Friday, January 08, 2016

The Battlefield

A View from My Battlefield

No warrior ever unsheathed their sword to wreak havoc on the enemy in the comfort of their living room.  Warriors need a battlefield. 

Warriors, are called to go out, and if in a state of grace, to plead to the Holy God for those around them.   Being a Warrior can be lonely, but if you need companionship, take a companion, but some are called to fight alone.   I think I am the later, I fight alone.  I go out and I go to where the sinners are and I plead to God for them.    This is NOT an easy thing to do.  When I go to these places, sometimes I can feel the weight of the sins around me.  This is a very painful experience and one you instinctively want to run from.   I am shielded from the knowledge of what someone’s sin is because it serves no purpose for me to have this knowledge.  I am not a Priest and no woman ever can be.  God is extremely efficient and He works on a “need to know” basis.  

About Mystical Knowledge:  

1.  God has perfect knowledge of all things,  before we were in existence, He knew the knowledge He would give and when.  
2.  All knowledge is given for a purpose, God wastes NOTHING.  
3.  God requires some effort on the Warriors part to discern the meaning of the knowledge and what the Warrior is to do with it.   God will use the gifts He has already given you, (Example: an analytical mind) to process and find a way to use the knowledge given for HIS purposes.  You will then have a choice to act on this knowledge or not, there is no obligation, our free will is always in effect.  
4.  The knowledge given does in no way enhance the one who has received it.  
5.  The Warrior in a purified state pleading to God for their brother or sister becomes a 'pass through point' from which the Grace of God can work through them for others in proportion to the love contained in their heart for God and their neighbor.  
6. The final stage of mystical knowledge is the mystery of suffering and the marriage of suffering and purification.    The warrior uses this knowledge and accepts suffering given from one greater than themselves for the good of others.
7.  A greater proportion of mystical knowledge is given to the soul that is hidden and desires no acclaim in this world.  Being hidden for love of God and those He loves always enhances communication between God and man.  

Next...LOCATION OF BATTLEFIELD and Weapons to bring!

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