Sunday, April 17, 2016

"Judgement Will Fall..."

We are so close to when Jesus comes again.    When Jesus comes, He will come as the just Judge, and many will NOT be prepared for His coming.    Listen to me please.  When He comes back, that's it, no more chances, He will come in judgement of those on the earth and this judgement is perfect.  

Many will NOT be ready for this.  

Twice in prayer I got the very same thing.  

"Judgement will fall and many will not be ready."

What does this mean? That many upon whom God's judgement will fall will be found in a state of mortal sin, and they will be condemned to the second death... Hell.  There is no way out of this.  When Jesus parts the clouds and descends as He ascended 2000+ years go, there is no more time for mercy.  It will now be  the time of Judgement.   The state of your soul at that moment is the eternal state it will find itself at the Judgement throne.  BE AWAKE!

We are in the end of the end days.  We must be on guard looking to the heavens as if He could come at any moment.  

Here are all the dreams and visions I have had about this.

Dream:  I saw Jesus in heaven holding a door, he was closing it.  I knew this was the door to plead for mercy.  There was only the smallest sliver of light before the door was closed.

Dream:  I was on a train with a woman.  The heaven's opened and Jesus came down and judged her to be damned for all eternity.  I said to Him, "Hey, what about your mercy?"  Jesus said, "When it is finished, it is finished." (The time of mercy was finished)

Voice Heard:  During waking one morning I was sitting on the edge of my bed when I heard the voice say to me, "The scroll of the third millennia has been opened." (I don't know what that means.)

During Prayer:  "Judgement will fall and many will not be ready." 

The scariest of them all was: 

When I first saw this, (and I've seen it twice, the 2nd time on Corpus Christi), I was clueless as to what it really meant other than instructing me of the real presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist.

One day I woke up and looked at the picture, studying it.   It was then that God touched my heart with a fear and sadness that made me cry the whole day.  This picture is about more than just the Real Presence.  What He showed me was that the scripture I heard, the fact that it was from the Book of Revelation was NOT A COINCIDENCE.  He is coming VERY SOON.  He is coming as the Alpha and the Omega and it will be the time of separating the wheat from the chaff.   We Catholics must seek God's mercy for our non Catholic brother's and sisters by taking Holy Communion every day for the other.  These souls can be of any faith or belief, Protestant, Muslim, Atheist, those that are farthest from Him.  We must do this for love of God and the other so those that can receive God's mercy, will.  

CATHOLICS ARE ON THE FRONT LINE FOR THE BATTLE FOR SOULS!  We have the weapons! We have the greatest conduit to the Throne of God by which WE can plead for mercy for ourselves and for others.  This is the Holy Mass.  There is NOTHING greater on the earth by which a soul can access Heaven then the Holy Mass.

We have the Sacraments, USE THEM!  The devil is ramping up, we must meet him on the battlefield with our Rosaries in hand.  

 We must stay confessed, change our lives and seek to love and obey God fully through His Church, (NO Cafeteria Catholics), and seek God's mercy for souls by being the conduit for them to Heaven.  

Many more souls will be condemned than should be if we do not take advantage of what God has given us.   The time is NOW to fight for them, to plead for them.  God is NOT bound by time, we can plead for mercy for souls before the Throne of God now before their judgement is upon them.  

The Last one:  Direct from my diary:

In my dream I heard the voice of the Lord say to me, "Write what you see, and the last thing you see shall be the Son of Man coming at the end." (During dream, fuzzy, saw a bunch of people/angels and then Jesus in center - like photograph. Jesus looked like what that girl drew pictures of.) (7/8/2014)

I don't know if that means it will happen before or after I die.  But if it means before I die, I'm 51 years old.  Do the Math.

(I have kept silent with this for some time, afraid to speak.  But if I truly love God and others, I must speak no matter the consequence to myself.  I fear not speaking and having to account for that before God rather than speaking and perhaps losing every soul on the Earth as my friend.) 

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Unknown said...

Hi Adele, I read your blog because it is so close to what my wife and I encounter and experience in daily Communion with Jesus. Thank you for sharing this warning. This is a wonderful time for Mercy and for some of us the soon coming of the Lord is a joyous expectation! We see and hear Him every day and soon we will be with Him forever! Alleluia!Today is the day of salvation!The peace of the Lord be with you. Amen