisters that God has sent to them to sacrifice and pray for.  We have access to the Throne of God in the Holy Mass and as a result, is not only responsible for him or herself, but for the souls given to them to encounter in their life no matter their faith.  A Catholic will always be asked about the Protestant, Atheist that was sent to them in their life, even if it is just for a brief encounter in the checkout line.  

The grace of the Holy Mass is a great responsibility placed on those chosen to be Catholic and this is why it is a Mortal Sin to neglect the Holy Mass.    

This is how Catholics change the world.  Catholics are called to provide to their protestant, atheist or other brethren not of the faith access to God's mercy by taking Holy Communion for them, pleading to God for them at the offertory of the Holy Mass  and doing extra penance for them at Eucharistic adoration.

But there is a catch.  You see the devil seeks to be hidden in this world and work his diabolical plans very much under the radar.  So to be effective in seeking God's mercy for another, you too must be hidden and seek no notoriety or attention for yourself.    Do you recall the scripture where God said what was done in secret will be shouted from the mountain tops?  This isn't just for those evil acts done in secret where so many people wrongly thing God does not see.  But this is also applies to those who in a hidden way seek the good of another.  Hidden evil must be combated with Hidden holiness. 

What are the gifts that benefit us eternally?  I will touch on a few. 

1.  The Holy Mass. - We have access to the Throne of God.  This truly is the moment when Heaven touches earth.   

The Holy Mass is where the angels dwell.

2.  The Crucifix of our Lord.  Ever wonder why the Saints constantly gazed at the Crucifix?  First always because of love, but secondly, because it has a benefit to contemplate the Crucifixtion of our Lord for another.  For by our adoration of the Cross of our Lord, we connect with the Passion of our Lord which is an eternal "now" before God.   

3.  The Rosary - Both purification and mini exorcism for your eternal benefit.

4.  Confession. - Purification, exorcism.  You can repent of your sins verbally, but you are still chained to that particular demon until you go to confession.

All of these gifts are given to us for the OTHER.  The Catholic is the one that can plead to God for the blackest of hearts, retaking prisoners from the devil and retaking territory lost to sin and evil.

We must fight for everyone given to us...everyone. 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

"Judgement Will Fall..."

We are so close to when Jesus comes again.    When Jesus comes, He will come as the just Judge, and many will NOT be prepared for His coming.    Listen to me please.  When He comes back, that's it, no more chances, He will come in judgement of those on the earth and this judgement is perfect.  

Many will NOT be ready for this.  

Twice in prayer I got the very same thing.  

"Judgement will fall and many will not be ready."

What does this mean? That many upon whom God's judgement will fall will be found in a state of mortal sin, and they will be condemned to the second death... Hell.  There is no way out of this.  When Jesus parts the clouds and descends as He ascended 2000+ years go, there is no more time for mercy.  It will now be  the time of Judgement.   The state of your soul at that moment is the eternal state it will find itself at the Judgement throne.  BE AWAKE!

We are in the end of the end days.  We must be on guard looking to the heavens as if He could come at any moment.  

Here are all the dreams and visions I have had about this.

Dream:  I saw Jesus in heaven holding a door, he was closing it.  I knew this was the door to plead for mercy.  There was only the smallest sliver of light before the door was closed.

Dream:  I was on a train with a woman.  The heaven's opened and Jesus came down and judged her to be damned for all eternity.  I said to Him, "Hey, what about your mercy?"  Jesus said, "When it is finished, it is finished." (The time of mercy was finished)

Voice Heard:  During waking one morning I was sitting on the edge of my bed when I heard the voice say to me, "The scroll of the third millennia has been opened." (I don't know what that means.)

During Prayer:  "Judgement will fall and many will not be ready." 

The scariest of them all was: 

When I first saw this, (and I've seen it twice, the 2nd time on Corpus Christi), I was clueless as to what it really meant other than instructing me of the real presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist.

One day I woke up and looked at the picture, studying it.   It was then that God touched my heart with a fear and sadness that made me cry the whole day.  This picture is about more than just the Real Presence.  What He showed me was that the scripture I heard, the fact that it was from the Book of Revelation was NOT A COINCIDENCE.  He is coming VERY SOON.  He is coming as the Alpha and the Omega and it will be the time of separating the wheat from the chaff.   We Catholics must seek God's mercy for our non Catholic brother's and sisters by taking Holy Communion every day for the other.  These souls can be of any faith or belief, Protestant, Muslim, Atheist, those that are farthest from Him.  We must do this for love of God and the other so those that can receive God's mercy, will.  

CATHOLICS ARE ON THE FRONT LINE FOR THE BATTLE FOR SOULS!  We have the weapons! We have the greatest conduit to the Throne of God by which WE can plead for mercy for ourselves and for others.  This is the Holy Mass.  There is NOTHING greater on the earth by which a soul can access Heaven then the Holy Mass.

We have the Sacraments, USE THEM!  The devil is ramping up, we must meet him on the battlefield with our Rosaries in hand.  

 We must stay confessed, change our lives and seek to love and obey God fully through His Church, (NO Cafeteria Catholics), and seek God's mercy for souls by being the conduit for them to Heaven.  

Many more souls will be condemned than should be if we do not take advantage of what God has given us.   The time is NOW to fight for them, to plead for them.  God is NOT bound by time, we can plead for mercy for souls before the Throne of God now before their judgement is upon them.  

The Last one:  Direct from my diary:

In my dream I heard the voice of the Lord say to me, "Write what you see, and the last thing you see shall be the Son of Man coming at the end." (During dream, fuzzy, saw a bunch of people/angels and then Jesus in center - like photograph. Jesus looked like what that girl drew pictures of.) (7/8/2014)

I don't know if that means it will happen before or after I die.  But if it means before I die, I'm 51 years old.  Do the Math.

(I have kept silent with this for some time, afraid to speak.  But if I truly love God and others, I must speak no matter the consequence to myself.  I fear not speaking and having to account for that before God rather than speaking and perhaps losing every soul on the Earth as my friend.) 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Where The Devil Will Always Tell the Truth

Ruben Last Judgement

When you were born, you were given a name.  Your name has a meaning whether you are aware of it or not.  (look it up).    My name: Adele has the meaning: "Noble, nobility."

We all have a name, and that name has a meaning, whether or not it defines our character may be a different matter.

There are three ways in which we receive a name.  1.  Our parents name us.  2.  We name ourselves by sin.  3.  God RENAMES us by His redemptive grace.  He names us "Forgiven", "Son" or "Daughter,"  "Redeemed."

Never forget that the devils are constantly about seeking our destruction.  They see everything we do, and when we step into sin, this is when they are the most encouraging for us to continue.  When we are given the name "Forgiven".  The devil wants desperately for us to abandon that name and take up again the name of our sin.  (This is why he is always tempting us.)

The devil is a liar, he constantly lies and tries to draw us away from the truth of God.  He can tell big lies, but usually only after he has laid the groundwork with a lot of smaller deceptions that we have swallowed by our own free will.  Like a fish, he hooks us and then tries to drag us in a little deeper, one small step at a time.  Never believe anything the devil tells you, but there is one situation in which he will always tell the truth.

A man who died in a car accident and then was revived afterwards tells a very interesting story.  He would go to Church on Sunday, but also visit prostitutes regularly.   He said when he passed into the void he immediately heard a demon screech, "He’s mine, he’s mine.”  The voice screamed. “His name is liar, liar, liar, and I am taking him to the Lake of Fire.”  (Link at bottom of this article)

The devil told the truth, and this is the one situation in which he always will.  The devil has no problem with telling the truth when he knows by God's justice that the truth he will tell will condemn you for all eternity.    The man had renamed himself "liar", not "fornicator" or "whoremonger", but "liar", why?  Because he was lying to God by playing Church and then willingly and knowingly engaging in his sin of choice.   If he hadn't been in Church his name might have been "fornicator" or "whoremonger", but he still would have faced the possibility of an eternity in hell depending on his judgement.

There is absolutely nothing you can hide from God.  Your thoughts, intentions, He knows it all.  The devil on the other hand does not.   The devil can make some very good educated guesses based on your behavior, and trust me, he does prowl constantly seeking our destruction.  We do not fear the devil, but God who is the just judge.  But know that when we die and go to our judgement, we will have the 'accuser' there to accuse of every sin we have committed and seek to rename us as "damned."

When the devil names you by your sin at the judgement, it is the one time he will always tell the truth, because before the judgement seat of God there is only truth.  Whatever your sins are you will not be able to deny them, your reason for saying every word, committing every act will be revealed.   The demon will fight hard for your soul, using all the ammunition we have given him by our sins.

The devil is hidden in this world, but not unperceived.  To fight him we must turn the tables on him.  Use what we know to disarm and expel him.  The devils goal is to remain hidden and do as much destruction as he possibly can.  He does this by inspiring and tempting people into sin that will put them in the devil's territory and not God's.  So we must remain hidden, seeking the good of the other, by seeking and pleading to God for their salvation.

The truth is on the devils lips, but only at our judgement, and only so that that truth will condemn us.   To have victory at our judgement over the demon, we must live hidden lives for God and for love of another so that the word of our deeds spoken at the judgement will bring pain to the devil and not us.

Hell is absent of all the good things that God gives us.  There is no sleep, rest, water, food, comfort in hell.  These are the first pains of the devil, but the greatest defeat he can receive is when we conform ourselves to the life of Jesus for love alone.  What this means is a sacrificial love for another seeking nothing for self.  This love is given because we love God and only desire what He does.  When these deeds are presented to the devil, this is his great pain, but it is not the deed itself that causes him the greatest pain.  The greatest pain is the heart of love attached to the deed by the holy soul for love of God.  This is when the devil truly suffers fire before the judgement seat.    The fire that satan would have us suffer is given back to him.

Job accepted every suffering given and did not lose faith in God, but at his lowest the devil entered his wife and spoke through her.    "His wife said to him, "Are you still maintaining your integrity? Curse God and die!"  Job 2:9.   Remember, this was before Jesus, if Job had listened to his wife, I believe the devil was just laying in wait for Job to issue the curse against God so he could instantly take his life and drag him to hell.

Mary, when seeing Jesus whom she loved suffer so much for the sake of all of us yet she did not get angry or question God, she just said....

"So be it Lord."

Accept your suffering, offer it for your purification and the conversion of sinners and trust HIM.

The devil's ultimate goal for you is the same he had for Job, for you to curse God and be with him for all eternity in Hell.  God in His mercy will allow you to suffer some things for your purification so that you can enter into Heaven.  So when you suffer, but like His Mother and say..."So be it Lord."





Sunday, February 21, 2016

Holy, Holy, Holy

"Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of Hosts, heaven and earth are full of your glory. Hosanna in the highest. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. Hosanna in the highest. " 

At this moment in the Holy Mass I can see where the throne of God is, although I cannot see God,  and I can see all of the angels and the Saints worshiping God around His throne. All of the universe is united in worshiping God at this moment.  All of the angels in heaven, all of the souls in Purgatory, every soul united with God is worshiping Him at this moment.  Human words cannot fully describe the joy and worship that is experienced in Heaven before the throne. 

This is why the Holy Mass has such an effect on every soul on the earth.   Because through the Holy Mass we participate in this Holy and Pure worship around the throne of God. 

Only a Priest in good standing with the Church can open this door to heaven for us.  To stand in the breach and be on earth but to be able to open heaven is a gift of the male Priesthood from the beginning.  No woman could withstand what is required and if for some reason the Pope where to ordain a woman to be a priest, he is signing her death warrant, for the first Holy Mass she would try to celebrate would mean her physical death. 

I know what the Holy Mass is.  I go to Holy Mass because I love God and I love others.  Having brushed the edge of eternity by God’s grace I live in a state of constant mourning for the souls that are constantly choosing hell.   God has let me know the state of souls in the world and He does not desire any soul to go to hell, but many because of lack of love, selfishness or just plain evil choose it DAILY.  Yes, souls are falling into Hell and will be there for all eternity as you are reading this.  They shall NEVER get out. 

God does not leave us unaided, but who will receive the truth and not push it away?  Many receive graces from God and just push it away.  I didn’t, I went after Him, pursuing His mercy for others.  God is not far away, and He WANTS TO BE FOUND.  As a result God has shown me the tools that He has given to mankind that can be used to seek His mercy for others.

Why do you go to Holy Mass Catholic?  Do you go because your family goes to this Church? To see if someone else showed up or what someone is wearing? Do you go because it is ‘what you have always done’?  Because you went to School at the Parish?   That may be all well and good, but that is not your mission as a Catholic .  If you love God, great, seek your salvation and the salvation of your family, but I enjoin you to broaden your horizons beyond your own family and parish and seek the salvation and the good of the Muslim, the Atheist,  anyone that has been given to you.  Seek their salvation by pleading to the throne of God for them during the Holy Mass and then take Holy Communion for them.

This is what you are made for, that through you, the world is changed.  Catholics in a state of grace seeking what is good first for our families and parish and then for another. 

Do not pour yourself out one drop less for the one who hates you as the one that loves you.

Friday, January 29, 2016

"We've Only One Purpose..."

In the great 1943 movie Sahara, there is a line in the movie that mirrors who every Catholic is called to be.

In this movie Sergeant Joe Gunn (Humphrey Bogart) and his tank crew pick up five British soldiers, a Frenchman and a Sudanese man with an Italian prisoner crossing the Libyan Desert to rejoin their command after the fall of Tobruk. They and the Germans are greatly in need of water.  The British Commander, Captain Jason Halliday (Richard Aherne) had one of the greatest lines in the film:

Richard Aherne

"We've only one purpose: 

To save ourselves so that we can fight again."

This is what every Catholic is called to do.  To stay confessed, with true repentance of heart for our sins, seeking God's mercy for ourselves so that we can be the conduit for that mercy for another.

The situation is bad, evil seems to not only surround us, but also outnumber us greatly.  There must be a few souls whom at great peril to themselves will stand their ground and say, evil shall go no further!

Watch the movie, and join the fight.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

One Way Out...of Hell

In my previous post I gave some rather grim numbers of souls that may be on the road to eternal damnation.  Scary stuff, even for me.  But there is a way to avoid it.  There is a way out.

Yes, Jesus is the one, no one can go to the Father, nor even know the Father except through Jesus.  We have to accept Jesus, confess who He is, repent, believe and be baptised.  But then we have to go out into a dangerous world full of temptations to the worsts sins that the world has ever seen.  The devil has made it so easy to sin in such a way that if you died the second after committing the sin, your soul could be eternally lost.

But Jesus knowing that we would have many temptations in this world, gave us a Lioness to shelter her children under her Mantle, His Mother.  This does in no way diminish Jesus's divinity or authority, but Jesus is allowing this grace to pass through His Mother as He Himself passed through her womb to Earth for our salvation.

Mary cannot save us from hell, only her son Jesus can.   But Jesus can give authority to the good servant, remember?  "His master said to him, ‘Well done, my good and faithful servant. Since you were faithful in small matters, I will give you great responsibilities. Come, share your master’s joy." Did giving great responsibilities to the servant in any way diminish the Master? No.  But which one of the servants would you want to hang out with to get to know the Master? The unfaithful or the faithful one?

Can you go directly to the Master yourself? Sure, but be afraid that He may say to you, "I do not know you."  God's ways are above our ways, and trust me, when we go to our judgement we are not going to 'fist bump' Jesus as I heard in a recent song on the radio.  God is so Holy that if Moses had looked on His face when God had passed by, he would have died.

God wishes us to use the gifts He has given His Mother because doing so glorifies the Father and the Holy Spirit whom overshadowed her to bring forth the Son. 

God longed for our salvation and when the moment came He sent the Archangel Gabriel to a young girl saying  "Hail full of grace, the Lord is with you, blessed are you among women."  This is the Angelic Salutation, not because they are the Angel's words, but they are God's words through a messenger.    What did the Angelic Salutation do?  It brought life to the Earth.    So just as the Holy Spirit overcame her and brought life into her womb, the Angelic Salutation always brings life to the Earth.   God is pleased whenever we pray these words in the Hail Mary, Rosary, or the Crown of Twelve Stars because we are re-presenting back to Him the moment of the Incarnation of His Son and our salvation.

This was God becoming one of us, for us.  Jesus is life.  Mary brought forth this life for us.  But Mary wasn't just meant to be a Mother one time, she was meant to have children in abundance.  Jesus would be the only physical child she would bear because she bore God in her womb, it was now Holy as long as God is Holy, which is for all eternity.

She would not have flesh children that must someday die, for she was now the Mother of all the living in Jesus.  She could not taste death from this moment on or God would be made a liar, because death was created by sin, and she had to be sinless and holy for God to come into her womb.  God cannot abode with sin, they are incompatible.  So with the Passion of her Son, Jesus would allow a grace of life to again be given through her.  The grace would be the Rosary which always brings life to the Earth.  

(The Hail Mary) Just as almighty God chose the angelical salutation [Hail Mary] to bring 
about the Incarnation of His Word and the Redemption of mankind [Lk 1:28, 42], in the 
same way those who want to bring about moral reforms and who want people reborn in 
Jesus Christ must honor me and greet me with the same salutation. I am the channel by 
which God came to men, and so, next to my Son Jesus Christ, it is through me that men 
must obtain grace and virtue. (Mary to Blessed Alan de la Roche, in Secret of the Rosary, 

84); Cf True Devotion to Mary, 156-59) 

Still even with the grace of the blood of her Son and the Holy Rosary, there was much sin on the Earth and many were on their way to eternal damnation.  She is their Mother as much as she is Jesus's Mother.  She loves the children that Jesus gave her at the Cross as much as she loves the Son whom she watched suffer on it.

Do you know the pain in a Mother's heart when a child is suffering and the child won't turn to the Mother who only wants the best for her child?

Our Blessed Mother even tells us the possible condition of the soul that hates the angelic salutation:  

"Know, my son, and make all others know, that it is a probable and proximate sign of 
eternal damnation to have an aversion, a lukewarmness, or a negligence in saying the 
angelical salutation, which has repaired the whole world."(Mary to Blessed Alan de la 
Roche, in True Devotion to Mary, 157)  

How could Jesus wish that His Mother be in such pain knowing how much she loves us?  She pours herself out before the throne of God, pleading that her children not be lost.  So out of His love for her, He allows the grace necessary for final salvation to pass through His Mother for those that will complete the First Five Saturdays Devotion. 

"I promise to assist at the hour of death with the graces necessary for salvation 
all those who, in order to make reparation to me, on the First Saturday of five successive months, go to confession, receive Holy Communion, say five decades of the Rosary, and keep me company for a quarter of an hour, meditating on the fifteen mysteries of the Rosary.

Is this a get out of Hell-jail free card?  No.  God doesn't work that way, but God brings life, for when you do the First Five Saturdays, consoling her Immaculate Heart, you have a special place in Our Mother's Heart.  Mary was assumed into heaven without tasting death.  So when you are in her heart, you are in the heart that still beats and will never die.  In her love for us the Blessed Virgin will then go to Her Son and say to Him, "Son, look at my child who tried to console the pain in my heart that my other children give me."

The First Five Saturdays Devotion give us the grace of final perseverance.    So when you die the devil will not be able to get to you because of the Mother sheltering you from the accuser.  Yes, you must face God in your Judgement, but do not be afraid, Mother will be there, holding your hand.

Please...pray the First Five Saturday's Devotion.

Monday, January 18, 2016

The Little Number of Those Who Are Saved

In reading this sermon by this great saint, 
(which you can find here:  https://www.olrl.org/snt_docs/fewness.shtml )
at times we are given numbers of those saved either by going to Purgatory or Heaven in relation to those who had died at that moment.  Of course I had to do the numbers.

Below is the paragraph or sentence from the sermon that I use to calculate what St. Leonard Port Maurice is describing.   I then calculate the percentage of the saved vs. the damned per his sermon. 
 "Look in to the Old and New Testaments, and you will find a multitude of figures, symbols and words that clearly point out this truth: very few are saved. In the time of Noah, the entire human race was submerged by the Deluge, and only eight people were saved in the Ark." 
(8 persons with approximate world population in 2500 bc being 20 million = 
8/20,000,000 = .0000004% or  Saved = .0000004%Damned = .9999996%)

"The Bible also tells us that only two Hebrews out of two million entered the Promised Land after going out of Egypt, and that only four escaped the fire of Sodom and the other burning cities that perished with it."  (2 persons reach promised land out of approximately 3 million Jews = 2/3,000,000 = .000000667% or Saved = .000000667%Damned = .9999996%)
Please DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED by these numbers.  God wishes all men to be saved and He has given us a means to our salvation, the Blood of Christ..  

God is eternal, we are flesh and weak, God knows that.  God in His mercy has given us access to the eternal while we are still in the flesh so that we may be purified for Heaven.   God gives us a path of penance so that we may go to our judgement with the greatest Saints to defend us against the devil who will seek our eternal destruction.

USE WHAT GOD HAS GIVEN US, USE WHAT TOUCHES ETERNITY and has an everlasting ETERNAL benefit.    First we must believe and know that Jesus is God and died for us, and then we must learn about and stay close to the Church He gave to us.  God has given us the Holy Mass, Confession,  Baptism, the Most Blessed Sacrament, the Rosary, the Stations and the Anointing of the Sick.  

God has given us the Holy Mass which opens Heaven for us.  He gives us Holy Confession which unchains us from the devil.  We have the Most Holy Eucharist which heals and strengthens us as we fight against a decadent world.  We have the Saints to intercede for us if we will seek their prayers.  We have prayer in front of the Most Blessed Sacrament which can purify a soul by repairing not only the sin of the soul praying, but this can also heal generational evil attachments.  (Know someone who has bad 'luck'? Encourage them to seek God and pray in front of the most Blessed Sacrament.) 

The Holy Rosary always touches eternity because it touches the Immaculate Heart of Mary and can repair many sinful tendencies.  The Holy Rosary like the Angelic Salutation exclaimed by the Archangel Gabriel always brings LIFE.  If you pray the Rosary you will either give up the sin or give up the Rosary for living in perpetual sin and praying the Rosary is incompatible.  

The Stations of the Cross hold a truth that God the Father will never deny.  Praying the Stations is a great way to make a Saint.  

FIGHT FOR YOUR SALVATION!  God knows the heart, so we must truly change from within.  God is willing and desires you to come to Him if you would just repent of your sins, seek out the Sacraments of the Church and truly change your ways.  Don't be lost for all eternity.  Be a Saint. 

Never deny anyone to receive the last Sacrament.  There are many souls in Purgatory that are so thankful that a Priest was called and they were giving the Anointing of the Sick before they passed, otherwise they would be in hell for all eternity.  

More Quotes:  

"Know, Monsignor, that at the very hour I passed away, thirty-three thousand people also died. Out of this number, Bernard and myself went up to heaven without delay, three went to purgatory, and all the others fell into Hell." (5/33,000 =  .0001515% or Saved = .0001515%Damned = .999848%) 

"When I was presented before the Tribunal of God, sixty thousand people arrived at the same time from all parts of the world; out of that number, three were saved by going to Purgatory, and all the rest were damned." (3/66,000 = .000045455% or Saved = .000045455%Damned = .999954545%)  

Don't shoot the messenger.