Sunday, November 18, 2018

The Watchers

The Watchers

(Warning:  Not to be read by young children; Parental discretion advised.)

We all have an angel watching us, seeking our highest good to get us to heaven, this is our Guardian Angel.  Even Jesus and Mary had Guardian Angels, thought to be the angels on the Ark of the Covenant. 

So, let's think about this.  Our Angels seek only our good, but are there angels around us, fallen angels, that seek our destruction?  The answer is yes, and there is proof in the scripture. 

Our Guardian Angel is constantly giving us inspirations to Pray, do Charity, go to Church, Read the bible, etc., in order that one day at our judgement we are a soul that has by our own will chosen to serve God. We know angels are real because Jesus spoke of them in Matt 18:10: "...For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven.” 

But there is also scripture about the demons being around us also.

1Peter 5:8 says to be "vigilant because your enemy the devil walks around as a roaring lion seeking someone to destroy."

So do we have a guardian 'demon' so to speak?  Yes, I think we do. 

My reasoning is this.  The demons are not omniscient, (all knowing), meaning that they cannot know where every soul is in the universe without being in some way in the presence of that soul.  Being omniscient is reserved only for God, even the good angels are not all knowing, so we know for sure the bad ones aren't.

But our Guardian angel is in constant communication with God. ("...their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father...") so his constant presence with us, although mandated by God, can be overridden by us and the Guardian Angel can be 'sent out' so to speak.  St Pio of Pietrelcina  did this on a regular basis.  He sent his Guardian Angel to inspire the Angel of another soul, etc.  Yet, because St Pio of Pietrelcina's angel was constantly in communication with God, he was not in any danger just because his angel was not currently near him. 

Job Chapter 1

But the demons do not have this communication with God, they are cut off from this heavenly information.  As a result, because of their angelic intelligence, they know a lot, but there is much they don't know.  Here are some interesting points.

1.  They cannot read your mind.  (Silent prayer is a thing - and it can be powerful).
2.  Unless they are in the vicinity of a soul, or have it communicated to them where a soul is, they cannot know where on the earth a soul is.  Now having said that - let me clarify, they have a powerful network that can communicate instantly.  So, if your 'watcher' misplaces you, (which isn't going to happen), they can instantly communicate within their demonic 'network' and find you pretty quickly.
3.  God is aware of the 'watchers', and allows it. 
4.  Jesus had a 'watcher'.
5.  They are called 'Guardian' angels for a reason.  If we didn't have an adversary constantly seeking our destruction, would we need a Guardian? 

Let me elaborate on some of these points. 

God is aware of the 'watchers' and permits it.  Why?  Because Satan fell to earth, and this is his domain.  (Not a very good roomie to have.)  In Job, Satan says that he has been "...walking here and there, roaming about the earth."  God's reply is, "Did you notice my servant Job?"  God permits the demons observation of us.

Jesus had a 'watcher'.  Think about it.  The scripture says that "Jesus was led by the Spirit to be tempted by the devil."  What Spirit?  It had to be the Spirit of God that led Him to the desert and the preparation for the battle was fasting.  If the devil is not omniscient then how did he know where to find Jesus, unless Jesus was already being watched constantly by one of them.  Satan didn't set that battlefield, God did. 

Fr. Dean Perri

There is other evidence of the 'watchers' and how they record our misdeeds.  In many exorcisms, the demon speaking through the suffering person that is possessed will recite the sins, correctly and in detail, to those attending the exorcism.   Fr. Dean Perri relates one incident when dealing with a possessed woman in a Catholic Church.  He states, "While we were praying, this entity, whatever it was, started yelling at us, calling us out by name and telling us the sins that we did. It was telling us the things that we did in our lives. We were shocked by it."

Randall Rathbun was leading a double life.  Going to Church on Sunday, but visiting Prostitutes also and indulging in pornography.  When a car wreck almost killed him, he had a frightening experience.  “An extremely loud scream burst right beside my head.” The scream was so loud, it almost deafened him.
“It was a voice that was screaming like a jet engine… an angry defiant voice…
And I recognized what it now was saying…”

“He’s mine, he’s mine,” the voice screamed. “His name is liar, liar, liar, and I am taking him to the Lake of Fire.”

How did the demon have that knowledge of Randall's life?  

Is there other evidence of 'watchers'?

For your discernment:

What now?

Don't panic, don't be afraid.  The truth is, anything bad around you is constantly tortured by being near your guardian angel.  Torture it more, by asking God to send you an angel that constantly reads the word of God.  To your Guardian Angel, the demonic are like annoying ants that they could easily crush under their sandals.  But by your lifestyle, YOU give power to the demonic or take it away from him.  

Use the tools God has given us in his Holy Catholic Church, Rosary, Stations, Confession, Litanies, etc. 

Stay under HER Mantle.

Stay Holy my friends. 

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

"You Can't Fight Demons With A Sink Full Of Dirty Dishes."

Learning how to be an Intercessor was a long road, and God has taught me a lot.  

One of the things that He taught me is how Pride is a common and rampant virus infecting almost all believers.  When someone receives "information" from God, the Pride Virus kicks in and the person feels that they are "Chosen", usually leading that soul to rebellion.

Pride ALWAYS leads to rebellion. 

Any Exorcist will tell you that "Authority is a thing." (Fr. Ripperger) That authority is through the Catholic Church where fighting the demonic is most effective.  

That's great, but what about us women?  We cannot be Priests because that authority rests with the men.  So how do we play our part?  

The feminists have it all wrong.  Women are not delegated to a lower position, but raised to a great one.  We are not MEANT to be Priests, we are meant to be something awesome.  

A woman holds something inside of her that God will hardly deny, a Mother's heart.  What would you do if you knew that you can get to a place where God hears all your prayers and will not deny what you ask of Him?  Pretty powerful huh.  You don't get to ask for a new car, that's not how it works.  

A woman in a state of grace with her Mother's heart who pleads for her children aligned with the will of God will NOT be denied her prayers.  

But what does that mean to be in a state of grace?  Confessed, repented, and submitting to the authority to which God has placed you in this state of your life.  Yes, submitting to authority.  Authority of the Church and of those that God has placed over you.  This can be work, but it also means at home. When I was married, I was under the authority of my husband, now a widow, I live with my Father and am under his authority.  What I speak of is Godly authority, this is not about being a slave to another.  I am to be led in prayer by those in my home who are in authority over me.  When I submit to this Godly submission I am cancelling the rebellion of Eve when God looks at me through this submission.  Submitting to authority and pride are incompatible.

"Children, be obedient to your parents in all things, for this is well-pleasing to the Lord." Colossians 3:20

Can ones prayers be effective before God without being pleasing to Him?

Submitting to the authority of the Church and of my spiritual headship at home is a requirement for me to be an intercessor for another.  

By submitting to God's authority in my life also means doing the best I can where HE has placed me in service to others.  

If I were to lead others to this life of being an intercessor one of the first things I would ask them is to see their house.  Their house? Why?!  Because the demon is the master of chaos.  For you to intercede for others, you must have your house in order, and not just in the matters of spirituality and authority.  

The demon's watch us constantly.  When we intercede for another, the devil, not knowing our prayers, (he can't read our mind) will try to lessen or stop our prayers by presenting to God how we lead our lives.  It doesn't work, God judges the heart, which the devil cannot see.  But that doesn't mean he isn't going to try, especially if by your prayers God has done the devil significant damage.

To be an intercessor, stay confessed, stay close to the Catholic Church, strive to do penance and prayer as is fitting in your state in life, submit to authority and keep your house as best you can. (Spotless not required!)

A mother's heart has the significant grace of going beyond it's boundaries of just her own family when prayers through that heart are motivated by love of God and the other.  Eve was called the Mother of the living.  The Virgin Mary was the Mother of those living in Christ.  Our Mother.  Through her heart grace washes the souls of the earth with a Mother's love for us and prayer to her Son that we be brought safely to Him.  

Mary's heart is the Immaculate heart pleading for mercy.  Jesus heart is the heart of love and sacrifice.  The Sacred Heart was moved when Jesus carrying His cross was encountered by His Mother who said to Him, "Lord, have mercy."  Through all she was suffering in her Mother's heart for her Son, she asked Him for us.  He could deny her nothing. 

The touch of her Immaculate heart to His at this moment proved her worthy for what was to come next.  At the Cross, Jesus gave all of us to her.  "Woman, behold your son."

A woman who pleads as a Mother to God for the good of another, asking God to give her souls as her very own children can not only change her local parish, she can touch God's heart for whole nations.  

We, with our Mother's hearts, can join with our Immaculate Mother's heart to reach the Sacred heart.  God will not deny a Mother's heart bent on the mercy of God for the other.  

But before we seek God's mercy for another, we ourselves have to be aligned in all aspects of our life to God and His will as best we can.   

Trust me, it is very true. "You Can't Fight Demons With A Sink Full Of Dirty Dishes."

So, go to confession, go to Holy Mass, do penance and get your house in order.  Souls valuable to God are falling in to hell at this very moment.  Join the fight. 

Monday, February 05, 2018

Prayer and the Demons

Everyone prays.  As God is all present, even knowing our thoughts, (Matthew 12:25) one way or another, everyone will communicate to God, weather it is your thoughts, desires, love or hatred.

Even the witches and warlocks pray, even though it is to a demon.  

Anyone, and I mean anyone who does an incantation or a spell with the intention of harm to someone else or for a benefit is seeking access from the fallen side of the eternal realm.   This is dangerous and may lead to demonic obsession or worse.  The demons CANNOT read your mind, but with their angelic intelligence, they can make an excellent guess.  

Be careful what you say about someone, if it is negative or cursing, you could attract something you don't want around.  

Demons do study us and at times it can appear that they can read minds, but they cannot.  Even though they are fallen angels, they still have their intelligence and rank - what changed was their permanent position with God and their task for which they were created.  Example:  An angel created to inspire peace in human beings would then try to cause strife and division in his permanent fallen state.  

The good news is this angel only has a short time to do his evil work on the earth.  While he seeks to wreak havoc on the earth, we, the ones in a state of grace in full communion with the Catholic Church,  are those who are chosen to fight them. 

Know that the demons are very legalistic.  They know the scriptures better then you do and their aim is for you to break God's word so that at your judgement they have a shot of dragging you to hell.  Demon's love Ghost hunters with their 'e.v.p.'sessions because these misguided paranormal investigators talking to spirits are destined to love God yet are speaking to demons, putting themselves in the territory of the demonic.  

These are just some of the scriptures they want you to break:

"Do not have recourse to the spirits of the dead or to magicians; they will defile you. I, Yahweh, am your God. (Leviticus 19:31) 

If anyone has recourse to the spirits of the dead or to magicians, to prostitute himself by following them, I shall set my face against him and outlaw him from his people. (Leviticus 20:6)

This is what they use for you to fall.  Study it, know the word of God.  The word of God is one of the armors given by God to keep you on the right path.  

We as Christians have many weapons that we can use in prayer to both armor ourselves and to fight for others.  

The Rosary is a great weapon of prayer. 

In addition to the Rosary: 

1.  We can pray silently and the evil one cannot know our thoughts, these prayers are direct to God.

2.  We can pray vocally, and by using the name of Jesus with reverence and love for God, the demons who are assigned to our destruction (yep, you have one, just like you have a guardian angel, you have a guardian demon) are tortured.  Remember where it says to pray constantly?  This will definitely keep evil at bay as they evil ones will not want to come near someone who is constantly seeking the presence of God

3. We can place images of holy things before our eyes and keep demonic influences at bay.  You see we are in eternity right now although we cannot perceive it.  When we view something Holy to God (crucifix, etc) while we pray we are accessing the eternal truth that the Holy Crucifix contains that is eternal and not bound by time, without doing idol worship for we know that the carved or created image is not God himself, but an access to the truth contained within the witness of the Cross. 
4. Keep St. Michael Close, it is he who can protect you against the Principalities.  (Yep, they're a thing.) 

So be a force on the earth to fight the demonic forces.  Pray constantly, either vocally or silently using the tools that God has given us to do what every Catholic is called to do...


to make WAR on the earth.

Saturday, February 03, 2018

Hell is Real...I've Seen It.

Hell IS real.  I have seen it.

I wasn't expecting to see hell that day, I was just going to Holy Mass as normal. 

When I went to the cup to drink the blood of Christ, after I had drank, I looked in the cup before handing it back and in the blood of our Lord, I saw hell.

Looking in the cup, the Holy Blood of our Lord was fire and there were burning souls as they writhed and screamed in the fire.  Yes.  I saw souls in hell.

This lasted maybe 2-3 seconds.

I didn't understand this at first.  I couldn't figure out why I saw hell in the blood of our Lord.  I'm sure the Eucharistic Minister wondered why my eyes where so big when I handed the cup back to her.

Praying over this for the next days, I think God showed me what I had seen.

The Holy Eucharist, in either form, but for what I saw, in the Holy Blood of Christ is the greatest expression of love of Christ to the Earth.  It IS the source and summit of our faith. 

The greatest love poured out by a Holy God was a source of the greatest suffering to those who had rejected that love by their own free will. 

How much worse will out suffering be, if we as Catholics take what is holy in a state of grave sin?

Go to confession. 

Friday, June 09, 2017

The Devils Plan

by childlogiclabs

I know the devils plan.

The devil has been working up to this moment for a very long time.

You see the devil has a lot of time to think and he is constantly retracing his steps to see where he went wrong and how he can overcome God next time.  This is the pride of the demon to keep trying, thinking eventually he will win.  He won't. I've read the end of the book, we win.

The Last Judgement

But don't be complacent.  When Christ comes again and it is the end of mercy, and His perfect judgement begins there will be many screams and horror as the damned realize they have no time left.  They were given EVERY opportunity to repent and for all eternity they shall suffer torment.  Yes, there is victory, but there will be horror for many.  

When Christ comes many will pray and beg for death.  They will beg for death on the realization that they are eternal, that they were always in eternity and their evil thoughts and deeds where always seen by God.  They will wail and cry because the time of mercy is finished and they have wasted thousands of chances God gave them in their life to repent.  This will be a horror I cannot even begin to describe although I have seen it.  It will only be by God's grace that those that have stood on the side of the Christ will be able to stand and see the damnation of so many souls.  

Last Judgement

By their own hand they are condemned as the books of their lives are opened and they have written every evil thought and deed as they chose to 'do as thou will'.  Know that by your own words you are condemned. 

"By your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned", Matthew 12:37

They cried out to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of the one who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb,because the great day of their wrath has come and who can withstand it? Revelation 6:16

But I will tell you the truth.  Now, right now is the time the devil has planned for.  Right now is when it seems to all be coming together for him.  

You see the devil knows that what constrains him is the Catholic Church.  The Holy Mass, the sacraments and the prayers of the faithful restrain him in many ways and he has no defense against this.  He has sent many evil Antichrists before that have killed millions (Napoleon, Mao Zedong, Stalin, Hitler) but they didn't wage the full horror the devil would have loved seen come to the world.  Let's face it, each of his Antichrists where contained to an area or the world and could not go full global with their horror.

Not so with the Antichrist to come.

You see the devils plan this time is to decimate the church before the next Antichrist comes on the scene.  In this way the next Antichrist will not be contained and wreak havoc all over the globe. 

Let me give you some data to back up my claim: 

This is his plan.  Decimate those that can do him the most damage (The Catholic Church) which he has no defense against.  The devil cannot come against the Holy Mass or the Sacraments, he can only lessen the number of Masses being said and the number of sacraments being administered.  In this way he hopes to get the world to such an atheistic state that the scene will be ripe for his next Antichrist.  

This is where he is wrong.  Yes, faith is under attack and many are falling away from the true battlefield which is the Holy Mass, but even if there is only one Holy Mass celebrated on the earth, that one Holy Mass changes the whole earth.  

Deeds of the Antichrist

Yes my friends the next Antichrist is coming and he will be worse than anything ever seen on the earth.  The Holy Catholic Church will be forced into exile and persecuted as it was in the beginning.  But the Holy Priests and faithful, the true remnant, will keep the Holy Mass alive on the earth and the gates of Hell will NOT prevail against it.  

“He shall speak pompous words against the Most High, shall persecute the saints of the Most High..", Daniel 7:25 

As in the time of the holocaust there will be many that we think of as friends that will abandon us when the greatest time of persecution comes.  The Holy Mother Church will be very much alone in her struggle to keep the devil at bay.  Many of our protestant brethren will relish in our diminishment and do so even now.  They will join any evil force that attempts to bring down Holy Mother Church because she is a constant reminder of their true origins and they will be fooled that to do her harm is to do a good to the world.  

Get ready kids, this is coming. 

 The prayers of the religious have restrained the evil one for so many centuries, but now as the religious orders are dwindling, and as those religious that are left are falling way to the ways of the world, the demon is about to be fully loosed upon the world.  

The remedy is simple.  We, the laity must step up and take the place of our fallen religious.  

The Holy Mass is both heaven and BATTLEFIELD.  The Holy Mass is where those who are in a state of grace plead to the throne of God for the other.  

We have an opportunity at every Holy Mass to go to the Throne of God and plead for mercy for those that will face the last judgement even if we do not see it ourselves.  

The demon is a snake, so stay close to your Mother. Pray the Holy Rosary. 

My Mom isn't afraid of snakes. 

So go to Holy Mass, stay close to the Sacraments and the Church, pray in front of the Holy Eucharist and pray the Rosary.

If you are a fallen away Catholic, come home.  You are most welcome on the battlefield.  All it takes is confession

Trust me, when these times befall us, you do not want to be with the masses.  We will be the underdog and the only place of safety.  Come home.

The time is shorter than you know.
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Wednesday, June 07, 2017

The Heavenly Jackpot

There are angels constantly around us, luckily we cannot see the worst of them.  If we could see and perceive the bad ones we would be driven mad because our fleshly brain could not handle it.  God in His mercy hides many things from us that would do us harm.  But also because of our fallen, fleshly nature we cannot really perceive many of the heavenly things (like the good angels) unless God allows it.

Sometimes He lets me perceive the presence of an angel, or many angels.  This has happened on more than one occasion.

Recently I went into St. Bertrand to go to Holy Mass and I always come in the handicap entrance. As I dipped my hand in the Holy Water Font God allowed me to perceive (not see) the angel that was guarding that Holy Water font.

I stopped in my tracks.  I was aware of him, and I could perceive that he was aware of me and as my hand hovered over the holy water font, he was looking at me.

If God allows you to perceive something, He also allows you to have some knowledge about it.  I knew this angel's job was to guard this Holy Water font for all time.  I knew it held a spear of light which it held at its side ready for battle if needed.

Now understand, I am a Mathematician.  I analyze everything.  So my first thought is, "Why did God allow this?"  God wastes nothing, and if He allows you to perceive something it is either for your good or for the good of another.

Immediately my mind was racing, "Ok, what do I know and how do I use this."  I know that the Angels (all of them) always face the throne of God, no matter where there assignment is.  So whether an angel is assigned to protect you, a church, or a Holy Water font, they always have one face toward the throne of God.

So before I dipped my hand into the font I prayed a prayer under my breath so I knew the angel would hear it.

"Angel of the Holy Water Font, pray for me."

Then God in his grace allowed me to perceive the angels answer.

The angel nodded in assent to my request.


Angels are constantly around us, but when God allows you to perceive one (or many), you have just won the proverbial heavenly jackpot.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Lullaby

Sometimes deep in prayer I feel that I get a little glimpse into the life of the Blessed Virgin and her Son, our Lord, Jesus Christ.

I saw a beautiful Mother, holding her son, and she was singing a beautiful little lullaby to Him.   Mary would sing this Lullaby to Him whenever he was a child to soothe Him.  Mamma's arms and that sweet Lullaby always brought Him comforted and peace in his childhood.

Later I was shown the most Blessed Mother on Calvary at the foot of the cross.  Jesus has been crucified and was suffering greatly.

Her eyes were riveted on her son.  She wouldn't look away from Him.  She wanted to be 100% present for Him, 100% His Mother.

No one heard it.  She sang it softly, just her lips were moving.  But Jesus had seen that movement of her lips many times.  It was just for Him.

She was quietly singing the lullaby to Him.

Oh Mother, what those eyes have seen and suffered.  Pray for us.