Tuesday, February 27, 2018

"You Can't Fight Demons With A Sink Full Of Dirty Dishes."

Learning how to be an Intercessor was a long road, and God has taught me a lot.  

One of the things that He taught me is how Pride is a common and rampant virus infecting almost all believers.  When someone receives "information" from God, the Pride Virus kicks in and the person feels that they are "Chosen", usually leading that soul to rebellion.

Pride ALWAYS leads to rebellion. 

Any Exorcist will tell you that "Authority is a thing." (Fr. Ripperger) That authority is through the Catholic Church where fighting the demonic is most effective.  

That's great, but what about us women?  We cannot be Priests because that authority rests with the men.  So how do we play our part?  

The feminists have it all wrong.  Women are not delegated to a lower position, but raised to a great one.  We are not MEANT to be Priests, we are meant to be something awesome.  

A woman holds something inside of her that God will hardly deny, a Mother's heart.  What would you do if you knew that you can get to a place where God hears all your prayers and will not deny what you ask of Him?  Pretty powerful huh.  You don't get to ask for a new car, that's not how it works.  

A woman in a state of grace with her Mother's heart who pleads for her children aligned with the will of God will NOT be denied her prayers.  

But what does that mean to be in a state of grace?  Confessed, repented, and submitting to the authority to which God has placed you in this state of your life.  Yes, submitting to authority.  Authority of the Church and of those that God has placed over you.  This can be work, but it also means at home. When I was married, I was under the authority of my husband, now a widow, I live with my Father and am under his authority.  What I speak of is Godly authority, this is not about being a slave to another.  I am to be led in prayer by those in my home who are in authority over me.  When I submit to this Godly submission I am cancelling the rebellion of Eve when God looks at me through this submission.  Submitting to authority and pride are incompatible.

"Children, be obedient to your parents in all things, for this is well-pleasing to the Lord." Colossians 3:20

Can ones prayers be effective before God without being pleasing to Him?

Submitting to the authority of the Church and of my spiritual headship at home is a requirement for me to be an intercessor for another.  

By submitting to God's authority in my life also means doing the best I can where HE has placed me in service to others.  

If I were to lead others to this life of being an intercessor one of the first things I would ask them is to see their house.  Their house? Why?!  Because the demon is the master of chaos.  For you to intercede for others, you must have your house in order, and not just in the matters of spirituality and authority.  

The demon's watch us constantly.  When we intercede for another, the devil, not knowing our prayers, (he can't read our mind) will try to lessen or stop our prayers by presenting to God how we lead our lives.  It doesn't work, God judges the heart, which the devil cannot see.  But that doesn't mean he isn't going to try, especially if by your prayers God has done the devil significant damage.

To be an intercessor, stay confessed, stay close to the Catholic Church, strive to do penance and prayer as is fitting in your state in life, submit to authority and keep your house as best you can. (Spotless not required!)

A mother's heart has the significant grace of going beyond it's boundaries of just her own family when prayers through that heart are motivated by love of God and the other.  Eve was called the Mother of the living.  The Virgin Mary was the Mother of those living in Christ.  Our Mother.  Through her heart grace washes the souls of the earth with a Mother's love for us and prayer to her Son that we be brought safely to Him.  

Mary's heart is the Immaculate heart pleading for mercy.  Jesus heart is the heart of love and sacrifice.  The Sacred Heart was moved when Jesus carrying His cross was encountered by His Mother who said to Him, "Lord, have mercy."  Through all she was suffering in her Mother's heart for her Son, she asked Him for us.  He could deny her nothing. 

The touch of her Immaculate heart to His at this moment proved her worthy for what was to come next.  At the Cross, Jesus gave all of us to her.  "Woman, behold your son."

A woman who pleads as a Mother to God for the good of another, asking God to give her souls as her very own children can not only change her local parish, she can touch God's heart for whole nations.  

We, with our Mother's hearts, can join with our Immaculate Mother's heart to reach the Sacred heart.  God will not deny a Mother's heart bent on the mercy of God for the other.  

But before we seek God's mercy for another, we ourselves have to be aligned in all aspects of our life to God and His will as best we can.   

Trust me, it is very true. "You Can't Fight Demons With A Sink Full Of Dirty Dishes."

So, go to confession, go to Holy Mass, do penance and get your house in order.  Souls valuable to God are falling in to hell at this very moment.  Join the fight.