Thursday, March 24, 2016

Where The Devil Will Always Tell the Truth

Ruben Last Judgement

When you were born, you were given a name.  Your name has a meaning whether you are aware of it or not.  (look it up).    My name: Adele has the meaning: "Noble, nobility."

We all have a name, and that name has a meaning, whether or not it defines our character may be a different matter.

There are three ways in which we receive a name.  1.  Our parents name us.  2.  We name ourselves by sin.  3.  God RENAMES us by His redemptive grace.  He names us "Forgiven", "Son" or "Daughter,"  "Redeemed."

Never forget that the devils are constantly about seeking our destruction.  They see everything we do, and when we step into sin, this is when they are the most encouraging for us to continue.  When we are given the name "Forgiven".  The devil wants desperately for us to abandon that name and take up again the name of our sin.  (This is why he is always tempting us.)

The devil is a liar, he constantly lies and tries to draw us away from the truth of God.  He can tell big lies, but usually only after he has laid the groundwork with a lot of smaller deceptions that we have swallowed by our own free will.  Like a fish, he hooks us and then tries to drag us in a little deeper, one small step at a time.  Never believe anything the devil tells you, but there is one situation in which he will always tell the truth.

A man who died in a car accident and then was revived afterwards tells a very interesting story.  He would go to Church on Sunday, but also visit prostitutes regularly.   He said when he passed into the void he immediately heard a demon screech, "He’s mine, he’s mine.”  The voice screamed. “His name is liar, liar, liar, and I am taking him to the Lake of Fire.”  (Link at bottom of this article)

The devil told the truth, and this is the one situation in which he always will.  The devil has no problem with telling the truth when he knows by God's justice that the truth he will tell will condemn you for all eternity.    The man had renamed himself "liar", not "fornicator" or "whoremonger", but "liar", why?  Because he was lying to God by playing Church and then willingly and knowingly engaging in his sin of choice.   If he hadn't been in Church his name might have been "fornicator" or "whoremonger", but he still would have faced the possibility of an eternity in hell depending on his judgement.

There is absolutely nothing you can hide from God.  Your thoughts, intentions, He knows it all.  The devil on the other hand does not.   The devil can make some very good educated guesses based on your behavior, and trust me, he does prowl constantly seeking our destruction.  We do not fear the devil, but God who is the just judge.  But know that when we die and go to our judgement, we will have the 'accuser' there to accuse of every sin we have committed and seek to rename us as "damned."

When the devil names you by your sin at the judgement, it is the one time he will always tell the truth, because before the judgement seat of God there is only truth.  Whatever your sins are you will not be able to deny them, your reason for saying every word, committing every act will be revealed.   The demon will fight hard for your soul, using all the ammunition we have given him by our sins.

The devil is hidden in this world, but not unperceived.  To fight him we must turn the tables on him.  Use what we know to disarm and expel him.  The devils goal is to remain hidden and do as much destruction as he possibly can.  He does this by inspiring and tempting people into sin that will put them in the devil's territory and not God's.  So we must remain hidden, seeking the good of the other, by seeking and pleading to God for their salvation.

The truth is on the devils lips, but only at our judgement, and only so that that truth will condemn us.   To have victory at our judgement over the demon, we must live hidden lives for God and for love of another so that the word of our deeds spoken at the judgement will bring pain to the devil and not us.

Hell is absent of all the good things that God gives us.  There is no sleep, rest, water, food, comfort in hell.  These are the first pains of the devil, but the greatest defeat he can receive is when we conform ourselves to the life of Jesus for love alone.  What this means is a sacrificial love for another seeking nothing for self.  This love is given because we love God and only desire what He does.  When these deeds are presented to the devil, this is his great pain, but it is not the deed itself that causes him the greatest pain.  The greatest pain is the heart of love attached to the deed by the holy soul for love of God.  This is when the devil truly suffers fire before the judgement seat.    The fire that satan would have us suffer is given back to him.

Job accepted every suffering given and did not lose faith in God, but at his lowest the devil entered his wife and spoke through her.    "His wife said to him, "Are you still maintaining your integrity? Curse God and die!"  Job 2:9.   Remember, this was before Jesus, if Job had listened to his wife, I believe the devil was just laying in wait for Job to issue the curse against God so he could instantly take his life and drag him to hell.

Mary, when seeing Jesus whom she loved suffer so much for the sake of all of us yet she did not get angry or question God, she just said....

"So be it Lord."

Accept your suffering, offer it for your purification and the conversion of sinners and trust HIM.

The devil's ultimate goal for you is the same he had for Job, for you to curse God and be with him for all eternity in Hell.  God in His mercy will allow you to suffer some things for your purification so that you can enter into Heaven.  So when you suffer, but like His Mother and say..."So be it Lord."